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FFXIV The Rising 2018 Guide: How to Start The Rising and What You’ll Get

Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest annual event has come around again. Every year from 26 August, players in the FFXIV community gather round and celebrate The Rising. This event commemorates the Calamity that shook Eorzea and serves as a way to celebrate the birth of A Realm Reborn that took place shortly after. Like every other in-game event in FFXIV, The Rising brings a wealth of obtainable glamor items, minions, and other optional fripperies to warm the hearts of even the most jaded adventurers. In our FFXIV The Rising 2018 guide, we’ll show you how to start The Rising festivities and what else you can look forward do while the event is on.

FFXIV The Rising 2018 Guide: How to Start The Rising & What You’ll Get

The Rising will run from 26 August to September 17 this year. As usual, it will run across all realms. This time, you have to be at least level 15 to participate in The Rising. If you’re wanting to get cracking on this seasonal content, then your first port of call is going to be Dural Tharal. This pint-sized punter is located at The Ruby Road Exchange in Ul’dah (10.2, 8.3) and he’ll give you In Adventurers We Trust, which is the quest you need to get started.

Some noticeable rewards from completing The Rising 2018’s basic quest include:

  • The Revolutions Orchestrion Roll
  • Wind-Up Cirina
  • Manderville Earrings
  • White Ravens Earrings

FFXIV The Rising 2018 Guide: Who is the Rising Recruiter?

On top of doing the basic questline for The Rising, you also have the option of getting in touch with The Rising Recruiter. This is an NPC that allows you to participate in military exercises reminiscent of The Calamity as a way to contribute to the spirit of the event. A Rising Recruiter will spawn in Ul’dah (look for a wall of armed goobbues) and after speaking to the Rising Attendant you’ll be able to pick up quests from the Recruiter which result in a series of FATES to reenact the battles of old.

Each full sets of FATES will reward you with 100 tokens if you get a Gold rating for all of them. These tokens can then be redeemed during The Rising for a special prism known as A Realm Reborn Red, which lets you simulate popping a bottle of bubbles. You can also exchange these tokens for fireworks and other optional party items to help you celebrate The Rising with your FC friends.

If you play your cards right and churn out those FATES, you’ll have enough champagne to prep for the next Calamity should it ever strike the realm again. We hope you enjoy The Rising and paying homage to those who came before A Realm Reborn. If you’re not all about historical reenactments of military warfare, there’s plenty of other things to entice you to participate. Who knows? Some of those glams could even be handy in the next Fashion Report.