Battlefront 2 Elite Corps Update: Prequel Era Map Matchmaking Improvements

Battlefront 2: Elite Corps Update is set to bring numerous changes to EA’s latest Star Wars game. The patch is due to arrive on Wednesday, August 29, and bring stuff specifically from the Clone Wars part of Star Wars’ rich history with it. Central to the Elite Corps update in Battlefront 2 is the announcement of a new way to access the game’s prequel era maps. So, let’s take a look at what this means.

Elite Corps Update: Prequel Era Map Matchmaking Improved

EA has revealed that a new tile on the Battlefront 2 home menu will cater for players who wish to play the ‘Galactic Assault’ game mode in these environments, and allow for quicker matchmaking as a result. EA states that the new tile will allow them to make improvements to matchmaking overall, and allow players to spend less time looking for others to match with.

Players are already able to enjoy battling it out on the likes of Kamino, Kashyyyk, Coruscant and Geonosis. The Elite Corps update will further enhance the ability for gamers to be selective about which maps they wish to play on. EA has declined to comment on the addition of new prequel maps, apart from revealing that the Naboo Palace Hangar will be available for players to duke it out on in both ‘Blast’ and ‘Custom Arcade’ modes.

The Elite Corps update will also bring a ton of other new things for gamers to enjoy. The ability to play as clone troopers from the 41st Elite Corps and 327th Star Corps, new heroes and victory poses to buy, a popular game mode made permanent and a variety of bug fixes are just some of the other improvements to Battlefront 2. You can read more about those in our other Elite Corps guide, which provides a more thorough examination on all of the changes.