Mega Man 9 FAQ/Walkthrough


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*                                                *
*                  Mega Man 9                    *
*                                                *
*                                                *
*  General FAQ/Walkthrough                       *
*  Version 1.4                                   *
*  By Justin Morgan                              *
*  Created 9/23/2008                             *
*  Last Updated 10/1/2008                        *
*                                                * 

Version History:

 1.0 - First complete version of the guide.

 1.1 - Revisions to 1.00 such as fixing small errors; added a few hints and
       newly discovered info (such as Tornado Blow increasing jump height) and
       added reader-submitted content.  Generally fixed up guide.
       Thanks to Martino Wolff for support and J.S. for tons of great info,
       especially regarding Challenges.

 1.2 - More revisions and more info.
       Added General Information section.
       Added Characters section.
       Added Downloadable Content section.
       Thanks to Wes Kitty for a heads-up on an error, and Nick Milano,
       Tahngarth and manosrules for some nice strategies.

 1.3 - Even more revisions, new info and hints!
       Added controls for the Wii Classic and PS3 controllers.
       Added Boss Mini-Guide section.
       Added pros and cons for each weapon.
       Thanks to Johnathan Toliver, John P. Walsh and anonymous readers for
       even more great tips and strategies; Tahngarth for even more hints; and
       a big high-five to Master Espeon on GameFAQs for a boatload of
       strategies, hints, tricks and error alerts!

   1.31 - Thanks to Chris Sucevich and Nate Rice for some more tips and
          anonymous readers for more error notices; generally touched up and
          added a bit more to the guide (such as Weapon Energy costs for each
          weapon) and everything should be good until the DLC is released.

 = Table of Contents = 

I)     Basics
 1-01  General Information
 1-02  Story
 1-03  Characters
 1-04  Controls
 1-05  Main Menu

II)    Walkthrough
 2-01  Splash Woman
 2-02  Concrete Man
 2-03  Galaxy Man
 2-04  Jewel Man
 2-05  Plug Man
 2-06  Tornado Man
 2-07  Magma Man
 2-08  Hornet Man
 2-09  Wily's Fortress 1
 2-10  Wily's Fortress 2
 2-11  Wily's Fortress 3
 2-12  Wily's Fortress 4
 2-13  Boss Mini-Guide

III)   Equipment
 3-01  Weapons and Adapters
 3-02  Items and Power-Ups
 3-03  Shop

IV)    Extras
 4-01  Challenges
 4-02  Downloadable Content
 4-03  Hints, Tips and Secrets

V)     The End
 5-01  Credits
 5-02  Copyright
 5-03  Contact Information

 = I) Basics = 

 - 1-01  General Information -

Title: Mega Man 9 (International)
       Rockman 9: The Ambition's Revival!! (Japan)

Developer: Inti Creates

Publisher: Capcom

Genre: Action/Platformer

Rating: E - Mild Cartoon Violence (ESRB)

Release Dates: 
 - Wii (WiiWare)
   - North America: September 22, 2008
   - Japan: September 24, 2008
   - Europe: September 26, 2008
 - Playstation 3 (Playstation Network)
   - North America: September 25, 2008
   - Europe: September 25, 2008
 - Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade)
   - North America: October 1, 2008
   - Europe: TBA (2008?)

 - WiiWare: 1000 Wii Points
 - Playstation Network: $9.99 (estimate)
 - Xbox Live Arcade: 800 Microsoft Points (estimate)

Space Required:
 - Wii: 66 blocks
 - Playsation 3: N/A
 - Xbox 360: N/A

 - 1-02  Story -

The prologue to the game can be seen at the very beginning, after the company
logos come and go.  It explains the main plot of the game, but here's a more
concise run-through.

After Dr. Wily was bested by Mega Man seemingly once and for all, the world
felt a period of peace and calm.  However, one day robots started going wild
all over the world once again!  Unbelievably, Wily doesn't seem to be behind
this recent series of attacks--he appears on the world news and claims his own
innocence while offering video proof that it was actually Mega Man's creator,
the kindly Dr. Light, admitting that he was behind the attacks!  Dr. Light,
though confused and obviously guilty of no wrongdoing, admits to Mega Man that
the robots shown attacking the cities are, indeed, ones built by his own hands
for various purposes useful to mankind.  Have they gone haywire?  Have they
been reprogrammed?  Mega Man is determined to find out, put a stop to them and
prove Dr. Light's innocence!  Thus he sets out with Rush on his first adventure
in a long time!  Fight, Mega Man!  For everlasting peace!

 - 1-03 Characters -

((Main Characters))

The characters of the game you might want to know about, in order from roughly
their first appearance in the series.

[[Mega Man]]

Appearance: Light blue and dark blue color scheme with a tell-tale blue helmet
and very humanlike face

This super fighting robot is the blue-tone hero of all of the Classic series of
Mega Man games (not counting the ability to optionally play as a few others in
some instances), and in some way, some iteration of him is the main character
of every part of the Mega Man franchise as a whole (except for Zero and maybe
ZX).  The important thing to know, though, is that this is the ORIGINAL, good
old classic version of the Blue Bomber and while playing this game you can
forget about your X, your Volnutt, your .EXE and whatever else you may have
seen running around for the last long stretch of time.
Mega Man was created as a household robot and an assistant to Dr. Light, along
with his sister, Roll.  Not only were they helpful to have around, but they
served as "children" for the kindly Doc.  As the story, goes, however, one day
Dr. Light's colleague in robotic science reprogrammed their co-op robotic
creations originally designed for productive human use into killing machines,
and then no one was powerful enough to stand against them, Rock took the
liberty to ask Dr. Light to remodel him into a battle android capable to
tackling the evil Robot Masters.  With little choice, Dr. Light painstakingly
transformed his beloved 'son' into a fighting machine the likes of which no one
had seen before; and between his radical upgrades and amazingly humanlike,
fiercely strong sense of justice, Mega Man began the fight for peace--and has
always been on the call when the world needs him since.


Appearance: Very similar to a human girl with ponytailed blonde hair with a
green hair ribbon and a red dress

Dr. Light's second numbered creation, she was intended to be Rock's younger
"sister" and help make him and his creations feel more like a "family" and his
lab feel more like a "home".  When Rock became Mega Man and began his series of
endless crusades against Dr. Wily and his many minions and pawns, Roll stayed
home to take care of Dr. Light and has since become a top-notch housekeeping
robot, always ready to welcome back her brother upon his eventual return.
Rarely engaging in actual combat, she aids Mega Man in his adventures in
various other ways such as helping Auto or Dr. Light keep up with the lab shops
and giving him advice and hints (such as help finding the CDs in Megaman and

[[Dr. Light]]

Appearance: Rotund old man with white hair, a labcoat and a very fluffy beard

This kindly robotics engineer with an appearance and disposition similar to
Santa Claus is the creator of Mega Man, Roll, Rush, Eddie and Auto, working
with Wily back before his world conquest days to create Proto Man and the six
(or eight, if you go by Mega Man: Powered Up) original Robot Masters.  It would
seem he's been busy trying to make more Masters to actually benefit mankind
to make up for Wily's wrongdoings over the years, as the eight Masters from
Mega Man 9 were created by him as well.  Though a kindly and innocent old man,
he has the ability to create immensely powerful and infinitely useful androids,
items and equipment, and played a huge role in birthing what will become more
and more of a global-scale war between good robots and bad robots, and robots
themselves vs. humanity.  In the setup story for Mega Man 9, it would seem his
own batch of Robot Masters have gone haywire and are attacking cities across
the globe, and as such he is put under arrest unless Mega Man can somehow prove
his innocence.

[[Dr. Wily]]

Appearance: A short old man with huge tufts of grey hair around a bald head,
a large mustache and legendarily wicked eyebrows which he's fond of wiggling up
and down.  He can be known to dress rather vibrantly with garbs ranging from
expensive-looking clothes, a skull-buckled belt and a magnificent cape, but
often (and in this game) you'll see him in his classic labcoat

The twisted antithesis of Dr. Light, this rather insane-looking dark
grandmaster of robotics and somewhat of a severe caricature of Albert Einstein
is the main antagonist of the entire classic Mega Man series, serving as the
main villain in all but Mega Man V for Game Boy.  Though and absolute genius,
he views his ability to create war machines and modify other androids to do his
bidding as a key to world domination rather than a way to aid humanity as a
whole.  After having reprogrammed the Robot Masters he built with Dr. Light to
help him rule the world and being thwarted by Mega Man, he went on to create
many, many more with his own hands, who have one by one fallen to the Blue
Bomber.  Building robots painstakingly to help him build other even more, every
few years Dr. Wily manages to have fully completed yet another fortress to use
as a base of attack, a set of powerful new Robot Masters and smaller minions to
attempt to do away with Mega Man, and come up with another crazy scheme to try
and focus Mega Man's attention elsewhere while he prepares, once again, to take
him down; from manipulating fellow robotics experts to hosting fake fighting
robot tournaments under a disguise, this time Wily has put the blame on Dr.
Light, even supplying a seemingly undeniable recording of Light admitting his
newly evil intentions to Wily.
Wily finally did finish a robot as advanced as Mega Man on his own after years
of work, named Bass, and an equally adaptable canine companion for him named
Treble.  In recent years, though, Bass has seemingly grown more and more tired
of the idea of simply being Wily's pawn and has begun to develop a sense of
self.  Where we'll meet him next, no one's sure.


Appearance: An adorable pink-and-red pooch with a long, fat snout tipped with a
black nose, he has a helmet similar to a smaller, red version of Mega Man's and
has the ability to transform into a plethora of useful forms

Mega Man's metallic canine companion, Rush was created after the success of Dr.
Light's prototype mobility-supplementing equipment in Mega Man's second battle
with Wily to pose as both a machine capable of advanced improvements of those
old prototypes, transforming into any given number of useful mobility-enhancing
forms, and an actual simulation of a dog and 'best friend' of sorts to Mega
Man.  Though rarely engaging in actual combat, Rush strives to help his master
in any way he can, serving as a platform and springboard to a hoverboard
to a submarine, sniffing out and digging up useful items or even fusing with
Mega Man to grant him extended natural abilities such as a personal jetpack and
a devastating rocket punch.
In Mega Man 9 you'll get to see both an improved version of the Rush Coil,
allowing you to jump to ridiculous heights, and the trusty Rush Jet which will
allow you to pass long stretches of air with little worry of falling into the

[[Proto Man]]

Appearance: Red and grey color scheme, his helmet has a slick white design
around the visor area which is equipped with a sweet pair of shades; he always
wears a yellow scarf and a tall shield known as the Protoshield

The mysterious older brother of Mega Man and roll, Proto Man was a prototype
robot created in a collaboration by both Dr. Light and Dr. Wily before Mega Man
was even conceived.  Having been an imperfect predecessor to the later, fully
functional humanoid robots that were to come, Proto Man didn't listen to his
masters and escaped the lab some time before the events of Mega Man 1 even took
place, not reappearing until Mega Man 3's era to secretly train Mega Man for
the upcoming battles with Wily under the masked guise of "Break Man".  Though
framed as evil by Wily's lookalike robot known as Dark Man and often offering
little suggestion that he's on anyone's 'side' or even fighting for any
definite purpose, Proto Man occasionally shows up to meet Mega Man along his
adventures and give him advice, helpful equipment or even spar with him.  While
seemingly quite jealous of Mega Man's 'superiority' as a newer model, Proto Man
seems to harbor a sense of protectiveness over his little brother and very
often comes to aid him in times of need, even if he often tires of his naivety.
Note that it has been confirmed that Proto Man will be playable in Mega Man 9
through downloadable content.


Appearance: A small, round blue bird with a design on his head very similar to
the one on Mega Man's helmet

A useful little bird robot given to Mega Man by Dr. Cossack as a gift after the
events of Mega Man 4, he has joined Rush in aiding Mega Man in some way in each
game thereafter.  Usually he must be unlocked in some way such as finding
activation plates or rescuing him from Dr. Wily's minions, though in Mega Man 9
you must simply buy Beat Calls from the shop to use his services.  As with in
Mega Man 7, Beat will save Mega Man from pitfalls should he fall into one with
a Beat Call in his inventory; he'll even save him from other falls out of
Beat's own clutches provided you have more Beat Calls.  He's not terribly fond
of carrying things, though, especially bulky robots like Mega Man, so he'll
struggle and eventually let go if you don't jump off over a safe area fast


Appearance: A little red cubic container with a pair of eyes and legs

This little guy was supposedly built by Dr. Light as a mobile suitcase but has
since been given the main function of delivering supplies to Mega Man in the
midst of dangerous enemy territory.  In previous Mega Man games he would appear
in specific safe rooms to drop Mega Man a random helpful item, but in Mega Man
9 you can buy an Eddie Call to summon him at any point to receieve a total of
five powerups!


Appearance: A bulky green robot with yellow and white tones and red eyes. His
right hand is, instead of a Buster cannon, a tool arm (usually a screwdriver)

Auto is a mechanic and engineer robot designed by Dr. Light to help him around
the lab, perhaps in part to replace Rock at the lab when he decided to go play
hero.  He's known for being able to build just about anything with Bolts and
Screws found in various games, and often runs 'shops' in which Mega Man trades
him Bolts or Screws he finds with which he can make Mega Man new items and
upgrades.  In Mega Man 9 he helps run the shop with Roll and looks over Dr.
Light's lab in his absence, and even upgrades Rush with his Rush Jet ability
once again later in the game.

((Robot Masters))

The known data and information on this game's 8 Robot Masters, in alphabetical
order; for strategies on their stages and boss fights, refer to the Walkthrough
section (II.)  The descriptions at this time are all the official descriptions
and taken from the Mega Man Knoweledge Base.

[[Concrete Man]]

Appearance: A quite large, predominately orange robot with grey and white
accents and a big green jewel-looking object on his chest
Weapon: Concrete Shot

Concrete Man is a construction robot built to be the supervisor of dam
construction. He is stubborn and will tell off any lazy robots.

[[Galaxy Man]]

Appearance: A silver (though he shimmers a rainbow of colors in-game) robot
with a flying saucer for a head and two small antennae.  He has a black visor
on his face similar to Astro Man with red eyes
Weapon: Black Hole Bomb

Galaxy Man was designed to work in a space research center where it was his job
to instantly calculate the trajectories for rockets. He loves to observe stars
and name any new ones that he finds.

[[Hornet Man]]

Appearance: A yellow-and-black robot with a small baseball cap-like protrusion
over his eyes, a Metal Man-esque facemast and a spike atop his head.  His most
obvious physical attribute is the trio of giant honeycomb-like hexagons making
up his chest
Weapon: Hornet Chaser

Hornet Man was designed to manage a flower park. It was his job to pollinate
the flowers using his vast knowledge of flowers from around the world, and he
loves gardening. 

[[Jewel Man]]

Appearance: A similar design to Top Man but with a white and black color
scheme.  He's adorned with large pink jewels over his chestplate, wrists, knees
and belt and has a huge clasped pink jewel atop his head
Weapon: Jewel Satellite

Jewel Man was designed to work in a diamond mine where he was in charge of
cutting and polishing rocks with dexterity. He likes to receive attention and
collect shiny things.

[[Magma Man]]

Appearance: A bulky red robot with black accents, he looks much like a fusion
between Needle Man and Fire Man.  His head and shoulders end with volcano-like
openings that flare up when he's ready for battle, and both of his arms seem to
be flamethrower-like Buster cannons.
Weapon: Magma Bazooka

Magma Man was built to oversee safety operations and manage a geothermal power
plant. He is able to withstand incredibly high temperatures and loves to visit
hot spas.

[[Plug Man]]

Appearance: A top-heavy, fuschia-colored robot with electrical plugs on either
side of his head and on his Buster arm.  His head is similar to Dynamo Man's
without the dome.
Weapon: Plug Ball

Plug Man was designed to inspect the quality control in a television factory.
He is obsessed with gadgets and loves to browse electronic stores.

[[Splash Woman]]

Appearance: A blue and cyan female-designed robot with white accents; she has
a fishlike 'tail' under her waist with a fin at the end, much like a mermaid.
she has white gloves, seashell-like shoulderpads and a blue helmet with a
yellow adornment and an elegant white tuft protruding from over her left eye
with the appearance of seafoam.  She carries a trident with blue energy
forming the fork at the end.
Weapon: Laser Trident

She is a robot that was designed to rescue victims of sinking ships and beach
accidents. She is fond of karaoke bars so she can show off her singing voice.
She is the first female Robot Master in the series, and the second female robot
after Roll.

[[Tornado Man]]

Appearance: A green robot with yellow and white accents, he's one of the most
humanoid in appearance of the Robot Masters and comparable to Mega Man in size
and shape.  He has winglike 'fins' protruding from the back of his legs and the
sides of his helmet, as well as a collapsable propellers on either hand that
he can use to control wind to a great degree.
Weapon: Tornado Blow

Originally a robot stationed in a weather control center. With the ability to
create powerful tornadoes, he used them to offset the formation of typhoons.

 - 1-04  Controls -



Mega Man 9 is best played when holding the Wiimote sideways with the Control
Pad and Sensor on the left and 1 and 2 buttons on the right.  This emulates
an elongated Nintendo Entertainment System controller, which was used to play
the original Mega Man games that Mega Man 9 emulates.

Control Pad: Moves Mega Man left and right, up and down ladders, or maneuvers
the Rush Jet upwards or downwards.  Also moves the selection cursor on various
menus and the Stage Select screen.

A Button: Skips the Safety dialogue when first starting up the game.

+ Button: This game's equivalent of the NES's Start button.  Starts the game
and opens up your Pause/Menu screen in gameplay.

- Button: Opens the Challenges List mid-gameplay, i.e. when in a stage.

Home Button: As with all Wii titles, brings up the Home Menu.

1 Button: Fires your weapon and serves as a 'back' or 'cancel' button in some

2 Button: Jumps and serves as a 'forward' or 'confirm' button in menus.

(Classic Controller)

This will give a control feel much more comfortable to those who spent a lot of
time playing Mega Man 7 or Mega Man X, X2 and X3 on the SNES.
Note: BE SURE to change the Control Type to Type 2 in options, so that Y is
fire and B is jump, if you want a control scheme like the SNES Mega Man games.

Control Pad: Moves Mega Man

A Button: Jump/Confirm

B Button: Fire/Cancel

X Button: Fire/Cancel

Y Button: Jump/Confirm

+ Button: Starts game, opens Pause/Menu screen

- Button: Opens Challenges List during gameplay

Home Button: Brings up Home Menu

L/R/ZL/ZR Buttons: No known use

Left/Right Thumbsticks: No known use

[[Playstation 3]]

Control Pad: Moves Mega Man

Square Button: Fire/Confirm

Triangle Button: Jump/Cancel

x Button: Jump/Cancel

Circle Button: Fire/Confirm

Start Button: Start game, opens Pause/Menu screen

Select Button: Opens Challenges List during gameplay

L/R/L2/R2/L3/R3 Buttons: No known use

Left/Right Thumbsticks: No known use

[[Xbox 360]]

(Yet to come)

 - 1-05  Main Menu -

Upon pressing Start (or +, or whatever) on the title screen will bring you to
the name screen and a familiar tune from Mega Man 2.  Once you input a name,
you will be brought to the main menu.  Here are your options.

 - NEW GAME (Starts a new file from the beginning, placing you headfirst into
   the Stage Select screen)
 - LOAD (Allows you to load a saved game from one of 8 save slots)
 - TIME ATTACK (Speedruns. The goal is to beat a stage as fast as possible, at
   least any length of time under 10 minutes, as once you hit that mark you
   instantly die with a "Time's up!" message.  You begin with all weapons but
   no usable or passive items, and only one life; there are no powerups
   throughout the stages and no way to get more than one life.  You DO have to
   face the boss at the end of the stage)
   - STAGE SELECT (Gives you a list of all stages, including the final stages
     once you complete the game.  There is also a hidden stage at the bottom,
     presumably to be unlocked via downloadable content in the future.  Once
     you select a stage from this menu, you're immediately taken to that stage
     to begin a Time Attack. You're brought back to this menu if you die)
   - RANKINGS (Gives you a list similar to Stage Select, but selecting a stage
     will connect you to Wifi and give you a list of the top 10 time trial
     rankings for that stage by people around the world)
   - RULES (Explains the rules for Time Attack mode)
   - BACK
 - ????? (Mystery option, supposedly unlocked with downloadable content later)
 - ????? (Another)

CHALLENGES LIST (A list of all 50 Challenges in the game, a crown icon appears
next to Challenges you've completed.  See the Challenges
section later in the guide for more info)

 - TIME ATTACK RANKING (Brings up the same list as Time Attack > Rankings)
 - ????? (Another mystery option)
 - ALL CLEAR RANKING (Connects you to Wifi for a list of the top 10 overall
   times through the entire game, from beginning to end)

 - CONTROL TYPE (Allows you to switch between 'b' shoot 'a' jump similar to NES
   style, or 'a' shoot 'b' jump similar to Mega Man Anniversary Collection for
   Gamecube, switching whichest two buttons your controller uses for those
 - LEGACY MODE (Allows you to toggle sprite flickering, as in the flashing of
   moving sprites when too many were onscreen at the same time a la how the NES
   functioned in such a situation)
 - PLAYER NAME (Allows you to change the Player Name that you put in when you
   first started up the game; this name displays on all your Time Trials
   records and is potentially viewable by the world)

DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT (Brings up the Downloadable Content menu.  As of this
writing, there is none yet released)

BACK (Returns to the title screen)

 = II) Walkthrough = 

You begin the game on the Stage Select screen much like the earlier Mega Man
titles from long ago.  From here you can select one of 8 Robot Masters to
tackle as well as go to the Shop, but there's not much reason for that at this
point as you yet have no Screws with which to purchase any items.  You may of
course take on the Masters in any order you so choose, but I have listed them
in order, starting with the easiest to be defeated with your Mega Buster alone
and then moving forward to which Master is weakest to the last's weapon.

 - 2-01  Splash Woman -

Selecting the stage and being greeted by an old-style Boss Selected cutscene
and a well-animated 8-bit sprite of a mermaid/robot chick with a rad trident,
you're promptly teleported to the bottom of a water-filled mechanical base
with a sunny, fluffy-clouded backdrop.  This peaceful scenery will turn rather
abruptly into a fight for your life as a floating mine in the water to your
right comes to life with an angry disposition upon being shot at or walked
close to.  There's no use trying to defeat it--only a powerful weapon like the
Black Hole Bomb will do the job, and even then it's generally a better idea to
just avoid these guys.  They'll home in on you and eventually self-destruct,
but they move in such wide arcs that it's not difficult to dodge them safely.
At the end of this corridor, fall into the pit purposely to reach the next

In this room you'll find pink-colored octopus enemies that hide in jars and
periodically peak out to pelt you with an orb of ink.  It doesn't hurt much and
can be destroyed with your shots, but if you're hit it will turn Mega Man (as
well as all Weapon Pellets) a tar-black color.  From all I can figure, this
doesn't actually hinder gameplay in any way.  Once you've dispatched the octopi
with short jump-shots in order to hit the head, move right to find another hole
as well as a third octopus and Large Screw beyond it.  It's in your interest to
grab this screw, as it's by far the easiest and quickest to find an obtain in
the game and adds 20 to your currency (that's one extra life, or 2/3rds of an
E-tank at the shop!)  Now fall down and BEAR LEFT!  There's a small bed of
spikes in the center of the room below, that you must fall left or right of;
the left path leads to an easy Extra Life.  Continue forward in the room below,
but be wary of the speedy fish-bots that will come from the left side--they're
weak, but very fast.  You'll approach a pair of mines as well as a green wall
climbing bot on the right wall--you'll want to move back and have the mines
dispose of themselves and quickly destroy the wall climber on your way back, as
his shots will explode into an 8-directional mess if not countered quickly.
Fall again here to reach a split path.  The right path, this time, is the one
you'll want to take, despite the fact that it looks more dangerous.  Past this
screen it quickly becomes much easier than the left one, and even offers a
reward in the form of a large Energy Pellet if you bear left after the spikes.
The next room contains a wall crawler at the top, unreachable with just your
Mega Buster, so you'll get a chance to learn how its shots work--and how to
avoid them--while you do battle with the octopus on the bottom and move your
way up.  After one more quick fish and a mine, it's on to the next room, the
halfway point of the stage (you'll continue from here from now on if you lose
a life).

Here's the bubble room!  Just like in Wave Man's stage from Mega Man 5, you've
got an array of large and small bubbles to ride up to the further areas of the
stage.  From right to left, the bubbles come out in order; small, large, small,
small, large.  Large bubbles are slower but safer, never popping and serving as
ideal platforms to ride on to the next screen.  Smaller bubbles are faster but
may only be used as quick stepping stones which you must immediately jump off
once you land on or else they will pop and send you way back down to the first
bubble room.  You can technically ride them up to the next screen as well, but
I wouldn't advise it.  Anyway, jump on the far right big bubble and ride on up.
You'll get some bubble-riding practice on the next screen as a couple fast
drill-nosed fish will fly through from the left as you rise; shoot at them as 
you jump to the left big bubble to avoid the spikes, and remember to stay light
footed on the small bubbles.  The next screen contains thee of the speedy fish
but is otherwise quite safe; if you ride the left big bubble to near the very
top of the screen, you can make a daring leap all the way to the one on the
right easily (which you'll need to do to avoid spikes on the next screen up).
If you're confident of your bubble-hopping skills you can use the two smaller
ones to reach a large Screw on the left, but otherwise proceed to your right.

After a fairly safe room you'll climb a ladder to reach a corridor with a
single wall crawler to your left and a series of water-filled platforms that
periodically jet out of either wall, in a specific pattern from bottom to top.
Destroy the crawler from its lowest point and memorize how the platforms come
out; practice in this room as much as you like before proceeding, because the
next few chambers will have similar puzzles.  Also take note of how the water
level inside the platforms clues you to how long they will last before
dissipating.  Move upward to reach a more tricky platform puzzle with spikes
littering the bottom of the screen.  Make sure you have a plan before moving
forward; check out the bottom two platforms and realize their pattern.  If you
run and jump on both at the right time you can easily reach the right-hand rest
but be careful not to let the platform moving out just above it push you off.
It's also possible to summon Rush on the spikes on the bottom and time your
Coil jump so that you land on the uppermost platform from the left, and reach
the ladder easily.  The next room is the toughest, but it's really not as hard
as it may seem.  You obviously can't use Rush here, so get ready to do some
platform-hopping.  Just remember--stick to the left!  It may seem dangerous but
with some quick hops on all platforms from bottom to top focussing on reaching
the left wall as soon as possible makes this room much easier. 

Sent in by anonymous:
"For Splash Woman's zone, in the rooms with the flying water-filled platforms,
it's possible to use the rush coil to make things easier. Put rush on the right
of the beginning platform, where there aren't spikes so close directly above,
and bounce to land on the third flying platform. You won't hit the spikes,
and it makes things a fair bit easier."

Get past this point and it's only a couple small rooms with simple enemies and
then the Boss Door.  Oooh, just like Mega Man 2 but with a "Dr. L" symbol?
Very nice!

 * WARNING!            *

Ahh, the first boss!  According to this guide, anyway!  Luckily, she's the
weakest Master there is to your Mega Buster, taking double the damage from it
any other Master would, so she's great to start off with.  After her flashy
intro, Splash Woman will proceed to sit on her trident and sing adorably while
swishing back and forth across the screen, moving upwards.  As she does so,
schools of three yellow fish will enter the screen in quick succession from
one side then the opposite, three schools in total.  They can be destroyed or
avoided, though it'll take a bit of practice to be able to evade both Splash
and her minions at once at this point.  Since she takes so much damage from
your trusty Buster, though, it's easy to just tough it out with her as long as
you don't take *too* many unneeded hits.  Once at the top of the screen, she
will point her trident fiercely downwards and quickly unleash shot after shot
of Laster Trident, her signature weapon.  It's not really that difficult to
avoid simply by moving back and forth, but if you've got her on the ropes you
can jump and hit her at the apex of your leap.  After 6 shots she'll pause for
and instant and then thrust straight downward with her mighty fork, all the way
to the bottom of the screen--this is her most deadly attack, so be sure to
avoid it at all costs!  At this point she'll set herself back up for the siren
song and continue a pattern like this throughout the fight.  Just try to avoid
her more damaging attacks while pelting her as often as possible with your
Buster and you should win out.

Your prize will be the Laser Trident, which shoots a rather basic, but powerful
projectile straight forward; it's stronger than the Mega Buster though not
quite as rapid-firing, takes very little weapon energy and eats through
shields, not to mention destroys special blocks you'll find later in your
journey.  Not bad at all, it's a special weapon you'll find yourself using very

If this was indeed your first Master defeated, you'll now be treated to a short
cutscene expanding the story introduced in the prologue movie.  Press Start to
skip it or watch the whole thing--either way, you'll be sent to the Stage
Select screen once again and get the chance to spend some of your shiny new
Screws at the shop or just proceed to the next stage.

 - 2-02  Concrete Man -

And if you want to choose your next stage according to the Master weakest to
the weapon you just acquired, Concrete's your man!  Upon entering the stage
witih its scenery and catchy tune preceded by a short drum beat, you may get
flashbacks to Wood Man from Mega Man 2--and with a lot of close-quarters
combat, a couple tricky pit traps and a trio of big minibosses one after the
other, it's easy to tell that old Master was likely Concrete's inspiration.
Move to your right and you'll quickly face legions of rock-holding birds,
flying swiftly from the right (or from the left if you backtrack).  They'll
drop their mini-boulders near you and once they contact the ground they'll
split into smaller rock-shrapnel, so be ready to jump and fire rapidly to get
rid of them all.  Once you reach the pits further on the right, LOOK before you
leap!  Small capsule-shaped bots will fly upwards when you near the  pit and
occasionally open up and shoot at you.  You'll want to destroy them on their
upward initial flight and quickly jump over the pit as another will briskly
spawn if you take too much time.  At the end of the screen you'll face a cannon
enemy that slowly aims toward you while lobbing large, explosive orbs which can
be destroyed, followed by a ladder upward.  As a note, if you have the Jewel
Satellite before facing Concrete Man, it makes this entire first room much

This next room is highly reminiscent of the first room of Elec Man's stage in
Mega Man 1.  You have two Spikes (those annoying, mostly invincible ground
based enemies in just about every Mega Man game) on two platforms jutting out
of the opposite walls; you can shoot them to freeze them, but it's possible to
just quickly hop all the way up without ever being touched.  Black Hole Bomb
or Tornado Blow can destroy them completely if need be, though.  The next room
has an easy 1-up to reach on the top left, and you'll definitely want it for
the one truly challenging portion of this stage which is just ahead--the robot

Wood Man's triplet of fire dogs may have been annoying in their own right, but
these guys are just deadly.  The first one introduces you to the concept of the
miniboss you are about to come very accustomed to, giving you a ladder on the
left that basically guarantees a free kill.  Simply climb to the top and fire
at the elephant's face to dispose of it, but you may want to study its attack
patterns first.  It will blast a large red ball forward and then proceed to
immediately suck it back to its snouth once it reaches the far left of the
screen.. and this suction works rather powerfully on Mega Man, as well.  You'll
want to practice jumping over the ball on both its rolls while trying to stay
in the same small area (around the middle of the screen would be best)-you'll
see why soon enough.  The next room, and second elephant, has no ladder and a
green ball that works a bit differently.  It'll instead bounce to the left
instead of rolling, but once reacing the screen's edge the action is basically
the same.  The safest spot to dodge the bouncing ball is actually just in front
of it, this guarantees an evasion each time.  This one's not too hard.

Now, the third room and final elephant is the really tricky part!  You have a
red ball-equipped elephant just like the first, but no ladder, and two pits
in the floor!  It may not seem that difficult, but trust me and the countless
players who've already died multiple times in this room--being hit ONE time, at
ANY point in the room to the left of the elephant, while he's suctioining the
ball pretty much GUARANTEES a death!  You'll be taking damage and won't be able
to control yourself during your knockback animation while the elephant vacuums
you right into a hole!  I hope you practice on the first one well enough,
because it's really going to be put to the test here.  The trick is to move to
the middle platform and slowly shoot at the elephant when you get the chance..
above all, stay calm!  Your main goal is to survive, and to no matter what,
always dodge the ball, especially during its return roll!  Even if you only get
one shot off on the elephant each round, it's worth it--the halfway point is
just past this room.  The Laser Trident may actually come in handy here as
even though it can't destroy an elephant in as low a flat time as the Mega
Buster fired rapidly can, in your patient one-or-two-shot rounds it will take
less overall shots to take it down with your new weapon.
If you have the Magma Bazooka it makes all three elephants wonderfully easy to
defeat; rush them with a shotgunned, charged Magma Bazooka and then rapidly
fire a couple non-charged shots and they'll be decimated.  This even works very
well on the final Elephant, as you can jump toward him and quickly destroy him
as soon as he sends the red ball to the left.  The Concrete Shot,
interestingly, is also an extremely effective weapon here, downing them in five
shots and can be shot rapidly at close range.

Anyway, after THAT ordeal, you come to a small room with a ceiling spider which
will lower itself and bounce around when approached, as well as a large Energy
Pellet only obtainable if you have the Hornet Chaser and the first of many
floors found in the later half of this stage which have a 'fake' block; you'll
notice that one block is the inverse 'lego-like' shape of the others, and
that's the one you'll want to avoid, as you'll fall through if you attempt to
step on it.  Continue down a room to the actual halfway point and then BEAR
RIGHT as you fall to the next room below it for a large Screw.  If you miss it
you can still just destroy the green cannon and use Rush Coil to reach it,
though.  As you move right across this room be sure to jump each time you reach
the waterfalls that obstruct your view, as many of them conceal pits.  When you
approach the second green cannon, jump up on the concealed platform behind the
first waterfall then drop down to the visible platform to finish it off before
leaping clean over to the floor on the right side.  Destroy the cannon in the
next room before climbing up and remember which blocks to avoid.  The above
room is actually the long final area before the boss.  Stay cool as you fight
off the palm tree enemies, they'll hop and lob bullets in both directions if
you near them but otherwise they're harmless.  Take the top path for a couple
small screws or the middle for some small Energy Pellets.  Past this is a large
Weapon Pellet that you'll want to grab if your Laser Trident is low at all on
energy; don't waste a Rush Coil, just ride the upwards platform nearby to reach
it.  After this is the final stretch of the stage, a series of upwards and
downwards-flying platforms that is somewhat reminiscent of the end of Top Man's
stage in Mega Man 3.  Quickly jump off the downward-falling green ones while
riding the upward-flying red ones as high as you wish to make the subsequent
jump easier.  You'll have to ride the next-to-last one pretty high to make it
to the final green one, from which you can quickly jump to reach safety and,
finally, the boss.  (The Rush Jet can help a lot in this last room if you have

 * WARNING!            *

Upon entering his chamber, Concrete Man will clench his fists together as his
health bar fills and immediately proceed with his assault, which is made up of
three different moves which he'll use relentlessly in any random order he so
pleases.  He can and will:
A) Shoulder charge across the room towards you directly into a wall and knock
himself back a bit
B) Jump up and forward into the air, then come crashing down E. Honda-style to
the ground, causing a quake which renders Megaman helpless for a moment unless
you jump just before he lands
C) Blast three globs of concrete that arc low-to-high towards you, solidifying
into solid blocks if they touch the ground or solidifying Mega Man into a solid
statue if any of them hit him
You can get out of the concrete shell if you press buttons rapidly but you'll
have to be *very* quick to both achieve this and dodge his next assault.  It's
also possible to destroy the Concrete Shots with your Laser Trident, though it
may take a bit of practice to get the timing for this down.  You'll want to
equip your Trident and pummel him with it in rapid succession any time you
get the chance; make sure to jump over his charges and hit him up to three
times as he bonks himself into a wall.  Make absolutely sure you're in the air
when he lands or his next attack is sure to hit you, and they're all VERY
powerful.  His Concrete Shot's the hardest move in his repertoire to dodge;
just try to  move toward the opposite wall and jump over the furthest-moving
one as it nears you, or destroy them with your Laser Trident.

Written by manosrules: "The reason I was writing was I had a small tip to
contribute to the fight against concreteman.  If he shoots his concrete shot
then jumps, you can stand on the block of concrete and not have to worry about
being stunned from his landing.  It's a small miracle against him, but it's
very nice for getting a few pot shots on him."

Winning will grant you the Concrete Shot.  Despite its funny name, basic color
scheme and drab graphic of a simple grey blob, it's one of the most versatile
and useful weapons in the game.  Not only does it do  huge damage, but it
creates blocks that can be used as platforms and it freezes and stops certain
tricky hazards throughout the game.

 - 2-03  Galaxy Man -

With his fruity intro and flashing multicolored body as if he'd just touched a
Super Star, you know this one's going to be interesting.  You teleport into a
stage very reminiscent of Star Man's from Mega Man 5, but unfortunately you're
not going to find any low gravity here.  While listening to the funky beats,
move right to be assaulted by a troupe of small green UFOs that move
surprisingly predictably and are simple to defeat.  A bit further in you'll
encounter some Mets--and yes, they're Mega Man 1 style Mets!  No movement
whatsoever other than opening up to shoot (and be shot) and no silly Met
gimmicks (save for one very funny one we'll see later).  Move forward past the
simple platforming area to climb up to a room with an interesting new twist:
teleport boxes!  Jump in one and you'll come out another in the room, shot
straight upwards into the air.  Luckily, this duo is simple to understand and
prepares you for what to expect out of later ones.  Jump in the left, come out
and fall back into the right, then come out the left again and onto the ladder.

This next corridor seems simple enough, and even has a nice large Energy Pellet
on the top le---OOOHMYGOSHWAAAAAAAH!  Oh yes, yes indeed. The most terrifying
enemy in this entire game if not Mega Man history.  A shockingly sudden, loud
helicopter noice will fill your ears as a yellow grappling robot will dive
lightning-fast from the top of the screen and pick you up, hastily carrying you
to the right at full speed.  You can jump and shoot while it's holding you, but
it won't actually let go until it feels like it.  You can get these to fall
before running into their grasp, but until you know where one is this can be
tricky to do.  Of course, you can also use the Jewel Satellite to make them
think twice about diving toward you, but if you're following the order of this
guide you probably don't have that yet.  Now, if you've got your nerves back
together, grab the pellet if you want and advance to the right--very carefully.
Jump over the spike pit and try to land on the very left tip of the platform if
you want to avoid further manhandling by the grapplers.  One will drop down
just slightly into this platform and if you're grabbed by it you'll have to
carefully time your jumps with its movement so that you pass over the next few
spike pits unharmed.  At the very beginning of the second spike pit after
having grabbed you it'll float away, so you'll have to be bearing right as you
jump to make it all the way.  Near the very end of this platform another one
will drop, so be careful.  There are a couple final spike pits right next to
each other immediately following that grappler that are especially tricky to
get past when under its control.  A third one will drop down near the beginning
of the final platform of the room to try and force you to fall down the end of
the corridor instead of climbing down the ladder--which, while not immediately
deadly, will set you up for being impaled by the spikes on the far right of the
room below if you don't hold left while falling. Destroy the Met and fall to
the right into the next room to avoid yet another bed of spikes and traverse
another chamber of green UFOs before coming to a spectacular little maze of
teleportation boxes set precariously above a long bottomless pit.

Jumping into the first box teleports you to to the second, immediately right
and up in the air, and falling back into it returns you to the first box.  The
third box will teleport you to the last, and you must maneuver yourself around
it and onto the platform under it without falling to pass through.  Re-enering
the last box will send you back to the third, which will shoot you straight
into the second, starting you back all over again.  Once you pass this little
puzzle, head right into a room full of... giant floating green eyeballs.  They
look kind of like little blobs of the Rock Monster/Yellow Devil from Mega Man
1, and interestingly the two versions of this enemy are green and yellow just
like the two notorious Devil bosses fromthe series.  Shooting one a couple of
times will cause it to abruptly split into three smaller blobs that each propel
slightly in a random direction, so be careful.  The Concrete Shot will destroy
them completely, so using that would be a good idea here--but don't waste too
much as you'll want some for the boss.  The next room contains the yellow
variations which are fundamentally the same at first but split instead into
four smaller blobs which all tend to propel in a similar direction rather than
all over the place.  Defeat both of these and use Rush Coil on the middle plat-
form to reach the extra life on the far right before proceeding. The next room
contains a couple more as well as the Shield Attackers' (presumably) first Mega
Man 9 appearance; these basic, classic enemies move back and forth in a simple
pattern and can only be damaged from behind.  But remember, the Laster Trident
is capable of piercing shields, so use that to your advantage.

This next room seems safe enough.  There is a grappler bot but it doesn't seem
to be dangerous as it simply runs you into a wall on the right side.. but
remember its position!  There are spikes on the second platform on which you
have to run back to the left, and he'll spawn again and smash you into them if
you aren't careful.  He spawns just a bit right of the ladder up to the third
platform, so be sure to spawn him before he grabs you.  Go up through an easy
room with some easy Screws to obtain, into the final room of the stage.  On the
left are a set of powerups and a wall of spikes, but remember that the
grapplers only run you to the right.  There IS a grappler that will drop down
just to the right of either powerup and run you to inevitable doom on the right
wall, though, so make sure to get him out of the way if you need the items. To
the right is one last puzzle, another maze of teleport boxes.  Jump around the
first to grab a large Screw if you're daring, then move into the maze.
The first box takes you to the second, and vice-versa.  The third takes you to
the sixth.  The fourth takes you to the seventh.  The fifth takes you to the
eigth, which leads you to the boss door.  There are UFOs constantly spawning in
the top of this area but if you're careful you don't have to worry about them.
Once you're finished, on to...

 * WARNING!          *

Yesh, do that flashy dance for us one more time.  Galaxy Man is honestly one of
the simplest bosses to learn;  he only has two tactics, which he uses randomly.
He'll either hop up into a small UFO form and fly forward slowly arcing up, or
jump way up to the top of the screen and release a small Galaxy Bomb which will
slowly move left and right, faintly 'homing' in on you until it reaches just
above Mega Man's head, at which point it'll explode into a miniature black hole
and vacuum you in while Galaxy Man teleport underneath it and goads you on.  If
he hops slightly and is about to dash, if you're like me, you'll REALLY want to
slide under him!  But alas, your best option is to jump towards and over him
just as he begins his dash.  If he leaps into the air, be prepared to run back
and forth, attempting to be as close to the opposite side of the screen as the
Black Hole Bomb as possible once it reaches its bursting point.  It's easy to
turn around and quickly blast Galaxy Man several times while he's sitting
pretty underneath his little sinkhole in the cosmos if you're far enough away
that you're not at risk.  His weakness happens to be the Concrete Shot which is
likely the most difficult weapon in the game to hit him with, but considering
his fairly simple attack patterns anything more would have perhaps made him too
easy.  It actually does have a neat special effect, though; if you manage to
nail his Black Hold Bomb with a Concrete Shot, it'll freeze and dissipate and
yet Galaxy Man will teleport down to the ground and pose anyway, giving you
several easy, free shots to his mug.  If you find this difficult or are low on
Concrete Shot juice, alternatives to nailing him in the air include Tornado
Blow and Hornet Chaster (the Chaser being a favorite alternative of mine for
this battle even if it does only a point of damage at a time).

You'll earn the Black Hole Bomb, which is pretty much as awesomely powerful as
it sounds.  Press fire to release a small ball that you can control freely then
fire again to morph it into a little black  hole you can call your own--eating
anything but the largest enemies in one hit and devouring any and all
projectile-based shots IN THE GAME.  Luckily, it still drops helpful items for
you to collect from whatever it destroys.

 - 2-04  Jewel Man -

Another flashy boss, this pink Top Man lookalike adorned with an array of gems
and jewels prances for you to come take him on at the end of his fancy stage.
Yep, this guy's as hetero as Hard Man, that's for sure.  Anyway, this stage is
actually very easy on the eyes, offering lots of smooth, cool colors and a gem-
infested crust of earth to look at while you're being pummeled by the various
rock-and-jewel based enemies, the fierce miniboss and the myriad of spike and
pit-based traps.  Star your perilous journey by moving down into a small hall
full of Mets that leads out into a large room of cannons, rock-filled minecarts
that spill painful pebbles upon being hit and four explosive ones in the
immediate area when destroyed, and... dollar bills that float featherlike to
the ground and then turn into tiny, spinning spiked wheels of death upon
touching the floor.  Yeah.  There's not much I can say about this room other
than the fact that you'll want to use Laser Trident to take out the bills once
they reach the floor as they'll be too short for the Mega Buster, and you may
want to try out your Black Hole  Bomb here and see the marvel of it eating
anything and everything in its path.

Down in the next room are three of the ceiling spiders you may have first
encountered in Concrete Man's stage.  They only take two hits, but their wily
movements can leave you in bruises if you aren't careful.  They move to the
floor when approaches and proceed to pounce wildly around thereafter until
destroyed.  The best plan of action is to quickly pop two Mega Buster rounds
into them just as they land, but the spider on the bottom will cut loose before
you can reach him, so you may want to land a Black Hole Bomb on him or slice
him with a Laser Trident while dropping down if you're already weak from the
previous room.  The room below contains two more, even trickier spiders; one
on the far left wall that will drop too fast for you to kill when approached
and another on the bottom in a small chamber.  You can dispatch the spider on
the left by jumping and shooting it from where you fell into the room, but the
bottom one will require you to lead it to the right then quickly run left and
drop down, killing it before it reachest you.  Proceed to the right and greet
what may be your new worst nightmare; momentum-based platforms in an 8-bit
game!  Jumping on these, they sway lightly back and forth and seem to function
as normal platforms, but running back and forth of them will cause them to
swing in increasingly wide arcs the more you do so to a certain point.  You'll
have to "power up" many of these to reach the next platform, so you'd better
destroy the Spike with a Galaxy Bomb or Concrete Shot and practice on the first
platform before moving forward.  The first couple are easy enough, but the
third will require a very wide-arcing swing to reach the fourth.  This final
platform you actually DON'T want to swing too far, into the spikes on the right
hand wall.  It's actually best to allow the platform to 'calm down' and inch to
the right edge of the platform in its default position, then make a hefty leap
to the 'boss door' to avoid both the spikes and the pit below.

And here comes one of the most surprisingly challenging minibosses I've ever
had the pleasure of facing.  You come to a room with boulders lining the
ceiling, and in no time tremors shake the chamber and boulders begin to loosely
fall from top to bottom.  They'll fall in a fairly easy-to-recognize little
pattern but they come FAST so you have to stay on your toes.  At the end of the
barrage comes a boulder-shaped robot with an angry disposition that will land
with a heavy thud, shocking you similar to a Concrete Man stomp if you're not
in the air while it lands.  The boulder with stay put for a second or two
before rolling at lightspeed toward whichever side of it you happen to be, and
back up the wall into the boulder nest on the ceiling.  Trails of dust will
then rustle from the boulders and that dust's stopping point will clue you in
to where exactly the boulder bot will drop next round.  The only time you
really have to attack the guy at all is during his pause phase just after
landing, and then just for a second and only if you didn't get caught by his
quake--it's a very tricky miniboss that took me many attempts to truly
conqueor, but once you know how he works and have a little practice he actually
becomes quite simple to beat.  Note that Concrete Shot DESTROYS him, but you
must be very close-ranged to hit him with it.

Out of the back of this chamber we have our halfway point immediately followed
by a room of three diamond-shaped flying enemies that are sort of like a mix
between the Flying Shells (aerial Mets) of Mega Man 1 and the Peris of Mega Man
5.  They fly around in an invincible diamond state for a bit then stop, open
their eyes, and shoot a projectile at you; of course only damageable when eyes
are exposed... well, unless you hit them with something silly-powerful like,
say, Black Hole Bomb, which these three like to group up perfectly for.  Down
below we have a couple more miine cart enemies, and watch out for the first
couple of pits as they have more of those capsule pit-lurking enemies from
Concrete Man's stage inside!  Past a couple more pits is another momentum
platform flanked on the right side with a platform covered in every are but the
one you can walk on with spikes.  The trick here is to build up near-maximum
momentum and them simply walk off the right edge onto the ground below.  You'll
be rewarded--well, if you have the Hornet Chaser already--with an extra life
and large Energy Pellet nestled in the stone below.  After a couple more
diamond flyers and an easy-to-avoid Spike you fall into one last deadly trap
room Jewel Man has up his sleeve.  A momentum platform in the middle of a room
littered witih spikes, with the only way to the next room being a shaft
directly below the center of the platform.  Of course, you have to move the
platform left and right far enough that you can quicklky jump down into the
shaft without hitting the spikes.. which, needless to say, can be a pain.  It
could very well be worth buying a Shock Guard for this stage and avoiding every
spike up to this point as best you can just to purposely use it here and skip
the challenge, but this whole game's pretty much a big challenge, so it can't
hurt to try it the old fashioned way.  Too much, at least.  The best way I can
describe to do it is to build a lot of momentum as best you can without leaving
the relative center of the platform, and once you have it going jump when the
platform's just above the center of the hole--lightly--so that it will swing to
either side and allow you through.  It may take a little bit of midair
maneuvering but it's that or be spike food.

Sent in by Master Espeon:
"Also for the spike room in Jewel Man's stage (with the single tethered
platform), you can run left a bit, then right (or vice versa) and jump off when
you're above the hole.  That way the platform will swing far and you won't have
to maneuver yourself much when falling."

The last room has a lot of spiders and dollar enemies but after the last few
rooms they should pose little threat compared to all the one-hit wonders you've
just passed.  At the very end is your (perhaps) first encounter with the
stomping enemies that are this game's equivalent to Mega Man 1's mighty Big
Eye; they aren't as.. big, and don't respawn as easily (thankfully), but they
do MONSTER damage and take a boatload of shots to go down.  Rapid firing while
moving slowly backwards with the Mega Buster works, but it's usually worth it
to just wreck it with a few well-placed Concrete Shots if you have the energy
to spare.  I've found that the Laser Trident also works quite well against
these guys.

 * WARNING!         *

And here's the prettyboy himself.  After such a hellish stage, it's only a nice
reward that the boss is quite simple and straightforward.  Basically, he will
call forth a Jewel Satellite, surrounding himself with four rotating diamonds
that protect him from your shots and make his 'size' big enough that you can't
easily jump over him.  The real trick to this guy is that when you press the
jump button, at ALL, even a tiny bit, he'll leap high into the air, allowing
you to pass over him--it's a lot like how you could 'control' Gemini Man and
Freeze Man in past Mega Man games with your shot button, only this time it's
jump.  Also, each time you shoot one of his precious diamonds it will fly off
towards you, weakening his defenses but giving you something else to worry
about dodging.  Periodically if you haven't shot off all his diamonds he'll
blast them off himself, sending each one that was left, one at a time in quick
succession, in your general direction, and re-summon his full-capacity shield.
It's overall pretty simple to beat him any way once you get the jump trick
down, but the really easy way is to come equipped with Black Hole Bomb.  Not
only does it do a lot of damage to him, not only can you coax him into being
hit by it several times per use with the jumping, but it eats up his jewels,
whether they're being shot at you or being ripped right off his orbit.
I've found a very effective way to beat him, even in under 10 seconds, without
having to use the BHB trick, too; set a Bomb off in front of you just as the
battle starts; let him run into it and IMMEDITELY jump, so that he'll jump and
fall right back onto it; he'll then hit the left well, turn around and hit the
bomb again; jump immediately and he should land on it again for a total of 4
hits!  Try and repeat this as bast you can for the opposite side and he'll be
down very quickly.

And for finishing this frustrating-yet-beautiful stage you receive the Jewel
Satellite, quite frankly the best thing to happen to Mega Man shield weapons
since Junk Shield.  It takes infinite hits from enemies it can destroy in one
hit, it reflects projectiles back whence they came, and you can shoot it off at
will at no extra cost (except the cost of re-summoning the shield if need be).

If this was, in fact, your fourth boss, you'll receive an odd gear-shaped item
upon defeat of it.  This triggers another cutscene once you choose Stage Select
that details further points in the plot before allowing you to tackle your
fifth Master.

 - 2-05  Plug Man -

Here we have perhaps the overall most odd Master of the new bunch, a top-heavy
purple guy with a rubber-looking helmet whose theme is... electrical plugs.
Yeah, like the kind you plug into electrical sockets at home.  Kinda like Spark
Man with a face like Dynamo Man, but a million times less cool than either of
them--at least until you hear his catchy tune and play his totally sweet,
unique stage--and very likely get totalled by him in the boss room unless you
brought his weakness weapon with lots of energy.

You begin your electric trek by quickly happening upon the first pipe-shaped
Telly/Pipe Bomber generator in the game, and you can by all means activate your
fresh Jewel Satellite under it to collect a neverending amount of Screws, lives
and powerups as long as you want to stay idle.  There are faster areas of two
Tellys at once in other parts of the game, but this one is the easiest to
access.  Continue right to reach a simple platforming section made slightly
more dangerous by the presence of a few amoeba-esque yellow electrical enemies
that travel continously around whatever platform they're attached to.  They're
invincible to the Mega Buster and many other weapons but the Jewel Satellite
effortlessly absorbs them (and you can use other weapons such as the Black Hole
Bomb if you, for whatever reason, don't have it yet).  The end of this room
holds the fabled large Screw nestles in between two platforms that many viewers
of the early gameplay footage of Mega Man 9 spotted and claimed to have proof
that the slide was indeed obtainable in the game somehow, but alas, 'twas but a
cruel joke and the only way to actually obtain that Screw is with the Hornet
Chaser.. as Mega Man, at least.  Upwards is a simple room with two more
electric blobs followed by a simple room with some Mets and a cannon... and...
and... oh yes, disappearing blocks!  Many a Mega Man fan's bane, these phasing
block puzzles are present in some form in just about every game and are very
imposing to the new player--but with enough experience, practice and
memorization anyone can surpass them with flying colors.  Just have patience
and study them, and tune yourself to the rhythm at which the blocks appear and
disappear.  You'll get by!  The second set of them in this room has one tough
spot--when the path splits, you'll have to be FAST to take the upper route, or
else you'll be shunned from the platform by an annoyingly-placed block.  It may
be safer to just fall to the lower route unless you're speedrunning.  Finally
we come a block puzzle that's entirely skippable, but beating it will net you a
big Screw and an Extra Life, and it's really not difficult at all.  You can use
the Rush Coil to skip most of the first set, and though the second looks
dangerous, it's really quite easy.

Fall down from here to reach what seems like a safe room but actually contains
two hologram machines that looks like they're part of the background.  Walking
in front of one will produce a black and grey 'anti' Mega Man that will chase
you relentlessly across and down platforms and make meager jumps that can allow
it to follow you up low rises as well.  You can destroy it with a couple Mega
Buster shots but it's almost certain you'll take damage if you attmpt this.
Again the savior in this stage, the Jewel Satellite will end them effortlessly

if they approach you with it activated but remember that this is a tough boss
and that weapon is his weakness, so don't overuse it unless you have a Mystery
Tank handy.  Fall down to reach a dark room with more holograms and, glee, yet
more block puzzles.  It'd be a wise idea to activate the Jewel Satellite at the
beginning of this room to make like a bit easier as you make your way past the
various hazards.  Midways through the first block puzzle you'll have to wait a
bit and make a leap of faith from the second to third and then immediately jump
straight up to the fourth.  In the third block puzzle, you'll actually want to
fall from the third block to the set of two that appear on either side of the
lone one at the bottom of the screen then quickly run across and jump to the
seventh overall block to survive.  You'll be able to jump to safety on the
right from here but if you wait and jump to the left wall just as the next
block wave appears, and then wait to jump straight up just as the next wave
after THAT appears, you'll be able to climb to a jumble of small Screws
surrounding an Energy Tank.  Or, well, you could just take the easy lower path,
obliterate all the mega-clones with Jewel Satellite and then Rush Coil up to
the goodies.  Interestingly, if you spawn some clones on the bottom path here
and then jump up onto and run along the path above it you can actually run them
into a bed of spikes at the end of the lower hallway which will actually
destroy them, after which you can pick up the goodies down there at will!  Past
a final few clones lies a wondrous platform covered in Telly-spawning pipes
that can actually produce the unheard-of number of three onscreen at a time.
In addition to being able to nab a very easy big Screw at the top of the
platform, you can stand at the very bottom-right section underneath the two
parallel pipes on the right-hand side with the Jewel Satellite activated and be
fed a constant stream of Tellys from which to get any number of powerups--and
it's a great way to refill your Satelllite itself for the battle ahead as well.
Did I say you might want to save your Weapon Energy?  Well, I meant only if you
were in a rush or on Time Trials, heh heh.

The next room up contains one last simple block puzzle, but it's a real kicker
in that if you don't make the leap up to the top level perfectly you're pretty
much guaranteed a death (or loss of a Shock Guard) on the spikes below.
However, if you make it, you're rewarded witih a free extra life, so it's kind
of fair.  Head up once more to reach the final room, a simple chamber with a
few more electric blobs and a big stomper at the end.  I'd advise just using
a Black Hole Bomb to dispatch the blobs and take out the stomper with Concrete
Shot, then head to the boss.

 * WARNING!        *

This strangely-named, strangely-shaped fellow will quickly remove all ill
thoughts you may have once had of him when he rips you a new one with his
fast-moving, tricky to doge Plug Balls and crazy constant jumps in his funky
shaped chamber.  Like Snake Man on acid, he jumps around his room while
releasing Plug Ball after Plug Ball (as disgusting as that may sound), each of
which will crawl along the floor, up the wall and across the ceiling before you
can crack a joke at the name.  Once they meet up with Mega Man vertically while
traversing the ceiling (i.e. you're directly under them) they will quickly drop
straight down and finally out of existence--that is, except for their brothers
who are constantly coming out of Plug Man's buster cannon (yeah, it's really
difficult not to make this sound strange).  But seriously, he's a tough boss.
Even if he pretty much just does one thing at a constant rate, it's really very
difficult to dodge all the stuff going on at once--and each hit Plug inflicts
on you does really substantial damage.  So unless you have a Guard Power Up and
some E-Tanks, what do you do?  Use the power of one of the EASIEST Masters, of
course!  The Jewel Satellite, as infinitely useful as it was in Plug Man's
stage, is even more useful against the boss.  Not only does it deflect all the
Balls he could ever throw at you (snort) but coming in contact with him with
one on will, although dissipate the shield itself, take a huge chunk out of his
health.  The amount of health he uses is actually proportionate to the amount
of Weapon Energy each Satellite takes to use, so you need to make every hit
count to make this a truly easy battle--but it's not that that's very difficult
seeing as Plug Man isn't quite maneuverable enough to get out of a large flying
Jewel Satellite's way most of the time and they'll even deflect his shots while
whisking forward.  Basically, you want to start the battle by immediately
activating then tossing several Satellites, and once he's near you, just get
close to him and activate one after the other in his face; they'll instantly
disappear and trade chunks of Weapon Energy for boss health, and in no time
he'll be down.  One of the easiest bosses to get the Quick Draw challenge for,
this is.

The Weapon you receive?  Well, of course, it's the hilarious Plug Ball, aptly
turning Mega Man a vibrant pink color.  In fact, though, this weapon isn't much
of a joke as it not only crawls along floors, walls and ceilings, but fires
extremely quickly and TRAVELS even more quickly, takes almost no Weapon Energy
per shot, and does totally decent damage.  The only downside is it fires
STRAIGHT downwards and is only useful to grounded enemies or ones attached to
or touching a wall or ceiling in some way.

If this was your fifth boss (or whatever ends up being your fifth boss defeated
if not) upon picking Stage Select you will be treated to another cutscene, but
this time a happier one than the last.  Auto has been kind enough to refit Rush
with his Jet parts of long past, giving you access to one of the most handy
pieces of equipment in all that is Mega Man: the Rush Jet!  Unfortunately not
the insane, free-form version of Mega Man 3, it instead takes the route of the
later games in the series by providing you with a forward-moving platform that
can be tilted up or down gradually.  However, in Mega Man 9, you can summon it
even from midair, and if you use it quickly after a Rush Coil boost you can
breeze past difficult areas with your head in the clouds!  It may take a bit of
practice, but this is an amazing technique!

 - 2-06  Tornado Man -

Now, just after receiving Rush Jet, we get to play the stage that it's perhaps
the most useful for.  Tornado Man's quite popular both for his smooth looks and
catchy themesong used in the origiinal trailer for Mega Man 9 and confused by
many to be the main themesong of the game for a time.  With great visuals, some
very interesting enemies and obstacles and one of the best music tracks the
game has to offer, it's all the least you could be offered when confronting
what is likely the most difficult Master level in the game.

After watching Tornado Man's cool intro pose, you're dumped headfirst into an
aerial-themed level and immediately forced to climb upwards; little more can be
said about the inevitable plethora of bottomless pits and tests of platforming
prowess.  The second room is very simple but contains one of the most
interesting and cool enemies, a little hot air balloon bot that hovers steadily
while occasionally pelting you with a small projectile.  There are two ways to
defeat it; blasting its face thrice is the safer way, but more time-consuming,
and causes the balloon to rise safely into the atmosphere.. but popping the
balloon itself with your Buster will cause the bot to spin around out of
control, circling around in wide arcs a couple times before leaving the screen.
It's potentially hazardous but extremely fun to me and disposes of the enemy in
one clean hit--although the Concrete Shot will do the same without any dodging
to fuss about.  Another screen up you will find a funky little platform that
you'll be seeing a whole lot of throughout this stage.  This battery-looking
cylinger moving back and forth across a wire seems enough like a normal moving
platform, but jumping on it will cause Megaman to spin around vertically,
almost in a pseudo-3d fashion, with feet staying adhered to the platform.  Now,
this isn't too bad--you just need to remember that jumping while Mega Man's in
the upper three frames of the spin animation will have him jump up as normal
and jumping in the lower three frames will send him plummeting downwards.
However, you'll quickly realize that you won't get much time to think about it
on many of these platforms later, and it may be a better, although more risky
approach to instead bunny-hop on top of the platform over and over to ensure
you're staying on the top end and jumping normally except when other action is
required.  As with most strange contraptions in this game, you can use this
first sighting to practice and get a feel for how it works, as you are quickly
thrust into having to use them as if they were the only platforms in the game.

Up again and you find another balloon enemy followed by, you guessed it, a big
fat platforming section composed almost entirely of those new spinny battery
things.  Now, this would be a great time to try that Rush Coil + Rush Jet
combination maneuver, but if you don't have the Jet yet or would rather man it
up the hard way, get on the nearest battery and start riding.  Bunny-hopping
generally makes a lot of this section easier for me, but except when dealing
with spikes along the platform trail you can generally just spin around and be
patient.  There are a couple areas in which bunny hopping makes timing for
leaping to the next platform much easier, and some areas in which it's heavily
inhibited by the presence of spikes, so choose your moves wisely.  There are a
few places in which it's much easier to drop down from the platform to a lower
one instead of attempting to jump it, so keep an eye out for those.  If you're
using Rush Jet, try to stick near the middle of the screen and memorize the
locations of spikes; even if you die a time or two, knowing this will later
make this section much easier to pass.  And, if you used the Coil+Jet trick,
stay at the VERY TOP of the screen until just past the spikes near the top,
then move down so that you won't bump the even higher set against the top of
the screen a bit later.  There's a rest platform near the end of this whole
mess of a section, and once you reach it, I urge you to use Rush Jet here if
you haven't already.  Veer down as soon as you hop on so you don't bump your
head on the spikes and then you're home free.  After a few balloons the room's
end offers you the small reward of a large energy capsule that you should feed
Rush for his performance as a wonderful jetsledrobotdog and move down.

This next area's fairly straightforward, but be very wary of the extra-slippery
ice platforms.  The weather's changing suddenly; it's like an 8-bit version of
Cloud Man's stage from Mega Man 7 but without the weatherdoll bots.  Move past
the next few chilly screens, readying your Laser Trident to deal with the
Shield Attackers, then meet your first beefed-up Mega Man 9 version of Sniper
Joe in the far right room.  These guys are blood-red and equipped with what
looks like an uzi instead of their standard fare of a standard arm cannon!
While they may seem intimidating, and they certainly are more difficult to beat
than they used to be with your Mega Buster, there are a few tricks to make life
easier against them if you have some Master Weapons.  Needless to say Black
Hole Bomb destroys them and Laser Trident removes the fear of counterattack as
it can pierce through their shields while they defend, but perhaps the coolest
way to dispatch them is using a Jewel Satellite and watching what happens when
they try to machinegun you to death.  Freakin' sweet!  Now move up to find a
Met, a Joe and a big Screw easily reachable with Rush Coil.  And then up once
more to reach...

...a rainy area, filling out the three weather conditions of Cloud Man rather
nicely.  The rain here actually pushes you back as you jump, exactly like Toad
Man's stage in Mega Man 4, so be prepared to make some really crazy jumps.  You
can use Rush Jet again but you'll have to contend for the skies against
regularly falling umbrella enemies and it may get hairy up there.  An
alternative is to activate the Jewel Satellite again which happens to absorb
falling umbrellas quite well and track forward, using Rush adaptors when
absolutely necessary (i.e. the next jump looks freaking terrifying).  It can be
unnerving since you walk at normal speed but jump at half, but luckily many of
the small grey cluods below the platforms hide footholds that can help you
across.  At the end is a set of three more spinny platforms with spikes
underneath, which can actually spell a quick victory if you have a Shock Guard
to spare; otherwise summon Rush Jet one last time on the last platform if he
has any energy left, and make an easy escape to the end of the room.

This next room actually has rain flowing the OPPOSITE way, making your jumps
quite longer when facing right.  Though the obstacles are greater in this final
stretch, I find this room much less scary and stressful than the last to be
perfectly honest.  Move forward and Rush Coil up to the upper platforms for an
easy 1-Up.  If you somehow have managed to keep a good amount of Rush Jet
energy up to this point you can use it form the extra life platform to make the
last room a good deal easier but you have to remember to constantly fire to
protect yourself from the umbrellas.  Jewel Shield and fancy footwork will also
get you by, and allow the slightly more daring to reach a big Screw near the
bottom of the screen at the end of the platform section; though it would be
much safer to attain from a higher foothold if you have Hornet Chasers to
retrieve it for you.  Finally, you'll reach the boss door with one last leap.

 * WARNING!           *

And here's our man once again, showing off his sweet moves before beating the
crap out of you with barrage after barrage of tornadoes and bodyslams.  Like

Burst Man before him (geez, this guy and his stage sure remind me of a lot of
Robot Masters) Tornado Man has an array of spikes nestled in little gaps in the
top of his chamber whicih he will try to force you up into with his wind power
when he's not using it to simply cause damage to you.  Upfront, Tornado Man is
a very intimidating boss, summoning mini-whirlwinds up from all over the place
to do you in in between running around the room and slamming into you with his
little personal ridable twister.  On the contrary, he's rather simple to avoid
if you know what you're doing, but you have to be careful not to splatter
against the ceiling spikes when you're doing well.  Basically, Tornado Man will
immediately fly into the air in a small tornado and begin to summon barrages of
small green storms from the bottom to top of the screen, always four in a row.
Just keep moving in one direction and they'll never be able to hit you, and
while he's summoning them like this you can jump in the air easily to shoot at
him if you have the guts--but make sure you don't hit any of the spikes if you
attempt it!  After a few rounds of this, he'll drop forcefully toward you in an
attempt to crush you, but with, again, a solid run in one direction, he'll
never aim his descent with much accuracy.  Of course, sometimes you won't have
all the room to keep running in long stretches and dodge both him and the ever-
continuing waves of tornadoes at once, so you can 'trick' the tornadoes into
coming up where you were at one poin while rapidly moving around to cause
others to follow suit and create a pattern that should be evadable with some
prowess.  Now, his weakness weapon is the very unlikely Plug Ball; a weapon
good against anything but airborne enemies being the weakness of the airborne
Master?  Go figure.  Surprisingly, it works incredibly well, though; he's hit
easily by it on the ground, and he tends to fly up very close to his own
ceiling, at which point a Plug Ball climbing toward him from any angle is sure
to connect.  What's more, they cause his Tornado Blow attacks to disintigrate
instantly on contact--and since you don't have to jump to use the Ball
effectively, you can concentrate on attacking him safely from the ground when
he's causing havoc in the air.

Upon defeat Tornado Man will relinquish his Tornado Blow, Mega Man 9's full-
screen saturation attack.  It will pick up just about any normal enemy in the
entire game from any point onscreen and lift them up and out of the game, never
to be seen again (until the next time you spawn it or reenter that room).  It
actually can be activated while moving forward and will proceed to pick off any
further enemies that appear onscreen during its entire animation, which
lasts for a bit, making it somewhat of a combination of Rain Flush and Gravity
Hold for you oldschoolers out there.  It even does damage to things that it
can't otherwise destroy in one hit, so it's never useless to use.  Of course,
it comes at a cost, though, draining Weapon Energy faster than any other weapon
in the game.

 - 2-07  Magma Man -

Upon entering this fiery domain you'll instantly be taken aback by the bright,
powerful colors and flowing lava immediately ahead; it's going to be a bumpy
ride, but with all the experience and equipment you've attained up to this
point it shouldn't seem daunting!

Move forward to quickly be assaulted by flying welding mask enemies that try to
push you off platforms with their flamethrower.  Thrash them with your Laser
Trident to get them out of your face and try to take the airborne platform
when you reach it to skip having to deal with one of them.  The little fire
spout robots in the lava at the end of the room can be eradicated quickly with
Plug Ball, and though the jump across the last lava pool to the ladder is very
difficult normally, you can actually summon Rush into the lava below to help
you reach it!  Now that's one faithful dog!  You'll meet fire tote enemies in
the upper room but they're quite simple to overcome, especially susceptible to
Concrete Shots.  Up again you'll meet more welding maskers, and then... ooh,
that noise just doesn't sound good at all, does it?  These giant vats of magma
(that remind me more of Lava Reef zone from Sonic and Knuckles more than
anything from Mega Man, though they seem to be big, fat, less-scary versions of
the Quick Beams seen in Quick Man and Turbo Man's stages in the past) make a
decidedly alarming noise and are quite deadly to the touch, but they move so
slowly they shouldn't be a problem.  If you are having trouble, you can
actually 'freeze' them with the Concrete Shot which keeps any more from pouring
out until unfrozen, but make sure you freeze it such that you can proceed and
aren't blocked by your own concrete creation.  A few more welding masks and
you're at a safe zone with another totem and a big Screw to be found.
(NOTE: Instread of rewriting this entire section at the time being I'm just
going to point out here that thanks to J.S. via e-mail I've discovered that it
is possible to DESTROY the magma beams by first freezing them with Concrete
Shot and then decimating them with Laser Trident.  Very handy!)

Drop down and you'll find yourself in a pitch black room with a pair of ominous
white eyes staring at you, just like those golems from Plant Man's stage in
Mega Man 6.  What appears is the fire dragon made up of giant versions of Fire
Man's old Tackle Fire enemies, that likes to spit them out at you and leave
trails of burning flame at a rapid pace.  It's very difficult to actually dodge
all its attacks and the best course of action is generally to defeat it in as
little time as possible.  The Black Hole Boms is the weapon of choice for this,
as it actually rips the Tackle Fires right off the dragon's body, exposing
nothing but a mechanical spine underneath and leaving the dragon to fly away,
sad-faced, and return with his power renewed.  It just takes a few well-placed
hits to take it down this way, and each time you strip it bare it won't attack
anymore for that round through the screen, so if you're skilled you can defeat
it quickly without taking any damage.  A good alternative weapon to try is the
Hornet Chaser, as firing it quickly when the dragon's onscreen will have it
downed in just a couple run-throughs if you're fast.
I've discovered that the Tornado Blow will also rip the flames off of the
dragon in a similar fashion to Black Hole Bomb, but since we're gonna want as
much Tornado Blow energy as we can muster for the boss and BHB can be used as
much as we need to for less of a Weapon Energy cost it's generally the better
idea here.

The following room is a relatively simple dual-layered corridor filled with
fire spout bots and flame totems; you'll want to take the high road for the
extra life at the end.  Safely remove the fire spout with a Plug Ball and the
totem with a Black Hole Bomb and drop down to your left, using Rush Jet or a
Concrete Shot to make your way safely across the last lava pool.  Watch out in
the next room for a magma vat directly above the lava pool, and proceed
upwards.  This room is full of many magma vats close together, but it's really
no challenge to pass with some patience.  The easiest way to reach the large
Energy Pellet at the end is to turn around and freeze the magma beam with a
Concrete Shot when it's at a low point, creating a safe platform to and from
the Pellet.  Dispose of a couple more fire spouts (you may want to use one last
Concrete Shot or Rush adapter to traverse the last lava pit) and you've reached
the boss. 

 * WARNING!         *

Magma Man, the big, hulking robot with powerful flames bursting from the top
of his body, jumping around and blasting you with huge, shotgun-like bursts
of superheated fire... Well, yeah, it seems tough, but he actually has a very
simple attack pattern.  He'll jump, and shoot in midair.  Then jump, and shoot
in midair.  And... that's pretty much it.  Sometimes he'll shoot just as he's
jumping, mixing it up just enough to get you off-guard.  You can sometimes
trick him into jumping over you again and again between platforms at the bottom
of the stage or up and down a single 'step' of terrain, but he'll eventually
make a short jump and crush you.  You'll have to learn his patterns of shot
timing to stand a chance against him with your Mega Buster--though they seem
erratic he seems to have a pattern, and remember that low jumps have delayed
shots and high jumps have instant shots; keeping him around the bottom of his
corridor, jumping back and forth across the two nearest platforms seems to be
the easiest way to 'confuse' him into an easy enough pattern, though it'll take
practice to do it right..  Now, his weakness weapon makes this whole mess a lot
easier to deal with; Tornado Blow, being a saturation attack,  couldnn't miss
him if you tried, and each time you use it it not only blows his blasts right
off the screen but it actually puts out the flame on his head which causes his
shots to become smaller and weaker until he refuels himself.  Keeping him
periodically pelted with this attack ensures a very easy victory.  

The Magma Bazooka comes into your posession with this win, and it's a mighty
weapon indeed to have in your arsenal.  Shot normally it releases a three-shot
blast of small fireballs that travel simultaneously forward, angled upward and
angled down in a 'shotgun' like fashion.  However, you can actually charge up
the weapon much like Heat Man's Atomic Fire, only much faster.  This grows the
shots substantially and makes them more powerful and easier to hit with, but
it also causes the shot to take a bit more Weapon Energy than normal.  You can
shotgun enemies at close range with this weapon to do up to three times damage,
which can be very devastating when charged up.

 - 2-08  Hornet Man -

What a chestpiece on that robot.  No, I haven't selected Splash Woman again,
I'm talking about Hornet Man!  A huge, out-of-place looking beehive covering
his upper body... do hornets even make honey?  Ah, well, anyway, this stage
greets you with a catchy melody (aren't they all?) and a flower-laden grassy
scenery.  This ain't no Blast Hornet, that's for sure.  Moving forward we'll
find our old friend, the minecart (which is probably more of a wheelbarrow
full of dirt in this stage), followed by a flowerpot that shoots annoying
homing missiles in the shape of tulips to track you down.  Moving on to the
next screen we find this stage's patented gimmick platform, this time in the
form of a giant, mechanical, yellow party blower.  You have to jump on the flat
section and shoot the rolled up portion with any weapon to get it to 'blow' out
and unravel; you then have only a short time to reach the end and jump to the
ladder before it rolls up, rolling initially all the way back to the beginning
portion and knocking off anyone who took too long (there's no way to land on
the rolled up portion, so you have to wait until it unravels to its natural
position again).  Yet again, I urge you to practice with this and learn how it
works as you will be seeing more of them soon.

(Note: Since I've found that Tornado Blow increases jump height while in use,
I've found it's perfect for nabbing the large Screw at the beginning of this
screen without having to worry about the Rush Jet tactic, but if you lack the
Blow at this point it's still your best option)
The next room immediately reveals a large Screw on the top left, but it's
guarded somewhat by spikes nearby, making an ascent with Rush Coil dangerous.
Move right and be prepared to be surprised by the lightning-fast scissor enemy
that will quickly fly, in two separate halves, toward you from the upper-right
and lower-right corners of the screen and form into a whole scissor which not
only dashes toward you and off the screen but boomerangs BACK for one last
attempt before finally disappearing.  The Jewel Satellite makes quick work of
them, but you should fight a couple to really understand their attack pattern
first.  Anyway, once you've disposed of that one way or another, turn around
near the edge of the first platform and summon Rush Jet then ride it, bearing
upwards, and jump off at the end to safely reach the Screw before proceeding to
the right.  This next room contains a bit of a predicament; a large cannon on
the right that refuses to fire, and a floor that seems impossible to pass
through.  You must shoot at the cannon to activate it, and it will proceed to
launch three large orbs, one after the other, toward whatever position you were
in at the time at which the orb was launched.  Basically, you have to get the
orbs to fall where you'd like the floor to be destroyed, while also avoiding
them so as not to be damaged in the process.  You'll obviously want to try to
make a path on the left side for the big Screw at the bottom of the screen, and
again in the next room you'll want to fall through the lower-left section,
bearing left and shooting rapidly as you do so so that you'll hit another
cannon on the next screen down.  Activate this cannon and stay near the lower
left to open up a gap with an extra life inside, or if you failed to do so on
the initial drop, hit it with a weapon like the Magma Bazooka.  This last
cannon-based screen always shocks me at first, it looks like you're falling
into a bed of spikes but once the screen fully scrolls a safe floor will be
revealed.  Well, kinds safe, as you have to blow up the middle just right if
you want a clean drop down from here.

Once below, you'll enter a clock-like room with a series of eight platforms
arranged around the room circularly with a 'clock hand' composed of flowers
constantly spinning cloclwise around.  Touching the flower 'hand' will cause
damage, and you must destroy flower-based miniboss enemy that randomly appears
on any given platform while avoiding its own petal projectiles, the hand and
the spikes littering the floor.  Beating this miniboss with the Mega Buster
alone without taking any damage or dying may prove your platforming
superiority, but don't get discouraged if you get hit by the hand a couple
times during the battle, especially along the lower set of platforms which are
tricky to maneuvre beyond without taking damage or hitting the spikes.
Remember that just one shot of any kind will cause the boss to stop shooting
petals and stop momentarily, defenseless, before reappearing on another
platform and trying again.  The Tornado Blow is by far the best weapon for
this, as you simply have to worry about avoiding the flower clock-hand while
attacking the miniboss as soon as it appears; it won't be able to hit you with
projectiles as they'll be blown away and it'll stop shooting them until it
reappears anyway, and a good 4 or so shots with Tornado Blow destroys it.
(Note: It's actually possible to jump left over the clock hand from the top to
the top-left platform as it passes, even without a Tornado Blow, but it's
much easier with one)

Defeating the miniboss opens a path on the lower-left of the screen leading to
the halfway point, and a platform puzzle involving those party blowers.
Remember to be FAST in this area, as taking too long on any platform can
sentence you to a spikey death.  Also understand that the Jewel Satellite won't
help you here, as coming in contact with the party blowers' rolled portion will
cancel it out and you have to shoot it anyway to proceed.  Tornado Blow won't
do much good either, as it will open the blowers early and pretty much screw
you over.  Your options are pretty much to use your Mega Buster and hope you're
quick enough on the draw to destroy the scissors before they can knock you off,
or... use the Rush Jet.   You can use him from the left side of the corridor,
fly to the top of the screen and just shoot often for safety and reach the end
with no problems at all provided you have at least nearly a full tank of
energy for him.  The next room contains another 'wheelbarrow' as well as a
flowerpot similar to the ones at the beginning of the stage, only this time it
shoots... cacti.  And then the next room hast a host of various ones, all easy
prey to a couple Gravity Holds or Tornado Blows.  The end of the stage has a
big stomper and an easy 1-Up, but collecting it causes the stomper to respawn,
so be ready with your Concrete Shot.  Now to the boss door...

 * WARNING!          *

Here's Hornet Man, and we promptly get shown exactly what use that crazy
honeycomb is.  He'll float into the air, releasing a triplet of robotic bees
(or hornets, technically), presumably from each of those silly oversized
hexagons, which line up vertically in front of him and then proceed to fly
toward you... somewhat slowly, then stop in midflight.  But they're not done
yet--they'll fly toward you again, and stop.. yet again, and then once more and
fly on off the screen.  They're like sneaky slow little versions of Wily's
insane projectiles from the end of Mega Man 7.. but, well, nowhere near as
frightening.  Anyway, they ARE destructable, though it will take two Buster
shots per hornet which can be a lot to ask for when you're in the middle of a
boss fight and he's summoning them in swarms rather often.  In between Hornet
Chasers, Hornet Man will drop to the ground and leap across to the other side
of the stage, quite easily avoidable, but made more frustrating when you
constantly have hoardes of bees on your tail.  Weapons such as the Black Hole
Bomb and Tornado Blow can put them out of commission, but they don't do much
damage to Hornet Man himself.  Magma Bazooka is your answer to that--its
shotgun effect can take out an entire set of three bees at once, and quickly
charging it up then blasting Hornet Man himself with it as he scrambles across
the stage does substantial damage.  Repeat this process until he's toast.

Your most humble reward is possibly the cutest weapon in Mega Man history.  The
Hornet Chaser releases a little bee at an upward angle that spins around and
homes in on the nearest enemy or item in the vicinity, either retrieving the
item for you or sacrificing itself on the enemy.  They can pass through smaller
enemies, destroying them and remaining unharmed, though, and if that enemy
drops a consumeable the bee will grab it at the same time and boomerang it back
to you.  You can shoot these rapidly, three onscreen at a time, and they take
minimal weapon energy, but are rather weak offensively.  And I realize I should
probably call them hornets, but 'bee' just sounds right somehow.

Now, if this was your 8th and final Robot Master defeated, or whichever one
happened to be, it will drop a blue memory chip upon defeat.  Once you pick
Stage Select after this, you'll once again be treated to a cutscene, even
further explaining the story and, DUN DUNNN, exposing Dr. Wily as the true
culprit behind the recent robot attacks and revealing him as the true enemy of
the game.  Absolutely mindblowing.  Anyway, from now on, when you go to the
Stage Select menu on this saved game the screen will flash several times and
Mega Man's face in the center will be replaced by the good old Dr. W sign.  And
thus begins your latest assault on Wily's 395th Skull Fortress.  At least we
know where he got the funds this time...

Now, I would highly, HIGHLY advise going to the Hints section and reading up
about how to get fast Screws, as unless you plan on a lot of Game Overs and
starting over from the beginning of the castle many times you will need to be
*VERY* prepared.  And I'm talking E-tanks, an M-tank, three Beat Calls and
Shock Guards, and at least 5 or 6 lives.  You're gonna need all the help you
can get mowing through four of the toughest Wily stages you've ever seen.

 - 2-09  Wily's Fortress 1 -

Upon selecting the big W you will be treated to a VERY familiar cutscene with
VERY familiar music.  As if straight from Mega Man 2, here's Wily's rockin'
castle, with an awesomely fun first stage with totally gnarly tunes just as
good as the ever-so-popular MM2 version to back it up.

I'm no longer going to attempt to explain enemies in detail or drone on about
simple things that you surely are very aware of by now past this point.  From
here on, it's just going to be a concise play-by-play on how to lay the
smackdown on Wily and his new pad, and we're gonna do it in style.  I'll do it
room-by-room, separated by paragraphs.

To start, activate your Jewel Satellite.  Everything up to the end of this
area is devoured by it, and it'll just make your life a lot easier.  Once you
reach the large shield bot, change to the Laser Trident and quickly stab it 5
times to do it in.  The odd platform at the end of the screen can be activated
with the Tornado Blow, so use it and ride on up.

You can try and grab the powerups on the upper-right but I wouldn't worry about
them; I'll tell you why later.  Just activate the platforms and jump to the
left about halfway up, then up to the next room we go.

Grab the Weapon Pellet to your left, activate the platform, grab the next
Pellet, etc.  This section is very simple, just make sure you don't somehow
mess up and run out of Tornado Blow energy (but you shouldn't).  It's very easy
to jump to the platform with the 1-Up; grab it, fall to the next platform, and
don't even bother activating it, just jump on up to the next platform and climb

Just take out these drones with your Laser Trident.  Note the awesome lightning
effect in the background.

One Tornado Blow will take care of these palm trees in a flash.  Move on up.

Another magma dragon miniboss.  Use Black Hole Bomb or spam Hornet Chaser.
Actually, if you're very fast, BHB-ing the dragon just as it appears
(and allowing it to strip its flames) then quickly switching to Chaser and
blasting him just a couple times with it can kill him on his FIRST fly through.

In this room, grab the extra life with Hornet Chaser IF you need it.
Otherwise, just leave it alone, as this is the halfway point of the stage and
if you die later you can grab it then.  This room has two Tellys so you can sit
around here with Jewel Satellite and refill your energy and weapons quickly.

This next room contains a horizontal magma beam chute that you must freeze at
the right moment with Concrete Shot and run across.  It's not difficult, but..

..The next room is notorious for dismaying many a player.  There are two ways
to defeat it; the first, 'normal' way is to immediately jump up on top of the
left chute, freeze the magma beam when it's reached out pretty far, and get
ready to freeze the second beam fairly quickly (but when it's reached far
enough out to you that you can reach it, jump on it and reach the ladder above
in time); jump on top and either go for the far-right ladder or try and turn
around and freeze the third beam and climb up the left ladder for an Energy
Tank and a dead end if you REALLY need it.  Now, the simpler way is to climb up
with Rush Coil equipped and IMMEDIATELY summon him, jump up and try your best
to grab the middle ladder.  It's quite difficult but the cleanest and fastest
way past this room.  Also, remember, if you ever run low on Concrete Shot just
go back down to the halfway point and kill Tellys for energy.
Another strategy I've found once I realized that the Laser Trident destroys
frozen magma beams is to, again, jump onto the left vat, wait for the right
(2nd) beam to come forward, freeze it and destroy it so that when it comes out
again it'll be independent of the previous pattern and you'll be able to use it
much more easily as a safer platform to jump up to any ladder you choose.

Sent in by Tahngarth
"I found a surefire way to get through this room quickly without using the
concrete shot. Have the Rush Coil selected before entering the room. As you
enter, immediately use the rush coil and bounce up to the left most ladder.
You will just barely beat the bottom lava flow. Go up to the next screen, to
the top of the ladder segment you're on and face right before climbing back
down to the previous room. Select the rush jet and hang off the very edge of
the ladder until you almost fall off, and activate the rush jet. You'll be able
to ride it to the other side of the room and grab the far right ladder. It
sounds complicated, but I think it's faster. You certainly are allowed to use
the C.Shot to stop the lava flows in WILY'S STAGE ONLY for the conservationist
challenge, but this allows you to even skip doing that."

The room between the tough room and the upper room with the E-tank and dead-end
does have one last magma chute, so be careful of that.  If you used Rush and
took the middle ladder, you'll have to wait for the magma beam and then jump
from the top of the middle ladder to the far right one to continue.

Up a room and we have a combination of gimmicks form Jewel Man and Galaxy Man.
It's quite simple, just build up some momentum and jump into the right teleport

And this room's a joke.  Just use Rush Jet on both the lower and upper levels.

Toss a Black Hole Bomb up from the bottom level to dispose of the palm trees
in this room, then climb up.

This is it--just Laser Trident the shield bot and you're at the boss.

 * WARNING!              *

For lack of a better name until I can find the official ones, I'll just call
these Wily bosses the best thing I can come up with to suit their appearance.
This is basically a set of four robots each on the far right side of the room,
each with a spiked ball in front of them that's deady to the touch, pushing it
slowly forward with shots.  Honestly, there's no weapon that's especially
useful against these guys, and there's not a whole lot of strategy involved.
Weapons like the Magma Bazooka and Tornado Crush can push back multiple balls
at once but it's generally not worth it.  The Plug Ball can be useful for the
boss, as it's extremely rapid-shooting and knocks back the balls just a bit
further per shot than the Mega Buster, so that's the closest thing to an
alternative here.  Basically, you will just want to use your Buster and treat
this almost like a semi-dangerous minigame.  Just pick a row and start blasting
the snot out of the spiked ball, pushing it back into the bot and destroying
it.  Each bot destroyed takes a couple slivers off the boss's health bar, and
it's quickly replaced by another bot, either blue or red; red ones shoot more
slowly but their shots are stronger and push the ball further forward.  If you
allow any ball to reach the far left side, it will revert back to the middle,
but the bot that was pushing it will begin to shoot triangular blasts toward
you that are dodgeable but become increasingly annoying the more bots you allow
this luxury.  It can be very difficult to keep all the balls from reaching the
left side but it's best to not let more than one or two do so at any given time
if at all possible.  When the boss nears death, certain rows will cease
producing further bots, until you're left with only one and the boss's health
finally reaches zero.  Everything left explodes.  Good game.

 - 2-10  Wily's Fortress 2 -

You enter a green metallic-looking area that's very similar to many of the
'middle' areas of Wily Fortresses of yore, providing you with a free large
Weapon Pellet to either side.  The music is very catchy here and really reminds
me of Double Dragon for some reason.

Anyway, move up the left ladder to nab a 1-Up with Rush Coil while avoiding
some Mets.

In the next room, a well-placed Black Hole Bomb will take care of all the
electro-blobs.  The lower jumps here are a bit tricky, you have to make sure
you hit the bottom of the upper platform on your leap.

Concrete Shot or Black Hole Bomb the eye blob and move past both the upper
paths with Rush Jet.

The green hologram-producing flying enemies here like to produce 'fake' blocks
and just fly on by.  An easy way to make all rooms like this simpler is to re-
enter them with the Tornado Blow equipped and instantly use it to wipe them
away before they can mess with anything.  Jump during Tornado Blow's effect to
most quickly and easily advance upwards, but don't use it again if you miss the
chance; use a Rush Coil or Concrete Block instead.

The hologrammers here don't really do anything destructive, just blow away the
Joe with a Black Hole Bomb, Jewel Satellite or some Laser Tridents before

You'll probably want to Tornado Blow this room, effectively making it
ridiculously simple.  Another option would be the Rush Jet.

The easiest way to pass this room is to stand just on the vertical 'seam' in
the floor near the left edge of the screen and shoot a Concrete Block to the
right.  It will make a platform perfeclty on top of the left formation of
spikes and allow you to easily reach the next room.  If you're daring, however,
it's possible to pass through with just a very well-placed jump.

Another flower miniboss from Hornet Man's stage.  Tornado Blow and if you don't
have full TB energy finish it off with some Mega Buster shots or a Magma

Move down and collect the powerups, then go into the water.

Skip the upper octopus and obliterate the lower one with Black Hole Bomb.  You
can easily traverse the dangerous-looking lower path with Rush Jet to collect
an Energy Tank, but the round-trip back and forth will take most of his energy
from full.  For the upper path, evade the first few mines and Black Hole Bomb
the last two.

Jump up a bit above the upper platform in the next room to spawn a drill fish,
then simply walk to the next room.

This room has a lot of spikes and and a lot of walls destructable via the Laser
Trident.  Make your way to the right, collecting any powerups you'd like, and
fall down the pit leading back to the large Weapon Capsule.  Go back and
collect it, but pay heed that those groups of two drill fish will reapwn very
rapidly if you run back and forth in the right spot.  Activate your Jewel
Satellite and run back and forth about half a screen left of the set of two
spiked balls low near the ground.  You can spawn and destroy the groups very
quickly and easily recharge all your health and Weapon Energy right here for
the battles ahead.  When you're ready to proceed, Laser Trident the block in
the middle of the vertical column to the right, stand on the left edge of the
ledge where that block used to be and blast a Concrete Shot.  It should land
on the left edge of the platform to the lower right, making it a bit safer to
land on.  Blast the last green block under the ladder and try to jump UNDER the
ceiling.  If you bear right, you should make it every time.

Jump once on the far right side to spawn a couple drill fish, then proceed up.

Tornado Blow this room.  Proceed left.

There are many small yellow UFOs in the next set of rooms.  You may be tempted
to Tornado Blow or Black Hole Bomb, but there's not really a point.  Just
proceed up, then drop bearing right as you fall to slip into a shortcut to pass
some unnecessary ladder climbing.  Move up to the next screen again, blast the
wall climber from behind the wall, move up and dispose of the big stomper
simply with your Mega Buster.

One more big stomper and then the boss.  Get ready!

 * WARNING!                *

This huge battleship is composed of three sections each with a separate health
meter--the tail, the underbelly and the head.  You enter from the right and
fight it right to left, starting with the tail.  An incredibly fun boss, if I
say so myself.

To start with the tail; it'll float up and down on the left side of the screen,
periodically opening a compartment from which it will launch three homing
missiles towards you.  These are difficult to evade but can be destroyed with
just a single Mega Buster shot.  The tail is only vulnerable when the
compartment is open to shoot, but it takes decent damage from your Mega Buster
(two per shot) so as long as you keep destroying the missiles before they reach
you and pummel the tail when it's open and low enough to hit this won't take
very long or be very difficult.  The easy way, however, is to use the Hornet
Chaser.  Your hornets will intercept and pass through the homing missiles, lock
on to the compartment and spin around it until it opens, and then deal two
damage a pop to it when it opens.

The next phase is the underbelly; you move underneath the spike-laden stomach
of the craft and on either side is a pod that opens up to release a small shark
bot that will move forward briskly and is nearly unavoidable due to the low
ceiling you have to work with (hitting your head on the bell will do a good
deal of damage).  The best way to beat this with your Buster would be to
constantly destroy the small sharks just as they spawn and only jump to shoot
at the pods when the battleship has raised to near its peak velocity.  You'll
also want to alternate between pods as often as possible, as being left with
one pod produces a constant stream of mini-sharks that are very difficult to
deal with.  Of course, this phase has an easier option, as well.  Equip the
Magma Bazooka and charge it before unleashing it near whichever pod is spitting
out sharks.  It will not only destroy the mini-shark but the upper-tilted blast
will deal substantial damage to the pods' health meter.

Finally, you move to the left and final phase, the head of the shark.  The
craft will continue to hover up and down, intermittently opening its mouth to
deliver a volley of several laser blasts straight out to the left.  These can
be difficult to dodge, but unless you're low on health your only goal at this
point should be to destroy the thing as fast as possible.  Laser Tridents do
the job, slicing through its health bar like butter.  You can have it down
easily within two rounds of it opening its mouth.

As an end note; since I didn't make it very clear, ALL phases of this boss are
weak to the Laser Trident, it's just the some other weapons are technically
easier to use on specific forms.  If you'd rather kill it faster, generally the
Trident is best at least against the first and third forms, while Hornet Chaser
is safer.  The second form is definitely best with Magma Bazooka or, as
detailed in the below strategy, Tornado Blow, though.

Sent in by Master Espeon:
"The second part of the shark battleship is easiest with tornado blow.
Personally, I use three and then destroy the hatches with one buster shot each.
And as for the third part, even though hornet chasers only do two damage per
hit, they can hit even when the hatch opens high, and you can focus on

Sent in by Chris Sucevich:
"Just saw something cool happen. On the head of the shark boss in Wily Stage 2
using the black hole bomb it will actually suck in the laser blasts and do
damage at the same time. Makes this even easier and you don't even really need
to move and inch."

And that's that.

 - 2-11  Wily's Fortress 3 -

Now we're getting deep.  With a darker color tone and more menacing-sounding
tunes, we know we're in the belly of the beast at this point and there's no
turning back.

The first room contains a couple big stompers.  Mega Buster or Concrete Shot.

This next room contains a new gimmick--antigravity rooms.  You're constantly
floating upwards, and the only way to move left or right is by shooting.
You'll move softly in the direction opposite of which you shot, and move faster
the more times you shoot in the same direction.  You can slow yourself down by
shooting in the direction you're moving.  The first room is simple, just blast
yourself all the way to the far right wall, and ride up.

And up.

And up.

And up.  Once you reach the ceiling hear, blast yourself left and climb the

Move right across a simple room of Shield Attackers, diamond flyers and spikes.

Then down a room with one diamond flyer and a couple powerups.  Fall down the
right path for some Weapon Pellets.  If you miss them, you can get back up with
a well-aimed Rush Coil.  Climb down the right ladder for a large Weapon Pellet,
then fall down the left shaft.

Press on, taking out the Shield Attackers then activating a Jewel Satellite for
the Joes later on in the corridor.

Another antigravity section.  Move up the left side, avoiding the blob.  If you
go too far right past the spikes, note that a grabber will scare the pants off

Move up further, bearing left, but not hugging the left wall; a couple blocks
from it.

And again.

Here, turn left and make sure you spawn the grabber (that hopefully won't grab
you if you're in the right position) before pressing right.  You'll want to
push right hard quickly to avoid the spikes, and to grab the M-tank.  Then push
left, having already spawned the grabber (hopefully) you've saved yourself the
trouble of the most annoying and jump-from-your-seat part of the game.  If you
didn't spawn it, equip and use a Jewel Satellite just after shooting enough
Mega Buster shots to push left hard, so that the grabber will fall onto your

Sent in by Nate Rice:

"So I have a suggested tip for stage 3 of Wily's fortress in the game. In
the second antigrav lift, to get the M tank, let the grabber grab you on the
lower opportunity. It;ll take you straight to it, and it lets you go in a
position to safely reach the ladder, if you spam on the fire button."

Well, that makes THAT part a lot easier!  Now, on up the ladder:

This room is hilarious.  Three extra lives for all your troubles--only two of
them hurt you!  They're freaking Mets hiding under Extra Life-shaped helmets..
how rude!  The life on the left is actually real, though, so be sure to grab
it.  Move right, beating up the Mets and cannons; this is a tricky cannon
section, remember that Concrete Shot and Black Hole Bomb destroy them quickly.
Once you reach the Joe, activate a Jewel Satellite, which will aid you
a great deal in traversing the Joe and Met-infested remaining platforms.
Defeat the last big stomper in the game, and fall down to a VERTICAL boss door.
Haven't seen one of those since Bomb Man unless I'm forgetting something.  Now,
get ready for one of the deadliest boss fights in the game...
(Oh, and if you die on the boss, you respawn on the little ledge above the
first door, so don't worry)

 * WARNING!           *

Oh yes, the Yellow Devil and the Green Devil.  Both at once.  Except... not
quite.  It's more like the Yellow and Green gooey substances that were left
over after Mega Man destroyed each of them at least twice apiece.

The green blob starts at the lower left and has the 'eye' initially.  The
yellow one starts at the upper right.  They will proceed to 'trade' blocks with
each other like a funky co-opping Yellow Devil that seems like insanity at
first, but with time and observation it becomes rather obvious that this guy's
nothing compared to, say, the hellish original Yellow Devil fight from Mega Man
1.  Starting from the 'front' and working towards the 'back', each blob will
trade block-sized blobs to each other; halfway through the second 'line' of
blobs, out will pop the eye, which is susceptible to damage only when
travelling through the air during this short period.  Needless to say, it's a
long and tedious fight with most weapons, but not when you know its weakness.
Unleash a Black Hole Bomb just in front of the eye after the first 'row' of
blobs have completed their transfer and watch as the eye falls for it every
single time, moving out and instantly being heavily damaged by the black hole
right in front of its face.  This makes actually damaging the boss the easy
part and leaves you to worry about dodging the blobs as they fly about.  Lucky
for you, they fly in the same pattern EVERY SINGLE TIME, only switching the
positions of the main blobs themselves after evrey transfer is totally
completed.  You'll learn the patterns more and more as you fight the boss and
understand that most of the transfers can be easily evaded by simply standing
near the center of the platform and jumping at the right time... or by standing
under them.
Oh, and the Galaxy Bomb pause/unpause trick is fantastic for this.  Next!

 - 2-12  Wily's Fortress 4 -

Ah, the final stage.  That tell-tale skull.  Here awaits your final battle,
with all that you'd expect with this being a new Classic Mega Man game and all.

Moving through this small stage, you'll encounter little more than very simple
platforming segments, a few Mets, scattered powerups and a unique obstacle in
the form of force fields which can only be stopped by a well-placed Concrete
Shot.  These actually do little damage, even less if you  use your Guard  Power
Up for this stage (a smart move), and with the scattered Energy Pellets and the
fact you'll want to save some Concrete Shot energy you may not want to even
bother witih stopping most of these.  The last one is a very long one just
before a high jump, so you'll definitely want to Concrete it, though, to both
avoid damage and create a platform to get up there.  You'll drop down to a
small room with a couple large Pellets on the left side you can quickly grab
with Rush Jet, and a corridor leading straight down decorated with the classic
"Dr. W" signs.  Oh, whatever could be down here?  I haven't the foggiest idea?

 * WARNING!                        *

Oh ho ho.  Our old friend, our old pal!  The teleporter room!  The one
component that ties together most every Mega Man game from most series on most
every platform, the Teleporter Room.  The Boss Doors.  The Master Rematch.
It's here, folks, and it works like it always has.  Enter the rooms in any
order you wish, exploit the Bosses' weaknesses and receive a large Energy
Pellet to keep you going after each victory.  Once all 8 Masters are defeated
again, the door of destiny to the final battle awaits.  Now without further
adieu, the teleporter map:

|[G]_       _[P]|
|               |
|[C]  _____  [T]|
|               |
|[S] [J] [H] [M]|
(Note: you CAN unlock Boss-related Challenges here!)
Counter-clockwise from the top-left, we have Galaxy Man, Concrete Man, Splash
Woman, Jewel Man, Hornet Man, Magma Man, Tornado Man, and Plug Man.  Just in
case you need a refresher course, the weaknesses are as follows:

Galaxy Man - Concrete Shot
Concrete Man - Laser Trident
Splash Woman - Mega Buster or Hornet Chaser
Jewel Man - Black Hole Bomb
Hornet Man - Magma Bazooka
Magma Man - Tornado Blow
Tornado Man - Plug Ball
Plug Man - Jewel Satellite

Once you've finished off the last of them, the final teleporter opens in the
top-middle portion of the screen.  Entering you will take you into battle

 * WARNING!                   *

Lo and behold!  It's the Wilymachine, Mk IX!  Or Mk X, if you count Megaman and
Bass as well.  Now, this is a REALLY interesting and honestly very fun battle.
As per usual, Wily's in a large, skull-faced mechanical tank of a vehicle,
launching bouncing orbs of death in your direction. Only this time, instead of
energy orbs you must dodge, they're egg-like objects that you get to play ping
pong against Wily with.  You shoot them with your Mega Buster to send them back
towards Wily, and they crack a bit upon contacting his ship.  On the third time
back the egg will explode, and it has to explode near the skull-shaped face of
the ship to do damage to it.  It is a bit time-consuming but a rather fun warm
up to the "real" phases of the final boss hereafter.  (It's weird, but isn't
this battle kind of strangely like a very cartoony, very Mega Man-like homage
to Link vs. Ganon in various Zelda games playing tennis with a ball of
(Note: I've found that when Wily's close to the egg it's best to hit it from
its lowest point, whereas if he's far away hit it from its highest point; this
will virtually guarantee a direct hit every time)

 * WARNING!                   *

Destroying the skull and revealing Dr. Wily himself at the controls and, in
more detail, that this Wilymachine is in fact modeled after a dinosaur for some
reason, he'll begin his assault anew by moving directly towards you and
unleashing a low fire shot that arcs up very similar to the fire dog minibosses
from Mega Man 2.  After this he'll float into the air and move back and forth,
attempting, obviously, to squash you flat.  You generally want to run to the
right to taunt him in that direction then make a mad dash for the left so that
he sits down far away and gives you a great opportunity to blast  his mug
several times.  His fire is possible to dodge with a well-timed jump when it's
from far away, but when he dashes up close and use it I'm NOW COMPLETELY SURE
how to escape it due to the massive number of emails I received concerning
various strategies for this boss as detailed below.
Oh, and his weakness is Concrete Shot.

Update:  BOY, did I get a lot of emails giving me strategies for this guy!  I
hope all the readers are able to beat him perfectly now with all this good

Sent in by Nick Milano:
"Anyway, thought I could provide a nice addition to your strategy for phase 2
of Wily.  When he zooms in real close to you and launches the flamethrower, it
is actually possible to jump over it if you time it perfectly (i.e. jump at the
last possible moment and come down as close to Wily as you can).  There is an
easier way to deal with this, however.  Right as he is about to launch the
flames (watch for him the open his mouth), jump and swing Mega Man to the left.
 This will fake out Wily and cause him to launch the flames right over your
head while you're on the ground!  Simple.  You could probably do this at any
point during the fight, just jump to fake him out before he shoots the flames."

Sent in by Johnathan Toliver:
""The fire breath attack is actually avoidable, but there's a trick to it.
1) When Wily comes down from flying in the air, STAND CLOSE TO HIM. As you see
him getting ready to unleash the flames, JUMP AWAY.
2) When Wily backs up then charges to the left, wait til he stops, then time
your jump so you're coming down as his fire is starting.
In both cases, Wily launches the flames at your position, so if you're not
there long, he'll miss! In instance #1, the fire should drop but then rise up
behind you.  In the case of #2, the idea is to get his fire arch to barely
drop below the 'chin' of his dinosaur machine so you can safely stand
underneath. I hope this helps!"

Sent in by John P. Walsh:
"Simply be in the air at the same time that the mouth opens.  Then Wily will
aim his flames in the air instead of at the ground and you can just stand
safely beneath them."

Sent in by Master Esperon:
"You can avoid the close flamethrower from Wily's second phase the same way you
can from afar, but it's so tricky I wouldn't suggest it.  I suggest jumping
high just before or during when the mouth opens, then just... falling.  The
flames will go over your head."

Unbelievably, I got one more email detailing a different method no one's even
thought of that I've noticed:

Sent in by Michael P. Murphy:
"As for avoiding the close-up flames during phase 2 of Dr. Wily - if you have
any energy left in your Black Hole Bomb special weapon (or if you have a
mystery tank), you can fire one right at the mouth of the dinosaur-bot and
it'll eat the fireballs right up. Pretty simple, made beating that phase easy,
particularly since having full energy for the Black Hole Bomb will run the full
course for phase 2 (or just about) if you're able to use the Concrete Shot
when he's stationary after dropping down and trying to crush you."

Now, we should all know how to wreck this guy.  But alas, there is one more

 * WARNING!                      *

Ahahahaha.  The pod tactic again.  For the last, like, 7 games, it's been the
pod tactic.  Fighting Dr. Wily in a combat-modified version of his little
escape pod, he'll randomly disappear and reappear around the room while
shooting at you with various shapes and sizes of energy orbs that tend to hurt
quite a bit and make for a challenging final boss but after this many times
it's just getting silly.  Of course, it was just right for a classic Mega Man
game, but I was kinda expecting something near like the alien hologram from
Mega Man 2... oh well.

Now, let's get down to business.  Wily's in a small pod, disappearing and
reappearing, shooting at you with various shapes and sizes of energy orbs that
tend to hurt quite a bit (a-hyuck).  This time, a lot of them are really scary,
but it's nothing compared to Mega Man 7's ridiculous fiinal boss.  This one's
only bad because you have to fight all these phases, but with all the Energy
potentially at your disposal as well as a potential use of the Guard Power Up
item, it's not like he has much of a chance here.

His attacks include:
A) Four purple balls shot in four directions from his pod; directly left and
right, and diagonally down-left and down-right.  They will all home in on you
slightly and fly off the screen.  You'll want to basically run in a single
direction, drawing them all into a tight bunch, and try to jump over them as
they speed towards you.  If he's high in the air, you can simply run to one
side of the chamber.
B) He charges electricity at the center of his machine then launches six
electrical orange balls that all work simlarly to Plug Balls.  Three fall
straight downward then crawl along the floor in your direction while the other
three fly horizontally from his ship to your direction and fall down if you get
near them.  Try to run away from it, turn around and jump over the lower ones..
then turn back around and run away from the upper ones.
C) He'll simply reappear and disappear quickly, as if taunting you.

And that's all I've ever gotten out of him.  Now, about actually beating him..
Similar to past games, you can defeat him with just your Mega Buster, but it's
weak and many times he will appear too high on the screen to be hit by it.
The funny thing is, every single special weapon in the game works on him, for
at least one point of damage, so you can technically use whatever you like
best--though, some work better than others.  Namely, these:

Magma Bazooka can hit him up high and if you manage to shotgun him with it
(even uncharged) it will do multiple units of damage to him depending on how
many hit.  A good choice.
Black Hole Bomb will only do one unit of damage but will eat all of his shots
if you place it right.  Yes, it eats all of the last boss's shots.
Tornado Blow, again, only does one point of damage, but doesn't need good
placing to blow all his shots off the screen.  Both this and Blach Hole Bomb
would be excellent for playing defensively if you, say, were attemtping
something akin to the Mr. Perfect challenge.
Hornet Chaser does only one unit of damage, but is quite likely the single
easiest weapon to hit him with other than Tornado Blow.  This is probably
overall the optimum weapon of choice for battling this version of Wily.
Plug Ball is... his weakness.  Yes, one hit from the pink wonder ball with the
crazy name will do a (comparatively) massive amount of 4 damage.  However, as
you may have guesses, he will have to be low to the ground and you'll have to
put yourself in harm's way to use it.  It may be possible to make better use of
it with such tactics as using Rush Coil then switching to this to hit him
higher in the air, or using a Black Hole Bomb or Tornado Blow and quickly
switching to this for more damage and a safe hit.

Aaand there you go.  By now you have everything you need to beat Wily,
especially if you stocked up on supplies and still have enough E-tanks by the
time you reach him to tough it out.  He should fall fairly quickly with all
these weapons and tactics.... and then....

Well, then there's the ENDING!  It's spectacular!  It's tremendous!  It's
satisfying!  You'll laugh!  You'll cry!  You'll probably enjoy it to some
degree!  In all honesty, I was very satisfied with the ending and some parts of
it are just gold--things that longtime Mega Man fans will definitely enjoy.
But then comes the credits, which are more awesome in this game than any Mega
Man before it.  You'll love it.

And then, after the credits roll and all the lights go down.. you're asked to
save your game.  This "New Game +" style of feature will provide you with a new
file that retains, at least, all the Screws you earned during the playthrough.
So you can start fresh, able to immediately buy lots of goodies and powerups to
make unlocking some of those pesky Challenges a lot easier.  Oh, and now you
should have access to Time Trials, allowing you to choose any stage up to the
final Wily fortress to speedrun and practice.  Especially useful is picking
Wily 4 to get quick access to all the bosses to practice on anytime you like.

 - 2-13  Boss Mini-Guide -

For the impatient and the folks that just want to quickly find a boss's
weakness, I've created this mini-guide to give you help on what's best used to
defeat all the Masters, Wily bosses and minibosses throughout the game.  If you
need help in a tricky part of a stage, just turn back to the walkthrough.

((Robot Masters))

Splash Woman
Weakness: Mega Buster or Hornet Chaser
Weakness Effect: The Chasers will rip through the fish she summons and easily
                 hit her atop the screen as you focus on dodging her Tridents

Concrete Man
Weakness: Laser Trident
Weakness Effect: The Trident can be used to destroy his Concrete Shots even
                 before they form into blocks if timed right

Galaxy Man
Weakness: Concrete Shot
Weakness Effect: His Black Hole Bomb can be frozen before or even during its
                 vortex effect, causing Galaxy Man to stand there defenselessly

Jewel Man
Weakness: Black Hole Bomb
Weakness Effect: Eats his Jewel Satellite right off him and can be used to hit
                 him multiple times in one use if manipulated correctly

Plug Man
Weakness: Jewel Satellite
Weakness Effect: Deflects any and all Plug Balls he shoots, whether they're on
                 the ground or falling from the air

Tornado Man
Weakness: Plug Ball
Weakness Effect: Negates his Tornado Blow whirlwinds and can hit him on the
                 ceiling when he flies high enough

Magma Man
Weakness: Tornado Blow
Weakness Effect: Sweeps away all of his shots while putting out his flames; he
                 is severely weakened for a bit, causing his bullets to be much
                 smaller and weaker, and is a sitting duck for a moment when
                 refuelling his fire

Hornet Man
Weakness: Magma Bazooka
Weakness Effect: The Bazooka is set up perfectly to take out all three summoned
                 bees at once; Hornet Man will then take overkill damage from a
                 shotgunned, charged Bazooka blast

((Wily Bosses))

Spike Crusher
Weakness: Mega Buster, Plug Ball
Weakness Effect: The Plug Ball will push back the spiked orbs faster than the
                 Mega Buster.  The Magma Bazooka and Tornado Blow can also be
                 used to push back multiple balls at once

Shark Battleship
Weakness: Laser Trident
Weakness Effect: All three phases are most weak to Laser Trident though most
                 weapons, including the Mega Buster, can be used to deal at
                 least 2 units of damage at once.  The Hornet Chaser is a good
                 alternative for the first phase especially and the Magma
                 Bazooka or Tornado Blow are ideal for the second phase

Dual Devils
Weakness: Black Hole Bomb
Weakness Effect: Set up to be in vortex phase as the eye is about to leave the
                 blob makes this the easiest weapon to use against the boss,
                 and with the quick BHB trick you can kill it in record speed

Dr. Wily, Phase 1
Weakness: Mega Buster
Weakness Effect: None really, the 'weakness' in question is really Wily's own
                 egg bomb and the Mega Buster is the easiest and most efficient
                 way of batting it back and forth

Dr. Wily, Phase 2
Weakness: Concrete Shot
Weakness Effect: None, it simply does the most damage of any weapon

Dr. Wily, Phase 3
Weakness: Plug Ball
Weakness Effect: None, again, it simply does the most damage


Robotic Elephant
Weakness: Magma Bazooka
Weakness Effect: A couple charged Magma Bazookas to the face take this miniboss
                 out with the greatest speed, you can even rush the third one
                 and have it destroyed before being damaged in any way

Evil Boulder
Weakness: Plug Ball, Concrete Shot
Weakness Effect: Neither seem to have an apparent effect, but the Plug Ball is
                 fairly powerful and the only thing you'll have a chance of
                 hitting it with any time other than when it's sitting on the
                 ground motionless.  The Concrete Shot kills it quickly but
                 must be used perfectly to achieve a good result

Flame Dragon
Weakness: Black Hole Bomb, Tornado Blow
Weakness Effect: The most obvious weakness to any miniboss I've found, the
                 Black Hole Bomb actually rips the flames right off the
                 dragon's body and leaves little more than a spine and a sad
                 dragon that will not attack until its next run.  The Hornet
                 Chaser is also a decent weapon here but will require lots of
                 spamming and is  best to supplement BHB once it's done its job
                 in hopes of finishing off the dragon in a single run
                 I've found that Tornado Blow also does the same thing as BHB,
                 though it's probably a better idea to waste less Weapon Energy
                 and go with Black Hole Bomb

Flower Clock
Weakness: Tornado Blow
Weakness Effect: A full bar of Tornado Blow will have this miniboss destroyed
                 by the last shot, but what's more, the jump boost you get from
                 the weapon will allow you to jump over the flower clock's hand
                 from the top to the top-left platform as it's travelling
                 between them.  The Magma Bazooka will also devastate this
                 miniboss if you're skilled enough to get off a good few
                 shotgunned charged shots of it off.

 = III) Equipment = 

 - 3-01  Weapons and Adapters -
You begin the game with only the Mega Buster and Rush Coil, but receive a
weapon each time you defeat a Robot Master.  You also earn the Rush Jet after
beating 5 Masters.  Here I list the weapon, where it's obtained, the Weapon
Energy cost in pixels, a description, and some pros and cons.

<<Mega Buster - Starting Item>>
WE Cost: 0

The trusty weapon Mega Man begins the game with in every installment.  In the
years since his last adventure, it seems to have lost its ability to charge
up--but the damage from normal shots seems more powerful, a la the earlier
games.  Up to three shots can be fired at a time, it's reasonably fast, travels
horizontally and is effective in some way against most every enemy in the game.

+Takes no Weapon Energy.  Obviously, this is the greatest pro, as it ensures
 infinite use with no fear of running out of ammo
+Very easy to use and aim
+Rapid firing

-Very basic weapon.  Not especially great in any situation or against any

<<Magma Bazooka - Magma Man>>
WE Cost: 1/2 normally, 3 when charged up

This flaming projectile travels in three directions at once; forward, angled up
and angled down.  You can fire it at close range to shotgun the enemy with all
three shots at once for more damage.  It can also be charged up much like Heat
Man's Atomic Fire from Mega Man 2, but in a much shorter time.

+The only special weapon capable of being charged up
+Shoots in three directions, capable of hitting enemies in front, above or
+'Shotgunning' enemies with multiple shots, especially when charges, makes this
 the most powerful weapon in the game as far as raw damage output

-Takes more Weapon Energy than some of the other more 'basic' weapons like the
 Laser Trident, and even more when charged up, which is how it'll often be
-Shotgunning enemies as you'll often want to try and do can make it very
 dangerous to use

<<Hornet Chaser - Hornet Man>>
WE Cost: 1

Fires a small hornet that travels at an upward angle for a bit and then homes
in on the nearest enemy or item.  It will explode on contact with an enemy
unless it's an enemy that the Chaser destroys in one hit or it's the final hit
said enemy could take; in such a case, the Chaser will either continue flying
in the same direction until it reaches the end of the screen or hits something
that causes it to explode, or, if the enemy dropped an item, it will boomerang
back to you with that item.  It can be used to retrieve stray items throughout
stages as well, except Energy and Mystery Tanks (but including Extra Lives and
Large Screws!).  You can have up to three on-screen at a time.

+Uses little weapon energy
+Can be fired rapidly, up to three shots onscreen at a time.
+Homes in on enemies
+Can be used to pick up and bring back stray items from killed enemies or in
 the stage

-Very weak, likely the overall least damaging weapon in the game
-Moves slowly, so even with homing effect it can be difficult to hit defensive
 or fast-moving enemies
-Homing effect sometimes doesn't work as you'd like it to when multiple enemies
 and items that it could potentially home in on exist onscreen

<<Black Hole Bomb - Galaxy Man>>
WE Cost: 4

This powerful tool will release a small, slow-moving orb that you can control
freely.  Pressing the fire button again will cause it to erupt into a miniature
black hole, sucking any nearby enemies or projectiles into oblivion.  This
includes any small or medium-sized enemy in the game, even otherwise completely
invincible ones; and includes ALL projectiles, including those from bosses,
even the final boss!  Not to mention it usually does damage to enemies it isn't
able to absorb.

+Immensely powerful, though it doesn't do much raw damage to larger enemies
 like the Magma Bazooka or Concrete Shot, it devours any and all smaller or
 medium-sized enemies and even leaves behind their drops
+Able to destroy ANY smaller enemy, including otherwise completely invincible
 ones, required for the World Warrior Challenge
+Eats any and all projectile shots, even from bosses
+The way it's used gives you a lot of control over when and how to use it, and
 it can be used to clear rooms safely before even advancing through them
+Can be set in front of you, in front of a large enemy or at certain key points
 in a room or against a boss to 'shield' you from shots and spawned enemies

-Takes a decent amount of Weapon Energy
-Very long time between shots unless you pause/unpause
-Slow and clumsy to use when you need to act fast
-Completely harmless until you activate it after firing it

<<Tornado Blow - Tornado Man>>
WE Cost: 7

One tap of the fire button with this weapon will summon an array of green
tornadoes from the bottom of the screen, sweeping up to the top very quickly.
It will carry with it any on-screen enemy with few exceptions (such as
minibosses).  If it can't completely remove an enemy, it will usually damage
it.  As a very useful side-effect, while the tornadoes are onscreen Mega Man
can jump a good deal higher than normal just like during the fight with Tornado
Man; needless to say, this can be a great alternative to Rush Coil, especially
in speedrunning settings.  It can also be used to activate the propeller
platforms in Wily 1.  Interesting to note, you can move forward while the
weapon is active and it will continuously wipe out any enemy that comes
onscreen during this time, like Rain Flush in Mega Man 4 (but generally more
effective).  Interesting to note, it will not destroy or wipe out the mine
enemies from Splash Woman's stage or Wily 2, but simply push them up to the

+Pretty much 1-hit-KOs most any enemy in the game that isn't a boss
+Deals damage to any enemy it doesn't KO
+Gives you an enhanced jumping ability while in effect
+Can destroy any enemy that comes onscreen while it's active, not just the ones
 that were there when it was first activated
+Can propel certain platforms in Wily 1
+Wipes the screen free of projectiles

-Takes easily the greatest amount of Weapon Energy in the game
-Throws enemies off the screen, taking any powerups they may have dropped with
-Will not destroy water mine enemies or certain very large enemies
-Unconfirmed, but I believe enemies destroyed with this weapon do not count
 toward Challenges such as World Warrior and the 'x enemies destroyed'

<<Jewel Satellite - Jewel Man>>
WE Cost: 4

One of the most powerful shield weapons in Mega Man history, this rotating
barrier will completely shield you from smaller enemies and never dissipates
unless you run into an enemy it doesn't destroy in a single hit, purposely fire
it or leave the edge of the screen.  It also reflects most projectiles,
returning them back to their source for a great amount of damage.  It can be
fired forward by pressing the fire button once it's already summoned, which
takes no extra Weapon Energy.

+Stays on forever until it's blocked or absorbed by a strong enemy, fired off
 or you advance to the next screen
+Absorbs any 'small' enemy that would normally take 1-2 Mega Buster shots.
+Can be used to easily and quickly 'farm' Screws and other powerups at various
+Reflects most small projectiles, which then travel back whence they came and
 actually damaging enemies they hit

-Not very efficient with the Weapon Energy, it takes some of the most per use
 in the game
-All but useless on larger enemies that 'absorb' it, the number of Satellites
 required to destroy such an enemy is terribly counterproductive
-All but useless when facing an enemy whose projectiles devour it, such as Wily

<<Laser Trident - Splash Woman>>
WE Cost: 1/2

Likely the overall most efficient weapon in the game, the Laser Trident fires a
simple, forward-moving projectile in the shape of a trident for miniscule
amounts of Weapon Energy.  Large, fast-moving and fairly rapid-firing, this can
be substituted for the Mega Buster in most situations and does a bit more
damage to most enemies.  Its most unique feature is the ability to pass
completely through most shields, making any enemy who hides behind a shield
much easiet and giving you the ability to shoot behind things such as covered
Mets.  This is also the weapon that breaks through the thick destructable
walls found in certain areas.

+Very energy efficient
+Very simple to use
+In many ways, like a simply upgraded Mega Buster
+Eats through shields and other defense mechanisms
+Passes through enemies
+Large enough to hit enemies too low to the ground for the Mega Buster
+Can destroy certain destructable blocks as well as magma beams frozen with
 Concrete Shot

-Quite basic, not especially effective against many types of enemy damage-wise
 though often moreso than the Mega Buster and rarely INeffective
-Since it slices through enemies and obstacles, despite the fact it's fairly
 rapid-firing it won't hit enemies as rapidly as, say, a barrage of Mega Buster
 shots or close-range Concrete Shot bullets

<<Plug Ball - Plug Man>>
WE Cost: 1/2

The lovechild of the Bubble Lead and Quick Boomerang weapons from Mega Man 2,
this releases a small ball that trails along the ground... down walls... UP
walls.. and across ceilings.  It travels extremely fast and can be fired
quickly, but it falls straight to the groung upon firing much like Mega Man 8's
Ice Wave, so it can be very difficult to hit airborne enemies with.

+The most efficient weapon in the game, it can be difficult to actually run out
 of Weapon Energy for this one
+Extremely quick-firing and quick-moving once fired
+Crawls along all floors, walls and ceilings
+Surprisingly powerful or effective against a large number of enemies, though
 it can be difficult to hit many types with it

-Virtually impossible to use against most airborne enemies or enemies that
 aren't attached to a surface
-Can be difficult to go where you want it to due to the way it crawls along
-Too many rogue Plug Balls wandering around the screen, as only three can be
 onscreen at once, can make you defenseless unless you pause/unpause to wipe
 them offscreen
-The initial shot, even from midair, moves rapidly straight toward the ground,
 which can make it very difficult to hit a wide variety of enemies unless you
 have a good strategy or the terrain on your side
-The name and coloring of this weapon may turn off many players to using it

<<Concrete Shot - Concrete Man>>
WE Cost: 2

Fires a blob of concrete that lobs forward and down until hitting the enemy or
an obstacle.  Upon hitting an enemy it simply does a great deal of damage, but
if it hits a wall or floor it will create a small block that Mega Man can use
as a platform until it crumbles a short time later.  This can be used to climb
up the sides of walls or create small platforms across beds of spikes or other
hazards.  Interestingly it will freeze the large magma beams which can then be
used as platforms similarly to freezing the flame pillars with ice weapons in
previous Mega Man games.  It can also stop the force fields near the end of the
game momentarily.

+Extremely powerful and capable of being fired very rapidly if absorbed by a
 large enemy, it's ideal for taking out most bigger bots
+Instantly destroys most small or medium-sized enemies, encasing them in a
 concrete block
+Can be used to create temporary blocks useful as platforms to cross dangerous
 terrain, used as small stepping stones or climb up the side of walls
+Can freeze magma beams temporarily
+Can stop forcefields temporarily

-Not very energy efficient, especially considering how quickly it can
 potentially be fired and how often you'll probably be using it for its various
 utility functions
-Very, very difficult to aim, you're virtually required to use it from a very
 close range
-Platforms created with it last VERY briefly and must be used immediately
-Enemies turned into a block with this weapon will not drop items

<<Rush Coil - Starting Item>>
WE Cost: 2 once jumped on

Since Mega Man 3, most games have had this basic Rush adapter in some form.  It
summons Rush, Mega Man's robotic dog, directly in front of where he's facing,
and, if it's an applicable spot, he will stand there wildly wagging his tail.
Jumping on his back will then catapault you into the air with a springboard--
much higher in Mega Man 9 than any installment I can think of, in fact.  It's
surprising where all you can use Rush, even on dangerous lava fields, and he'll
do his job!

<<Rush Jet - Obtain after defeating your 5th Robot Master>>
WE Cost: About 2 per second while riding

This ever-helpful Rush adapter will, like Coil, summon Rush in front of the
direction you're facing; even in midair!  He'll stop and transform into a
canine hoverjet, moving forward once you jump on him through the air on his own
while being coaxed higher or lower with the up and down buttons.  Very useful
for crossing long chasms or hazards or just as a platform, it constantly drains
energy when in use and moving so beware.

 - 3-02  Items and Powerups -

Some items drop by a chance when you destroy an enemy.  Small Screws, Energy
Pellets and Weapon Pellets are common while large Energy Pellets, Weapon
Pellets and especially Extra Lives are more rare.  Some are only found in
certain hard-to-reach spots of a stage or from Eddie, such as the Large Screw.
Yet more are only found in shops.  I've listed what the item costs (if
applicable), where each it can be found as well as a description of its
appearance and use.

((Instant-Use Items))

These items are often found in a stage or from destroying an enemy and take
effect immediately.
[[Small Screw - Enemy Drop, Find in Stage, Receive from Eddie]]

A tiny screw.
It's worth two Screws' worth of currency.

[[Large Screw - Find in Stage, Receive from Eddie]]

A large screw, almost identical to the large Bolts of Mega Man 7.
Worth twenty Screws' worth of currency.  These are rare and NEVER drop from
enemies unlike large Bolts would in older Mega Man games.

[[Small Energy Pellet - Enemy Drop, Find in Stage, Receive from Eddie]]

A small, flashing black-and-white orb.
It restores a tiny portion of health.

[[Large Energy Pellet - Enemy Drop, Find in Stage, Receive from Eddie]]

A larger, outlined flashing black-and-white orb.
It restores a hefty portion of health.

[[Small Weapon Pellet - Enemy Drop, Find in Stage, Receive from Eddie]]

A small, flashing blue-and-cyan box.
It restores a tiny portion of Weapon Energy for the selected weapon.

[[Large Weapon Pellet - Enemy Drop, Find in Stage, Receive from Eddie]]

A larger, rectangular flashing blue-and-cyan box.
It restores a hefty portion of Weapon Energy for the selected weapon.

[[Extra Life - Enemy Drop, Find in Stage, Buy in Shop, Receive from Eddie]]
Cost: 20 Screws

This looks like a large, smiling Mega Man head.
Also known as a Spare Body, it adds an extra life to your total, up to 9 (and
remember "Life 0" counts, so 9 Extra Lives in the menu means you actually have
10 total lives).  Note that I also tend to call them 1-Ups from time to time.

((Usable Items))

These items are rare; some can be found in stages but some must be bought. They
need to be used from the pause menu in order for them to take effect.

[[Energy Tank - Find in Stage, Buy in Shop]]
Cost: 30 Screws

A blue can with an E on the front.
This is added to your pause menu inventory and can be used at any time to
restore your health meter to full.  You can hold up to 9 total.

[[Mystery Tank - Find in Stage, Buy in Shop]]
Cost: 50 Screws

A blue can with an M on the front.
There is only one of these in the game findable in a stage that I know,
otherwise you must buy them in the shop.  This is added to your inventory next
to your E-Tanks, and is used in the same way; it refills all your health and
all the Weapon Energy for all your weapons and adapters.  It also has another,
secret function, hence the "Mystery"; if you use it when all your health and
ammo is at max capacity, you'll get hear a positive sound and when you leave
your menu all on-screen enemies will instantly be destroyed and turned into
Extra Lives!  You can only hold one of these.

[[Eddie Call - Buy in Shop]]
Cost: 50 Screws

An image of Eddie, the small, red, package-shaped robot.
Using this item will call down Eddie (aka Flip-top) who will toss you a total
of 5 random items ranging from small pellets to Large Screws and Extra Lives!
In the old games he would sometimes drop an E-Tank though I have yet to get
one from this item; I'm not sure if it never happens or is very rare. You can
only hold one of these.
(Note: Eddie can actually be called IN BATTLE, even during the final boss!
If you're lucky, he'll act as a sort of mini-M-tank in the head of a fight!)

[[Guard Power Up - Buy in Shop]]
Cost: 100 Screws

An action symbol with the number "1/2" inside.
This expensive but extremely useful item will, upon use, grant Mega Man double
armor, or cause everything to do half the damage to him that it normally would.
It affects the entire stage you use it in and even dying won't remove its

((Passive Items))

These all must be bought in the shop.  They are always in use once you have
one of them in your posession unless you lose them or use them up.

[[Beat Call - Buy in Shop]]
Cost: 50 Screws

An image of Beat, the small, blue bird that aids Mega Man in many games.
Having one of these will cause Beat to fly in and pick you up if you ever fall
into a hole, afterwards fluttering upwards while you can control him left or
right and cause him to drop you if you press the jump button.  He will even
come back for you again if you fall into a hole from his clutches back into a
hole, but each fall will use up a Beat Call.  You can carry up to 3 of these.

[[Shock Guard - Buy in Shop]]
Cost: 50 Screws

An image of a blue boot on top of two floor spikes.
These will protect you from spikes; instead of dying instantly upon touching
a spike, Mega Man will simply be 'hit' as if by a normal source of damage and
knocked back a bit, even becoming invincible for a moment, but take no actual
damage.  Each time you touch a spike with this in your inventory, it takes one
away.  You can hold up to 3.  They also work on lava!

[[Energy Balancer - Buy in Shop]]
Cost: 100 Screws

A small mechanical contraption with an orb-like object on the upper-left.
The only truly permanent item, once you buy this you have it for the remainder
of that playthrough.  Carrying this makes it so when you pick up a Weapon
Pellet with your Mega Buster or a weapon with full Weapon Energy equipped, the
energy that the pellet would have refilled will go directly to the weapon with
the least energy currently in your inventory.  Picking up a Weapon Pellet with
a weapon with even a sliver of energy gone will force it to refill that weapon,

[[Hairstyle Book - Buy in Shop]]
Cost: 20 Screws

A book with a bushy-haired face on the cover, presumably Rock.
Buying this will immediately remove Mega Man's helmet, allowing his hair to
flow freely a la Mega Man 2's title screen.  It even changes the portrait of
Mega Man in the center of the Stage Select screen.  This actually causes you to
take DOUBLE damage, so it's mostly for a challenge (both figuratively and

[[Helmet - Buy in Shop]]
Cost: 20 Screws

Mega Man's trusty blue helmet.
You can only buy this once you've already bought the Hairstyle Book.  It
returns Mega Man's original look, and defense, to him if you'd rather not have
to die to get your helmet back.

[[Roll Costume - Buy in Shop]]
Cost: 200 Screws

An image of Roll's face.
The description would lead you to believe that this grants you a costume of
Roll in which you can play, but in fact it actually changes hers--from the
default 'old school' NES Mega Man style to an 8-bit rendition of her newer
style a la Mega Man 8 or Marvel vs. Capcom.  It's only a cosmetic change and
doesn't affect anything, but it is needed for a Challenge.  Interestingly, the
game remembers if you bought the item and keeps the outfit for her on all
subsequent visits to the Shop in that save as well as throughout all cutscenes.

 - 3-03  Shop -

There is a Shop in the game in Dr. Light's Lab in which Auto and Roll will sell
you a variety of useful items, some of which are rarely found in the stages but
most of which are uniquely available from the Shop.  To enter the shop, select
the house icon at the bottom of the Stage Select screen and confirm.  You can
buy items here with a Screw currency system similar to the Bolts of the past
few Mega Man games or the P-chips of the later few Mega Man games for Game Boy.

Available items:

Extra Life - 20 Screws
Energy Tank - 30 Screws
Mystery Tank - 50 Screws
Eddie Call - 50 Screws
Beat Call - 50 Screws
Energy Balancer - 100 Screws
Guard Power Up - 100 Screws
Shock Guard - 50 Screws
Roll Costume - 200 Screws
Hairstyle Book - 20 Screws
Helmet - 20 Screws (only if you have the Hairstyle Book)

 = IV) Extras = 

In this section you'll find information about the extra features of the game
such as the 50 Challenges and Downloadable Content, as well as a general hints-
and-tips collection.

 - 4-01  Challenges -

In the box is the challenge itself and its description straight from the game
itself.  Below the box, if applicable, is any helpful strategy I can think of
to ease in achieving the challenge as well as extra info if needed, or just a
little insight about things I at least know *not* to do.
If I note that I'm not sure if a strategy works, that's a call-out for people
to either try it and see or e-mail me if they already know--or I myself am
planning on trying it.
Thanks to J.S. via e-mail for giving me lots of new info on many of these
Challenges!  For him and any future contributors, I will list the contrib in
question in parenthesis at the end of the challenge info.

|01 WALTZ                                 |
|Clear the game in 120 minutes or less.   |
|                                         |

|02 TANGO                                 |
|Clear the game in 90 minutes or less.    |
|                                         |

|03 JITTERBUG                             |
|Clear the game in 60 minutes or less.    |
|                                         |
For all of these first three Challenges, you can unlock all three at once if
you finish the game in under 60 minutes before finishing in 90 or 120; likewise
the first two if you complete it in 90 before 120.

|04 BUST A MOVE                           |
|Don't miss with the Mega Buster and clear|
|the game.                                |
This one is very frustrating.  Basically, beat Splash Woman ASAP and make sure
you do NOT miss a single shot in her stage (may be best to just avoid enemies
until you reach her, bring an E-tank or two and only blast her from very close
range to make sure you don't miss) and then rely on Laser Trident and other
weapons as you unlock them, never again using the Mega Buster to ensure you
never 'miss' with it.  Quite the opposite of the 'Conservationalist' Challenge,
you'll want to try and clear the whole game with nothing BUT Special Weapons.
Obviously, you'll want to always keep M-tanks handy just in case.  And be sure
to save after every stage you beat without missing with (or using at all) your
Mega Buster.  
As a note, realize that even Mega Buster shots while using Rush DO count for
this, and even for bosses like the Spike Crushers and Wily Phase 1 I reccommend
using any other weapon in your arsenal just to be completely safe.  As an
example, I once ONLY used the Mega Buster after Splash Woman's stage whilst
playfully pelting the Dual Devils (that absorb Mega Buster shots, so I didn't
think they'd count as misses) with my Buster and failed to get the achievement;
on the next reload, I used NO M. Buster through the whole castle and got it.
I may have accidentally messed up somewhere else that I didn't recall, but I'd
highly advise being on the safe side.

|05 HEADBANGING                           |
|Defeat 8 bosses without your helmet.     |
|                                         |
Lose your helmet by buying the Hairstyle Book in the shop.  Dying gives you
back your helmet, so you'll have to buy the book again each time you mess up.

|06 BUNNY HOP                             |
|Clear any stage jumping 50 times or less.|
|                                         |
"Note that to complete this challenge you have to kill the boss as well, so you
cannot do it on a completed stage." (J.S.)

"For 'Bunny Hop', I got it on Galaxy Man's stage.  I don't think I jumped many
more times than 30 or so, and Galaxy Man is a boss that's easy enough to fight
without jumping." (Master Espeon)

|07 MR. TRIGGER HAPPY                     |
|Clear the game with more than 500 Mega   |
|Buster shots.                            |
This one's too easy.

|08 DOUBLE TROUBLE                        |
|Visit all stages twice and clear the     |
|game.                                    |
"It appears that you have to visit each stage exactly twice. Any more and you
will not complete the challenge." (J.S.)

|09 MR. PERFECT                           |
|Clear the game without getting damaged.  |
|                                         |
The big one.  This is doubtlessly the most difficult Challenge, and good luck
to anyone who tries it.  I'd suggest making liberal use of the Jewel Satellite,
Black Hole Bomb and Tornado Blow special weapons.  And definitely, surely save
after each stage you complete without getting hit.

|10 INVINCIBLE                            |
|Clear the game without dying.            |
|                                         |
This shouldn't be difficult if you collect enough Screws to keep at maximum
capacity your Beat Calls, Shock Guards and E-Tanks.  Remember to save after
each stage you complete without dying and reload if you ever do take a kill.

|11 ALMOST INVINCIBLE                     |
|Clear the game without continuing.       |
|                                         |
Just keep your lives at 9 all the time.  Protective items and Tanks will ensure
you lose minimal lives, even through Wily's Fortress.

|12 NO COFFEE BREAK                       |
|Clear the game without using any Energy  |
|or Mystery Tanks.                        |
Just pretend you're playing Mega Man 1.  Or 8.

|13 AIR SHOES                             |
|Clear the game without falling into any  |
|holes.                                   |
I'm not sure if using a Beat Call counts for this.

|14 MEGA DIET                             |
|Clear the game without picking up more   |
|than 8 energy pellets.                   |
"The 8 energy pellets challenge: this really means you can't pick up ANY energy
pellets throughout the game. Why? in Wily's Castle 4, each of the robot masters
drops an energy pellet which you MUST collect to exit the room. Thus defeating
each of these bosses uses up your allotment of 8 energy pellets. You'll also
notice that there is one energy pellet that seems impossible to avoid which
would ruin this challenge in Wily's Castle 3. Use the Hornet Chaser from a
distance, have the hornet pick up the energy pellet, then pause the game when
the pellet is at a point where you can jump over it. This is really tricky to
do, but is necissary for the challenge."
"Oh, one thing I forgot to mention: when attempting the no energy pellet
challenge, people will probably want to avoid using Gem Satellite when
possible- Since this lets you kill enemes by running into them, it can lead to
accidentally picking up energy pellets, thus failing the challenge."
 - Tahngarth

|15 ENCORE                                |
|Clear 4 stages using the same special    |
|weapon.                                  |
To complete this Challenge, you must use NO weapon or adapter, including the
Mega Buster or Rush, ONLY one specific special weapon, during four entire
stages including the boss.  You don't actually have to have the weapon equipped
at any point in the stage except for the boss technically, and it doesn't
matter if you accidentally equip another weapon or item; what matters is that
you only press FIRE with the special weapon in question equipped.
By far the easiest way to do this is to get the Laser Trident and then tackle
Concrete Man, Galaxy Man, Jewel Man and Magma Man.

|16 PEACEKEEPER                           |
|Clear the game by defeating the fewest   |
|number of enemies possible.              |
"I am pretty sure that you cannot kill any enemies at all besides the bosses
and mini bosses that you are forced to kill. However, you CAN kill any of the
projectiles that the bosses send out, e.g. Splash Woman's fish or Hornet Man's
hornets. You can also let the under-water mines blow themselves up, and the
shadow mega mans on plug man's stage run into the spikes." (J.S.)

This Challenge is far easier if you use LOTS of Guard Power Ups and Energy
Tanks so that you can simply walk through most the enemies you would have
otherwise fought.

|17 CONSERVATIONALIST                     |
|Clear the game by using the least amount |
|of weapon energy possible.               |
"For the conservationalist challenge, you must not use any weapon energy at all
in the 8 regular stages. You are only allowed to use certain weapons on certain
screens where weapons are required to pass obsticales in Dr. Wily's castle.
C.Shot on the lava flows, tornado blow on the fan platforms, laser trident on
the concrete bricks that block your path." (Tahngarth)

|18 FAREWELL TO ARMS                      |
|Clear 4 stages without using a special   |
|weapon.                                  |
"For some reason, you have to finish the game before this challenge will be
completed." (J.S.)

To complete this Challenge, you must clear 4 stages using NOTHING but your Mega
Buster.  That includes Rush adapters!  You can, however, use items such as

|19 GAMER'S DAY                           |
|Clear the game 5 times in 1 day.         |
|                                         |
This counts even if any or all of the 'game clears' are just loads from saves
already at Wily's fortress in which you only finish the final stages.

|20 DAILY DOSE                            |
|Clear the game once a day for 3 days.    |
|                                         |
I'm not going to mess with my system clock to see if that affects this, but
feel free to clue me in if it does.

|21 WHOMP WILY!                           |
|Clear the game once.                     |
|                                         |
It's impossible not to get this one if you simply finish the gmae.

|22 TRULY ADDICTED!                       |
|Clear the game for the 10th time.        |
|                                         |

|23 TRULY HARDCORE!                       |
|Clear the game for the 30th time.        |
|                                         |
Again, these two count if you just load saves at Wily and finish the game.

|24 CONQEUROR                             |
|Defeat your 100th enemy.                 |
|                                         |

|25 VANQUISHER                            |
|Defeat your 500th enemy.                 |
|                                         |

|26 DESTROYER                             |
|Defeat your 1000th enemy.                |
|                                         |
If you're having trouble with this or the previous two, try the fast screws
trick in the Hints section.

|27 WORLD WARRIOR                         |
|Defeat every type of enemy.              |
|                                         |
"For the challenge to defeat every type of enemy, this includes many enemies
that cannot be defeated by ordinary shots. the thin moving things on the floor
in concrete man's stage, the black spiky bombs in splash woman's stage, etc.
These need to be destroyed too, and you can kill them with the black hole
bomb." (Tahngarth)

"Here are some commonly missed enemies:
1. The under-water mines. Use the Black Hole Bomb on them.
2. The balloon enemies on Tornado Man's stage, make sure you kill the head
   underneath instead of just piercing the balloon itself.
3. The flashing balls that follow the ground on Plug Man's stage. They can be
   killed with Jewel Shield.
4. The grabber enemies on Galaxy Man's stage and Wily Castle 3
5. Another one that I am not sure counts or not, is the lava beams on Magma
   Man's level and Wily Castle 1. You can freeze them with Concrete and then
   destroy them with Laser Trident" (J.S.)

"For 'World Warrior' I... honesly went overboard trying to get that.
Black hole bomb is your best friend there.  You know those things that zoom on
the ground when you're at level with them?  Black hole bomb!  The mines at
Splash Woman's?  Black hole bomb!  I honestly haven't a clue if the plant
missiles count toward this or not, or rocks, but as I said, I went overboard.
I'd suggest at least mentioning the first two enemies mentioned here.  Also,
it's rewarded after defeating Wily, so I think it has to be done on that
specific run through of the game." (Master Espeon)

|28 TRUSTY SIDEARM                        |
|Defeat the 8 bosses with the Mega Buster.|
|                                         |
"This can also be done on Wily Castle 4." (J.S.)

|29 PACK RAT                              |
|Collect 999 screws.                      |
|                                         |
You need to get all 999 without buying anything.  Try the fast screws trick in
the Hints section.

|30 VALUED CUSTOMER                       |
|Purchase all items.                      |
|                                         |
"Make sure you buy both the hairstyle and the helmet." (J.S.)
You must buy ALL items AT ONCE.  That basically means that you need to make a
'New Game +' with at least 680 Screws, go into the shop, and buy everything at
once--including the helmet.

|31 SHOP A HOLIC                          |
|Purchase 30 items or more.               |
|                                         |
This must be done during a single playthrough.  The easiest way to do it is to
simply accumulate 600+ Screws and buy the Hairstyle Book and Helmet over and

|32 LAST MAN STANDING                     |
|Defeat all bosses with only one pixel of |
|energy left.                             |
It can be tricky to coax bosses to leave you at exactly one pixel of energy
unless you do some serious research on which attacks do how much damage.
The best plan of action would be to use the Guard Power Up item, get the boss
to very low health and hope he leaves you with a single shred of life before
finishing him; stocking up on lives beforehand would be a good idea, too, as
the 1/2 damage continues until you finish the level or get a Game Over.

|33 SURVIVOR                              |
|Defeat one boss with only one pixel of   |
|energy left.                             |
See above.

|34 HARD ROCK                             |
|Reach a boss's room without getting      |
|damaged.                                 |
This is very likely the easiest to do on Galaxy Man's stage with the Jewel

|35 HEAVY METAL                           |
|Reach a boss's room without shooting.    |
|                                         |
This is by far the easiest in Splash Woman's stage, I'd say.  The only remotely
difficult part of her stage to pass without shooting is the first water
platform room with the wall crawler, and you can think of it as 'enhancing' the

|36 SPEED METAL                           |
|Reach a boss's room without stopping     |
|once.                                    |
There have been several accounts, including from myself, that this Challenge
seems to be almost randomly granted despite definitely 'stopping' at several
points in a stage.  It's even been confirmed that you can go backwards in the
given stage and still get this.. AND pause to switch weapons.  There seems to
be a consensus that it has something to do with either not dying a single time
in a stage, or without stopping a certain number of times despite the in-game
description of the Challenge.

|37 FANTASTIC 9                           |
|Accumulate 9 lives.                      |
|                                         |
Try the M-tank trick or fast Screws tricks.

|38 FULLY UNLOADED                        |
|Hit a boss with all special weapons      |
|before defeating it.                     |
This is only possible once you've actually beaten all 8 normal bosses.  It's
easiest to achieve during the Wily's Fortress 2 boss or the final boss.

|39 BLUE BOMBER                           |
|Defeat a boss without getting damaged.   |
|                                         |
Likely easiest on Jewel Man with the Black Hole Bomb.

|40 ECO FIGHTER                           |
|Defeat a boss with only the Mega Buster. |
|                                         |
I've had this Challenge for as long as I remember, so I can't go back and check
if it's automatically granted surefire by the first Master you kill (since you
HAVE no other weapons than the Mega Buster to kill it with) or if you must kill
a boss with the Buster once you've accumulated another weapon.  If the latter,
the best boss to go after for this would be Splash Woman or Galaxy Man.

|41 MARATHON FIGHT                        |
|Fight a boss for 10 minutes.             |
|                                         |
This may sound easy enough, but remember you must SURIVE for 10 minutes.  For
me, the easiest boss to attain this Challenge on would be Galaxy Man.
"One very easy way to do this is on Wily's first form. The rocks are easy to
avoid if you don't shoot them." (J.S.)
Recall that you have to actually FINISH the fight, too, for this Challenge to
be awarded!  If you try it on Wily Phase 1, that means you have to beat the
entire final battle1

|42 QUICK DRAW G                          |
|Defeat Galaxy Man 10 seconds or less.    |
|                                         |
This one is notoriously difficult because Galaxy Man likes to spend a lot of
time in the air and out of reach while using the Black Hole Bomb.  A couple
options include using the Tornado Blow or Hornet Chasers until his Bomb is low
enough to Concrete Shot and summon him.
"This is the only Quick Draw challenge I had trouble with. Because Galaxy Man
spends so much time in the air out of reach, it can be hard to kill him
quickly. However, one thing you can do is use the Rush Coil to bounce up to his
level, then quickly switch to the Concrete Shot and get a couple hits in."

|43 QUICK DRAW C                          |
|Defeat Concrete Man in 10 seconds or     |
|less.                                    |
Quite franky, the best course of action is to just spam Laser Trident over and

|44 QUICK DRAW S                          |
|Defeat Splash Woman in 10 seconds or     |
|less.                                    |
Again, just fire Hornet Chasers as fast as possible.

|45 QUICK DRAW H                          |
|Defeat Hornet Man in 10 seconds or less. |
|                                         |
He takes a lot more damage if you shotgun him from close range with a charged
Magma Bazooka.

|46 QUICK DRAW J                          |
|Defeat Jewel Man in 10 seconds or less.  |
|                                         |
You can 'trick' him into getting hit up to three times by a single Black Hole
Bomb; jump just as he's hitting it, he'll land and hit it again, turn around at
a wall and hit it a third time.  The BHB reuse trick can also help.

|47 QUICK DRAW P                          |
|Defeat Plug Man in 10 seconds or less.   |
|                                         |
By far easiest if you just activate the shield in his face over and over.

|48 QUICK DRAW T                          |
|Defeat Tornado Man in 10 seconds or less.|
|                                         |
Remember that you CAN hit him in the air when he's not near a wall or ceiling
with Plug Balls, you just have to be in his face.  When he's using Tornado Blow
you can jump much higher which helps with this, but of course watch for the

|49 QUICK DRAW M                          |
|Defeat Magma Man in 10 seconds or less.  |
|                                         |
Deplete your Tornado Blow energy quickly then switch to the Mega Buster or
Laser Trident to finish him off while he recharges.

|50 QUICK DRAW X                          |
|Defeat the final boss in 180 seconds or  |
|less.                                    |
This one definitely isn't hard because they give you so much time.  The more
you fight Phase 1 the easier it becomes to time the shots right; spamming
Concrete Shot in Phase 2 makes it end very quickly; and in Phase 3 you only
need 3 or 4 low-to-the-ground appearances to really eat him up with Plug Ball.
If he spawns way up in the air toss some Tornado Blows, Hornet Chasers or Magma
Bazookas; you can also try using Rush Coil and quickly switching to Plug Ball
but this is hard to pull off just right.

 - 4-02  Downloadable Content -

As of this writing, there is no DLC (Downloadable content) available for the
game yet.  However, a good deal of it (if not ALL of it) has been revealed and
should be coming throughout the month of October.  I will likely have create
new sections detailing each DLC option as it becomes available.  Here are the
currently known details:

((Proto Man Mode))
Wii Point Cost: 200
Release Date: NA October 6, 2008
              EU October 10, 2008

Play the game as Proto Man. You can use the shield while jumping. Some of
Proto Man's abilities may differ from Mega Man's, such as having the ability
to slide and charge your Buster. However, horizontal recoil is doubled. There
is no story for Proto Man. Not compatible with Rankings or Challenges.

((Endless Attack))
Wii Point Cost: 300
Release Date: NA October 6, 2008
              EU October 10, 2008

Test your skills on a stage without end. Try to break the record for getting
the farthest. Results will be displayed in the Rankings. Not compatible with

((Special Stage))
Wii Point Cost: 100
Release Date: NA October 20, 2008
              EU October 24, 2008

Gives you another Time Attack stage to try, including a new boss at the end!
Results will be displayed in the Rankings. Not compatible with Challenges.

((Hero Mode))
Wii Point Cost: 100
Release Date: NA October 20, 2008
              EU October 24, 2008

Play the game with a more difficult level of enemy distribution. Not compatible
with Rankings or Challenges.

((Superhero Mode))
Wii Point Cost: 100
Release Date: NA October 20, 2008
              EU October 24, 2008

Play the game with a super difficult level of enemy distribution. Not
compatible with Rankings or Challenges.

 - 4-03  Hints, Tips and Secrets -

* The FASTEST way by far I've found to quickly accumulate extra lives and
  Screws is as follows: Enter Concrete Man's stage and deploy a Jewel
  Satellite.  Move to the second small rise in the floor over a waterfall
  (perhaps 5 seconds' walk into the stage) and move to the seam between the
  third and fourth concrete blocks that make up the platform.  Now move and
  jump back and forth across this seam and a constant barrage of rock-lobbing
  birds should spawn from either side of the screen, giving you a constant
  flow of powerups and screws.  This is also a very easy way to grab the
  'enemies destroyed' achievements.  An alternative is to use the Black Hole
  Bomb, instead of the Jewel Satellite here, which is very satisfying and fun
  to watch, but overall not as efficient.

* Similar tactics to the one above can be used anytime a weak enemy can be
  spawned by moving back and forth at a certain part of a screen with the Jewel
  Satellite to not only gain lives and Screws but energy to refill your health
  and weapons.  One example is the water area of Wily's Fortress 2 with the
  breakable blocks.  At the very bottom of this area, in the long path you can
  run back through to reach a large Weapon Capsule, many pairs of the fast
  fish-bots will spawn if you move back and forth at certain key areas.  You
  can very quickly refill yourself for the battles ahead here.  Likewise, any
  area with Pipe Bombers (aka Tellys, the small, spinning purple bots) can be
  turned into a rest stop by standing nearby with the Jewel Satellite.

* It's been pointed out that the Telly spawn area in Plug Man's stage is such a
  great example of the perfect place in the game to go do other stuff while
  farming Screws and other powerups that I've decided to make it its own hint.
  Near the end of Plug Man's stage, after the block puzzles in the dark room
  full of hologram screens, there is a large platform covered in Telly pipes
  with a big Screw sitting on top.  If you stand at the very bottom-right
  corner with a Jewel Satellite activated, directly underneath the right edge
  of the two parallel pipes on the right side of the platform, a continuous
  stream of three Tellys will rain down directly onto you, such that all their
  powerups will fall right onto Mega Man.  And since it's near the end of the
  stage, it's easy to move from here to Plug Man's chamber so that you can save
  your game.
    ---Credit: Martino Wolff

* Almost every weapon has a special secondary use or ability such as the Hornet
  Chaser's ability to retrieve items and the Concrete Shot's ability to create
  small platforms, freeze magma and stop forcefields.  Refer to the Weapons
  section for more information.

* The Rush Coil and Rush Jet can be used in conjunction to amazing effect.  Use
  Rush Coil and while bulleting through the air, access and use Rush Jet.  If
  you timed it right, you'll move further up in the air just enough to be able
  to land on the Jet once summoned, and will have a sky-high platform with
  which to cross huge sections of stage with no hassle.  Not only does this
  make the game itself much easier at several points, but it's integral for
  time trials!
    ---Credit: AnimeRPGFan on the GameFAQs boards

* If you need to practice on a certain boss or unlock a Challenge pertaining
  to him, remember that you can instantly access the final stage and rematches
  with all the Bosses from the Time Attack menu--assuming you've
  finished the game.

* Covered in ink?  Simply access and leave the pause menu and you're all clean!

* The Black Hole Bomb has a simple glitch/trick that can make it a lot more
  useful, especially against bosses weak to it such as Jewel Man or the Dual
  Devils.  You know how it kind of just stays onscreen for a few seconds after
  eruption and only the initial touch of it will hurt a boss?  Well, just enter
  and leave your pause menu and it'll be reset--you can use it again
  immediately.  Honestly, using this trick against the Dual Devils makes it
  seem even more like Mega Man 1, using the Thunder Beam with the pause trick
  to defeat the Yellow Devil...

* It's actually worth noting that EVERY weapon or item, when in use, will
  disappear if you pause and unpause.  This is what allows for such tricks as
  rapid Black Hole Bombs and combining Rush Coil with Tornado Blow or Rush Jet,
  but can also be very dangerous when using it in the middle of having a Rush
  Jet or Jewel Satellite activated.

* Did you know it's actually possible to destroy the huge magma beams that
  plague Magma Man's stage and Wily 1?  First, freeze them with Concrete Shot
  then, while frozen, blast them with a Laser Trident.  Sayonara!
    ---Credit: J.S.

* It's mentioned at the end of the walkthrough but worth noting here; once you
  finish the game and watch the credit, you're prompted to save your game. Save
  it on an empty slot if applicable--the save created will be a fresh, new game
  with no Masters defeated and no items other than what you normally start
  with, but you'll have all the Screws you collected in the previous
  playthrough.  You'll want to beat the game with 999 screws once and create a
  save like this to always have as a 'fresh start' to attempt challenges that
  require finishing the game, start to finish, under certain conditions.

* One way to make those tough, 'finish the game under certain conditions'
  challenges easier, such as Invincible, Mr. Perfect or Mega Diet, realize that
  you CAN save the game every time you complete a stage successfully and it'll
  keep what you've done; i.e. you can complete a stage without getting hit one
  single time, save the game, and then if you get hit on the next stage you can
  simply reload that save to try again without having to start from the
  beginning.  Of course, you'll have to beat all four Wily stages without
  screwing up, though.

* Rush Coil combined with Tornado Blow will allow for some insanely high jumps.
  To do this correctly, you must pause immediately after springing from a Rush
  Coil, swap to Tornado Blow, then use it during your rise for increased
    ---Credit: Master Espeon

* Just in case you were wondering, Mega Man's life bar as well as all Weapon
  Energy bars and boss life bars are composed of exactly 28 units, seemingly
  referred to officially as 'pixels'.  This means that it will take exactly 28
  hits to kill most bosses with the Mega Buster or a weapon it's not weak to,
  or 14 hits to kill Splash Woman or any of the Shark Battleship's forms with
  the Mega Buster or most other weapons, etc.

 = V) The End = 

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      forgotten, thank you very very much for anything and everything you've
      done to help this become such a rockin' Mega Man 9 guide!

--Thanks to the Mega Man Knowledge Base ( which I
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--Thanks to Capcom/Inti Creates and Keiji Inafune for creating and releasing
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