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PUBG Xbox PTS Time: When Does the Test Server Go Live?

If you’re on Microsoft’s console and want some hot, piping battle royale fresh out the oven, then you’re probably desperately tapping your watch and wanting to know the exact PUBG Xbox PTS time. Unfortunately, the period in which the test server goes live hasn’t been officially confirmed, but we can at least run down when we can expect it and how to jump in and download the test server on Xbox One.

PUBG Xbox PTS Time: When Does the Test Server Go Live?

While many on Reddit are theorizing that the PTS launch will come between August 10 and August 12, there has been no official word from PUBG Corp, nor Bluepoint Games.

In fact, the only announcement we’ve had thus far seems to suggest that the PUBG Xbox PTS time has been pushed further into next week, with details coming on August 14.

Microsoft executive producer Nico Bihary had this to say regarding any potential release window for the PTS which, while ambiguously worded, appears to indicate that the test servers won’t go live this weekend:

PUBG Xbox PTS Time: What is the Xbox PTS?

For the uninitiated, and those looking to get in on the action next week, a PUBG PTS, particularly one on Xbox One, involves downloading a separate client wherein PUBG Corp can test certain features, such as dynamic weather, before rolling it out to the main game. Essentially, it’s an early access for the early access, though you have to already own a copy of PUBG to be able to download it from the Xbox One storefront.