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Minecraft Forge 1.13: How to Install Mods

Part of the joy in playing Minecraft on PC is in the many wonderful Minecraft mods that are available, but how do you get them installed? The easiest way is through Minecraft Forge 1.13. Even that is easier said than done. Where do you get Minecraft Forge 1.13? How do you install it? How do you use Forge to play mods in Minecraft?

Luckily we’re here to help. We’ll show you everything you need to know about Minecraft Forge 1.13, exactly how to install it, and how to get mods working with it.

What is Minecraft Forge 1.13?

Forge is a mod loading API tool. It’s essentially a mod itself, but it’s a mod manager that allows players to easily turn Minecraft mods on and off as they want, by the click of a mouse in a simple window. Far easier than trawling through system folders.

Even better, it’s good for mod makers too, since it sorts out compatibility issues with other mods, and allows mods to run together in-game stably and simultaneously. Version 1.13 of Forge gives full game support for modding in Minecraft, and you really can’t run mods without it. Or at least, you shouldn’t.

How To Get And Install Minecraft Forge 1.13

There are many places where you can download the latest version of Forge, but here’s the one we used (it’s the official one). Download it and install as Administrator (right-click and select ‘Run As Administrator’). Make sure your version of Minecraft is open and has been used. After Forge is installed, a new profile will open up in your Minecraft drop-down list. Select it, play, and it’ll setup. You can now use mods!

How To Install Mods With Minecraft Forge 1.13

It really is quite simple. In the installation, a new folder is created in Minecraft‘s main system folder called ‘mods’. Just download the mod you want to use, put it in this folder, and you can now activate it in-game using the easy Forge window. It’s that easy. This is why the Minecraft Forge API is so popular, and consequently why around 90% of the Minecraft mods available support it or are compatible with it. If you’re planning on playing Minecraft with mods, it should be the first thing you install. Well, after Minecraft of course…