God of War 1.30 Update: What’s in the God of War New Game Plus Update?

If, like me, you’ve been eagerly anticipating getting your hands on the Ghost of Sparta once more and having him commit deicide all over again, then you’re in luck. The God of War 1.30 update has dropped and, with it, comes the vaunted (and long-awaited) God of War New Game Plus update, which allows you to start the game all over again with all of your gear and weapons intact, with the added caveat of you having to face some much harder challenges on your journey up the mountain. Read on for info on all of that, as well as the new items Kratos will have at his disposal.

God of War 1.30 Update: Download Size

The God of War 1.30 update weighs in at 863.6 MB, which isn’t too large considering the big New Game Plus Mode changes that it implements. Those with a decent enough connection should have it downloaded in a matter of minutes. Get it installed and then try out the new features!

God of War 1.30 Update: New Game Plus Mode

God of War 1.30

As per the PlayStation blog’s details on the God of War 1.30 patch notes, all attacks, runes, armor, talismans, weapons, and enchantments will carry over in the God of War New Game Plus mode. Additionally, a brand-new resource, Skap Slag, can be found during your travels and used to craft Perfect-rarity gear. There’s even two new shield skins for you to earn in NG+, one for completing the game and one just for starting it.

New enemy behaviors, as well as Santa Monica removing the ability to hightail it away from Rift Tears means that the traditional upped difficulty of New Game Plus will also remain intact, though you can still play God of War on whichever difficulty suits you should you want an easier go of things. The full list of changes can be found listed in detail on the above PlayStation blog, however.