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Fortnite PS4 Sensitivity: Why Is My Sensitivity Lower?

Sometimes, good things like the new Fortnite 5.30 update can come with some bad, like the bugged Fortnite PS4 sensitivity, which appears to have lowered PlayStation users’ in-game aiming speed settings. As you might imagine, changing a player’s sensitivity can lead to some extremely frustrating moments, where aiming is made much more difficult, as you simply aren’t used to the altered turn and aim speeds. Thankfully, Epic Games has been made aware and is rolling out a fix. Here’s everything you need to know about what happened and the incoming Fortnite PS4 sensitivity fix.

Fortnite PS4 Sensitivity: Why Is My Sensitivity Lower?

Fortnite PS4 Sensitivity

As mentioned above, while the new 5.30 update brought many great new features to the game, it also introduced a nasty Forntite PS4 sensitivity bug. This issue is only impacting console players, and may also pop up on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but so you don’t have to worry if you’re playing on PC, iPhone, or Android.

The Fortnite PS4 sensitivity bug causes in-game sensitivity to be lowered, despite changes to the menu. Players can’t seem to fix this themselves, and so have to resort to waiting for an official fix from Epic Games. Happily, the developers seem to be on the ball today, rolling out a hotfix that will “revert the sensitivity for consoles to a state prior to the 5.30 update.” This should be available immediately, with no downtime required. Console players will want to exit the game and reboot it to see the effects take place. We would recommend diving into the in-game sensitivity menu to confirm everything is okay, before you then begin your descent onto the island.

Hopefully the Fortnite 5.30 hotfix rectifies the issue. I’m sure players will let Epic Games know if the problem continues! Fingers crossed for no more issues affecting users over the weekend.