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PUBG Training Mode Release Date: Can I Play Shooting Range Solo?

After already being teased by PUBG Corp., we finally have a PUBG Training Mode release date for us to savor ahead of its arrival. However, there appears to be a pretty big caveat. A PUBG Training Mode single player experience, where you can play shooting range solo, drive, practice, and do whatever the hell you please, is pretty much not going to happen, according to the recent patch notes. Say it ain’t so!

PUBG Training Mode Release Date:

As per PUBG on Twitter, we can expect a PUBG Training Mode release date in September. An exact date hasn’t yet been revealed, however but it is expected to be PC-only for now.

PUBG Training Mode: What Can I Do in PUBG Training Mode?

You’re given free rein on what is essentially a 2x2km obstacle course, complete with shooting range target practice, parkour areas, a CQC zone and, bizarrely, stunt ramps. Everything needs stunt ramps, I suppose. You and from between four to 19 other players can then go ape in this training area.

There’s also three racing tracks, a parachute practice area, and an open water section for vehicles. But what would this all be without weapons? They’re all provided, too, at no extra hassle.

Can I Play PUBG Training Mode Solo?

This is going to be a huge sticking point for players. The PUBG announcement on Steam makes explicit reference to the game mode being for between five and 20 players, meaning you won’t be getting to grips with a shooting range solo tune-up, nor a quick duos workout, which may irk parts of the community.

For now, your best bet will be to find a clan/squad before September so you can gain entry into the PUBG Training Mode. Other than that, you’re just going to have your fingers crossed that the powers that be end up reversing the decision.