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Fortnite Lightning Strikes Location: Fortnite Lightning Bolts and Cube Event Explained

Fortnite lightning strikes are currently lighting up the battle royale game’s world, with players preparing themselves for an upcoming Fortnite world event. Epic Games has started teasing the new event, which could be referred to as the ‘Cube‘ thanks to a recent leak, following the game’s 5.30 update. Similar to Season 4’s cataclysmic rocket event, the Cube is being teased with some weird in-game shenanigans, as lightning bolts hit an arrangement of cacti located on the game’s map.

Let’s take a look at how to find the cacti, where the lightning strikes are located, and what they mean for the future of the game:

Fortnite Lightning Strikes Location: Where to Find the Fortnite Cactus

The collection of cacti are located in H9, in the desert section of the map near Paradise Palms.

Take a look below:

fortnite lightning strikes location map

You’ll be able to notice the cacti by way of the scorched ground located around them, which has taken the place of the cacti already blown up by the lightning strikes. The lightning bolts are coming from the rift located in the southeast part of the map:

Fortnite Lightning Strike Times: When Are the Fortnite Lightning Strikes?

The lightning strikes are currently taking place every 15 minutes, with a cactus occasionally being destroyed. The strike times are following the pattern XX:04, XX:19, XX:34, and XX:49, as highlighted by @FortniteBR. Five cacti have been blown up at the time of this writing, with three currently remaining. Judging by the pattern of the exploding cacti, the last strike will take place at the following time:

  • 11.04 am PDT
  • 2:04 pm EDT
  • 1:04 pm CDT
  • 7:04 pm BST

But what will the world event be?


Fortnite Lightning Strikes: The Next Fortnite World Event Explained

In datamined information taken from update 5.30, @FNBRLeaks revealed an Events folder with six files, three of which contained the word ‘Cube.’

This suggests that the next Fortnite world event will be known as the cube, though we aren’t entirely sure how the lightning strikes are related. Check back in to to find out later today!