Battlefront 2: New ‘Elite Corps’ Update Revealed, Coming Late August

Battlefront 2‘s newest update is almost here. Titled ‘The Elite Corps Update‘, the latest offering from EA comes packed with a whole host of new playable characters, victory poses, and more. EA wants to deliver more content to Battlefront 2 fans with their Elite Corps update, so let’s dive in and round up all there is to know about it.

Battlefront 2: Elite Corps Update Release Date

Battlefront 2‘s Elite Corps update will be released on Wednesday, August 29. EA have not provided a specific time slot for its release, but expect early morning downtime around 4:00 a.m. EST as the patch is implemented.

Clone Trooper Appearances

battlefron 2 elite corps update

Image Credit: EA

Included in Battlefront 2‘s Elite Corps update are the 41st Elite Corps. A clone trooper sub-division of the Republic Army during the Clone Wars, they took part in the Battle for Kashyyyk. They were also present on Geonosis, and were tasked with helping Anakin Skywalker retake the planet after Count Dooku and his forces set up camp there. The 327th Star Corps will also be available as playable characters as part of the Elite Corps update. They played a role in the Clone Wars and are known for being part of the defeated contingent on the planet of Quell.

The Clone Trooper appearances are priced at 20,000 credits or 500 crystals each, and will be made available as Assault, Heavy and Specialist classes. A special price of 40,000 credits is available for buying each squad in all three classes.

Hero Poses, Ewok Hunt, and More

The Elite Corps update will allow gamers to purchase victory poses for heroes and troopers at a cost of 2,000 credits or 50 crystals each for heroes, and 1,000 or 25 for troopers. New heroes such as Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous, first announced at EA Play, will finally be available to buy at a cost of 35,000 credits apiece.

Ewok Hunt has been confirmed as a permanent game mode thanks to its popularity among the Battlefront 2 community, while a new, more streamlined ‘end of round’ screen will provide a greater breakdown of player stats. Finally, a variety of bug fixes have been included in the Elite Corps update, as well as the Naboo Palace Hangar in both Blast and Custom Arcade modes, and changes to bonus multipliers.