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Fortnite 5.30 Update Release Date: Pump Shotgun Changes, New Skins and More

It’s time to prepare for Epic Games to drop Fortnite Update 5.30. The Fortnite 5.30 update release date is actually heading our way pretty soon and is likely to drop the usual weapon nerfs, tweaks to gameplay, and much more. Players are already speculating what Fortnite‘s 5.30 update will bring to the table, so here’s a roundup of the latest rumours and potential patch notes.

Fortnite Update 5.30 Release Date and Time

Fortnite 5.30 update will drop on Thursday, August 23. This will carry on the now customary patch release that has seen Thursdays replace Tuesdays as the main day for patches. Epic choosing that instead of switching back to Tuesdays will help avoid any mass confusion.

One thing that isn’t set to change, however, is the time that Fortnite 5.30 update will land. The patch is set to be implemented at around 4:00 a.m. EST – that’s 9:00 a.m for any BST followers – with downtime expected at this hour. It shouldn’t be too long before gamers can access Fortnite again afterwards though, so players will be able to pick up their controllers and get back to winning ways.

Expected Fortnite 5.30 Patch Notes

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The pump-action shotgun is thought to have once again undergone a slight tweak. Design Lead Eric Williamson took to Twitter recently to hint that equip time on the weapon may be “reduced slightly”, while other shotguns should “remain unchanged for now”.

A host of new skins are also thought to be part of Fortnite‘s 5.30 update, and we expect to see a number of new additions – including costumes, glider designs and more – to feature like they always do. Those aside, expect a slew of minor bug fixes to ensure that Fortnite continues to run as smoothly as possible for its legion of fans. Make sure to check back here on Thursday to find out all there is to know about Fortnite 5.30 update.