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Fortnite Update: How Long Do Fortnite Updates Take?

A new Fortnite update has landed, with the Fortnite 5.30 patch landing on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and Android. Fortnite updates are always highly anticipated in the game’s community, with this particular update bringing with it a variety of changes, including the introduction of the Rift-to-Go. However, with players eagerly looking to get their hands on the new update, they’re left asking: how long do Fortnite updates take?

Fortnite Update Downtime Explained

As is the case with any brand new game update, Epic Games first has to force the Fortnite servers offline in order to deploy the new patch. With the game still in beta, Epic is able to deploy these updates regularly, so the studio doesn’t release official times for when the game is scheduled to come back online. As we have previously discussed, Fortnite remaining in its beta stage allows Epic to circumnavigate the likes of the PS4’s rules regarding updates, keeping the game as up-to-date as possible in the process.

When Will Fortnite Be Back Up?

The only basis we have for judging the length of time it will take to get our hands on the Fortnite update, then, is how long it has taken Epic to deploy these changes in the past. Looking at past updates, we can see that Epic typically only takes an hour or so from the time the patch notes are revealed, to the time the update is accessible on its outlined platforms. As such, you can expect to see the Fortnite update sooner rather than later.

Along with the aforementioned Rift-to-Go feature, this week’s update also brought with it a new limited time Fortnite Scope Royale mode, which moves away from emphasizing kills in favor of obtaining points across the map using a variety of different methods. This includes finding coins, opening chests, eating apples or mushrooms, and more.