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WoW BfA Island Expeditions Guide: Unlocking Island Expeditions

World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion Battle of Azeroth has dialed the warfare between the Horde and the Alliance up to an all-time high. Part of that is the new WoW BfA Island Expeditions that pit the factions against each other in a race to conquer contested territories backed to the brim with azerite. There’s something for every type of player, even those who are new to PVP. Jump right in with our WoW BfA Island Expeditions guide; we’ve got you covered.

WoW BfA Island Expeditions: How to Unlock

You can unlock the WoW BfA island expeditions once you’ve made some progress in your faction’s War Campaign. Specifically, after you’ve set up two bases on the opposing faction’s continent and you’ve hit level 116, you’ll be able to access the quest The Azerite Advantage, which will then give you the quest Island Expedition.

From there, Horde players will rendezvous with Captain Rez’okun at the Great Seal and Alliance players will meet up with Flynn Fairwind in the Tiragarde Sound to start their introduction to Island Expeditions – the tutorial.

WoW Bfa Island Expeditions Location

WoW BfA Island Expeditions: What to Expect

The main story quests in Battle for Azeroth are quick to impress upon you just how vital azerite is to each faction’s war mission. While the Alliance is more concerned with keeping it out of Sylvanas’ hands, it’s valuable all the same. These island expeditions can be undertaken over three islands each week, and you’ll earn rewards for collecting azerite and fulfilling randomly generated objectives specific to each island. You’ll be capped at 40,000 azerite each week, and undertaking expeditions on different difficulties will net you different amounts of that precious quota.

Players will have to contend with all manner of objectives on these randomly generated maps. We’re talking rare mobs, enemies, Horde and Alliance ships that fire cannons at players, and fog of war.

WoW BfA Island Expedition: Different Modes

You will be able to pick from 4 difficulty levels when it comes to undertaking these island expeditions. On Normal, Heroic and Mythic, you’ll fight against AI NPCs generated by Blizzard to collect azerite on the islands. However, each tier has a larger azerite quota to collect in order to ensure your victory.

Normal mode has no minimum item level requirement, and you can queue with friends. Heroic has a minimum item level requirement of 295, and enemies will have their health and damage increased by 100% from the previous difficulty. Meanwhile, Mythic has a minimum item level requirement of 315, and you have to queue with a full party of 3. Enemies will also have their damage increased by 200% from Normal difficulty.

There’s also a PVP option which pits you against other players, as the name suggests. You have to queue as a full party with a minimum item level of 295, and enemies will also have their health and damage increased so you’ll be dealing with threats on all fronts – not for the faint-hearted.

Winning in Island Expeditions is all about planning appropriately, scouting ahead, and making sure that you’re communicating with your team members to collect azerite and to take down priority targets. Doing well could mean rewards that grant rare mounts and pets, along with reputation tokens to help you towards other Battle for Azeroth achievements. What are you waiting for? Dive right in!