Shenmue HD Old Warehouse 8: How to Sneak Past Guards to Warehouse 8

You have finally arrived in the harbor area of the game and you are tasked with finding Shenmue HD Warehouse 8. This particular warehouse out of 18 in total is a difficult one to get into. Finding it is pretty easy but getting into it is another story. This is because the game introduces some new mechanics here.

In this guide, we will give you the Shenmue HD Warehouse 8 puzzle solution so you can make it into the warehouse safely and without any unnecessary spoilers. Without further ado, let’s dive into this unique game and see what we need to do in order to get Ryo into the correct warehouse.

Shenmue HD Warehouse 8 Solution

Finding the Shenmue HD Warehouse 8 is pretty simple. If you have no idea, ask the locals around and they will guide you there easily. Upon arrival, you will see the doors open and a guard will keep you from entering. What you will want to do is run around to the back of this warehouse and you will see some crates.

Push the smaller crates up to the bigger crates and interact to jump up on top of the crates and enter through the window. Head along the second floor until you reach the office at the end and a cutscene will commence. Surprise! This is the wrong Warehouse 8.

Shenmue HD Old Warehouse 8 Solution: How to Sneak Past Guards

For the real Shenmue HD Old Warehouse 8, follow the locals’ directions to the left side of this harbor area. You will have to wait until nighttime around 7 pm in order to sneak in. A cutscene will start and guards will be around every corner. The solution to this is easy.

As soon as the cutscene ends, immediately sprint and follow these directions:

  • Immediately turn right
  • Take the first left
  • Take the first right
  • The warehouse will be on your left

Do that and you will have arrived at the Shenmue HD Old Warehouse 8. You will know you’re there when a cutscene starts.