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Monster Hunter World G-Rank Explained: Will There Be a G-Rank Difficulty?

Is there a Monster Hunter World G-Rank in the game? For those who don’t know, the G-Rank is the highest difficulty in some of the games in the series; even higher than the High Rank that is currently available. If it isn’t available right now, will it become available in the future as DLC?

We are going to answer those questions and so much more in this guide. Monster Hunter World G-Rank is one way to significantly extend the possible playtime with the game even more than it already has. Let’s dive in and see if this difficulty rank is available or ever going to be.

Monster Hunter World G-Rank Explained

Is there Monster Hunter World G-Rank available right now in the game? The answer is pretty simple; no, it isn’t. Many of you reading this may already know that. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t ever become available in the future as free or paid DLC. It would work perfectly as part of an expansion.

But before we can answer that question of whether or not we’ll get Monster Hunter World G-Rank, we need to go over the history of G-Rank in the past. G-Rank is typically relegated to the ultimate versions of each game. It isn’t usually included in the base game at all.

However, being that Capcom has routinely updated this game with new monsters and content regularly, it could mean that things will be different this time around. On the subject of Monster Hunter World G-Rank, Capcom has noted in the past that it is focused on adding new monsters and content right now.

But with the game now out on PC, it certainly seems like the door is open for G-Rank to finally come to the game and further incentivize players to keep playing for hundreds and hundreds of more hours.