The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon Achievements List


Unlockable                                 How to Unlock
Air Grappler (5)Perform 100 Enemy Air Grabs
Armory (15)Complete all Armor Sets
Army Slayer (20)Kill 1000 Enemies
Berserker (5)Launch 20 Fury attacks
Bodyguard (5)Bring the Artilleryman back to his catapult in less than 5 minutes
Buddy System (50)Complete the game with at least 90% of the time in 2 Players Mode
Burned Lands crossed (40)Complete the Burned Lands
Button Smasher (10)Perform a 300 hit Combo string
Close Warfang Gate (30)Complete the City of Warfang
Combo Maker (5)Perform a 70 hit Combo string
Combo Master (5)Perform a 125 hit Combo string
Complete the game (130)Complete the game a 100%
Dark Knight (10)Kill 70 Shadows
Destroy Malefor (30)Complete Malefor's Lair
Dragon Assassin (40)Kill Malefor without dying once
Dragon Heart (25)Find all Health Upgrades
Dragon Mind (25)Find all XP Crystals
Dragon Spirit (25)Find all Elemental Upgrades
Elite Destroyer (15)Kill all Elite Enemies
Elitist (15)Upgrade one element to Max Level
Enchanted Forest (10)Complete the Twilight Falls
Entrepreneur (50)Upgrade all your elements to Max Level
Escaped the Catacombs (20)Complete the Catacombs
Executioner (10)Kill 625 Enemies
Flood the Valley (30)Complete the Dragon Dam
Freed Hunter (30)Complete the Valley of Avalar
Golem Wrecker (30)Kill the Golem without dying once
Grappler (5)Perform 100 Enemy Grabs
Grublin Bane (20)Kill 450 Grublins
Grublin Slayer (15)Kill 225 Grublins
Juggler (10)Throw 200 Enemies into the Air
Killed the Golem (40)Complete Dragon City Golem
Last Rampart (5)Close Warfang Gate without dying once
Master of Electricity (5)Eliminate 75 Enemies with an Electric attack
Master of Fear (5)Eliminate 75 Enemies with a Fear attack
Master of Fire (5)Eliminate 75 Enemies with a Fire attack
Master of Ice (5)Eliminate 75 Enemies with an Ice attack
Master of Poison (5)Eliminate 75 Enemies with a Poison attack
Master of Wind (5)Eliminate 75 Enemies with a Wind attack
One Large Step (15)Complete one Armor Set
Orc Demolisher (20)Kill 200 Orcs
Orc Slayer (15)Kill 100 Orcs
Reached Malefor's Lair (20)Complete the Floating Islands
Savior (5)Protect all the Cheetah's houses in the village
Stop the Destroyer (30)Complete the Destroyer
Troll Slayer (10)Kill 10 Trolls
Unattainable (10)Dodge all Golem attacks in Chamber of Retribution
Underground City Doors (20)Complete the Underground Ruins
Unlocked Bonus (40)Unlocked all Bonus galleries
Wyvern Slayer (5)Kill 45 Wyverns