Rainbow Six Siege Update Notes: Operation Grim Sky

The newest Rainbow Six Siege update is gearing up to be one of the most impressive the game will be receiving yet. The update, named Operation Grim Sky, was recently revealed fully at the first Six Major in Paris . The Rainbow Six Siege update adds two new operators, various tweaks, and balances to the game, as well as reworking some fan-favorite maps.

Let’s dig into the notes for the update.

Rainbow Six Siege Update: Who Are the New Operators?

With Operation Grim Sky, Rainbow Six Siege will be receiving two new operators named Clash and Maverick. Maverick is an American operative who is available to attackers. He will be equipped with AR-15.50 or an M4 as his main weapon. He will have a 1911 TACOPS pistol as his secondary, with a smoke grenade and claymore as his gadgets. He is classified as a fast operator, however, his armor is classified as light. Maverick’s unique ability is to use the “Exothermic-S ‘Suri’ Torch” blowtorch which will allow the player to breach any surface, including reinforced walls and hatches. However, the gadget can only be used in close range and it runs out of fuel quickly.

Clash, on the other hand, hails from the UK and is conversely available to defense players. Her primary weapon is a CCE Shield, while her secondary can either be a P-10C or an SPSMG9. As for her gadgets, she can equip barbed wire or an impact grenade. Clash may be slow, however, she does have heavy armor to make up for it.

Her unique ability is indeed the CCE Shield that acts as her primary weapon and she is the first defender operator with a shield. She will also be able to swap her secondary at any time but must put her shield away first. The shield also allows Clash to slow down opponents via what Ubisoft is calling a “Charge Field Generator” which emerges right in front of the shield in a cylindrical shape. Opponents caught in the field will also sustain low damage over time.

Rainbow Six Siege Update: What Maps Have Changed?

Two maps in the Operation Grim Sky update have been altered: Hereford Base and Consulate. Hereford Base has been touted by the development team as the first map rework they have done with Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft changed the flow of the map, its balancing, and its visual theme to make sure it is viable for competitive play. Specifically, each floor of the map will have a larger surface area, as well as new stairs and hatches, along with the room structures being overhauled. All in all, Ubisoft has said that this should be treated as a completely new map.

Consulate is being treated as being buffed in the new Rainbow Six Siege update. The Police Line spawn point is being extended to allow a safer path towards the fortified building. The Gas Station spawn point, on the other hand, will have a wall moved so spawn peeking will be prevented and so early kills as well.

Rainbow Six Siege Update: What Will the Cosmetics Be?

Operation Grim Sky will also be bringing some cosmetics to Operators and their weapons. The first of these is an elite set skin for Frost. The skin will be called the Huntress uniform and will give her a new victory animation as well as skins for her gadgets and weapons. The elite set will also come with an adorable Elite Frost Chibi charm.

A new season in Rainbow Six Siege means new weapons skins that are based around the United Kingdom like Operation Grim Sky. Players will be able to unlock skins based on the Whitehall 1212, a skin Ubisoft describes as “the indomitable spirit of Majesty,” the Spitfire and a skin based on the royal coat of arms called “Sovereign.” These will all be only unlockable during the season but can be applied to any weapons and will remain unlocked after the season is over.

Rainbow Six Siege Update: Two-Step Verification for Ranked

With the new Rainbow Six Siege update, all PC players will need to activate two-step verification if they want to play ranked matches. Ubisoft will begin an awareness campaign for two-step verification on the first day of the new season, with players receiving a notification about it and instructions to activate if they have not already done so. Anyone who has activated or will activate two-step verification will receive a Thermite bundle as a reward. This requirement will be activated between patch 3.1 and 3.2.

Rainbow Six Siege Update: General Changes

With the new update, the development team behind Rainbow Six Siege have also added general tweaks and changes to improve the players’ experience. The first of these is a game balancing change where hatch reinforcements will be allowed to be partially destroyed. This change was made to “deliver less binary destruction for hatches” according to Ubisoft. Another change is that players will no longer be automatically assigned the Recruit operator if they are idle during the Operator selection. Players will instead be assigned a random Operator that has not been taken by other players. Fans of the Recruit, however, can still choose the operator manually.

Players will now also be able to mute each player in their game individually and specify which way other players can communicate with them. On the technical side, dynamic resolution will be arriving to console versions of the game, allowing for changes in the resolution depending on how heavy the graphical load is. Finally, with the new maps, a new rotation of maps will be introduced into the various playlists.

For more details on the update, along with general bug fixes, you can check the official patch notes here.

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