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How to Make Excellent Throws in Pokemon Go: Strategies, Timing, Target Circle

Making excellent throws in Pokemon Go is no easy task, that’s for sure. But if you get the method down correctly, you’ll not only boost your chances of catching wild Pokemon, you’ll also feel like the best that no one ever was. All in all, it’s a pretty useful tactic. It’s just nigh-on impossible to do consistently. However, by using our excellent throw strategies, your timing when it comes to nailing the exact moment the target circle hovers over the Pokemon will be pretty much perfect in no time.

Pokemon Go: What is an Excellent Throw?

See that circle that decreases in size before you have to throw your Poke Ball at a wild Pokemon? An excellent throw comes when you throw a Poke Ball after the circle has reached its tiniest possible size. It requires timing, patience, and a little bit of luck.

Pulling off an excellent throw, however, will grant you a multiplier of 1.85, which means you’re nearly twice as likely to catch any given Pokemon at any time if you pull off an excellent throw. It is worth noting, though, that these multipliers don’t stack.

Of course, excellent throws aren’t the only outcomes. You can also get a “Great” throw, as well as a “Nice” throw if you’re a little off the mark.

How to Make Excellent Throws in Pokemon Go: Main Strategy

It’s actually deceptively simple to pull off an excellent throw. Keep your finger on the screen during a battle to set your Poke Ball up and, once the circle closes in inside the white circle, let go of your finger as it reaches its smallest level. It should look absolutely no bigger than this with, ideally, an even smaller reticule if you can manage it (credit: Pokemon Go Database):

pokemon excellent throw

This isn’t an exact science, though. Different Pokemon — especially those who are larger — will have easier “zones”, with far more leeway in making an excellent throw. Try practicing on the Onixes and Dragonites of the world to get a feel for it.

Once that’s done, you’re going to want to wait for the wild Pokemon to attack before unleashing your Poke Ball. Shaking up the Poke Ball and releasing within the first few animation frames of a Pokemon’s attack should do it. If done correctly, an “Excellent” message will appear. Be aware that gaining an “Excellent” does not mean you’re going to get a 100 percent catch rate. The game doesn’t work like that, unfortunately.

How to Make Excellent Throws in Pokemon Go: Mastering the Timing Circle

Never rush your throws. You can take as many goes as you want (without removing your finger from the screen) to prepare yourself. The whole process takes just over a second, so you’re going to have to get the rhythm down yourself. Even something as silly as repeating a word to yourself while the process loops so you know exactly when to throw can be a godsend.

Be confident in your throw and you should be okay. Good luck!