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How to Complete the Fortnite Remote Explosives Challenge

The latest round of Challenges are here for Fortnite Season 5 Week 7, and as usual there’s a whole range of exciting ways to earn those Battle Stars. Possibly the most fun of these is the Fortnite Remote Explosives Challenge. This involves dealing a lot of damage to enemy buildings with explosives, so of course it’s fun for the whole family.

However the actual Challenge itself is easy to overthink as it sounds surprisingly complicated, but we’re here to walk you through it with everything you need to know. We’ve already touched on it in our Fortnite Season 5 Week 7 Challenges guide, but since the Remote Explosives challenge is so crucial (there’s 5 Battle Stars to be earned in it, after all) we thought we’d go into a bit more depth with it…

What Is The Fortnite Remote Explosives Challenge?

As detailed in our Week 7 Challenges guide, the Remote Explosives Challenge isn’t to hurt enemy players, it’s to hurt their buildings. Specifically, to deal damage to opponents’ structures with just Remote Explosives. You have to do 8000 points of damage overall, and while you don’t need to do it all in one round, it will take a lot of matches over several days. Don’t worry, you’ve got all week to earn those 5 Battle Stars. Just try not to get shot too early. Or blow yourself up.

How To Complete The Fortnite Remote Explosives Challenge

The Remote Explosives Challenge requires you to do 8000 points of damage to enemy structures. To put that into perspective, one panel is worth about 100 points, so you have to destroy around 800 panels to successfully complete this Challenge. Fortunately Remote Explosives do a lot of damage to structure, and one of these explosives can take out 5-6 panels at a time easily.

The hard part is not getting killed while placing the explosives. Find a decent structure, sneak up to it, stick on as many Remote Explosives as you can without getting noticed, then get away and detonate as quickly as you can. It may cost you your life, but hey, we’re not here to get a Victory Royale, we’re here to get those Battle Stars! Repeat this over several rounds over the next few days and you’ll complete the Fortnite tRemote Explosives Challenge easily.