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Fortnite Bunker: Location, Getting Inside, and Fan Theories

The Fortnite bunker has been around for months and we’ve yet to see anything significant come from its existence. But as fans experiment and dream up conspiracy theories curiosity continues to build. Here’s everything we know about the Fortnite bunker.

Fortnite Bunker: Location

The hatch/bunker in Fortnite has existed since season four. It resides in Wailing Woods and appears as an angled garage door on the ground with markings on the back. The opening to the bunker can be destroyed with a port-a-fort but even then it can’t be entered. Of course, nothing in Fortnite is impossible and fans have found a way inside.

Fortnite Bunker: Getting Inside

Players can get inside with the shopping cart as detailed by redditor u/Pataxu in his video upload. Players can start by using the port-a-fort method to open the hatch or just wheel into it quickly with a shopping cart.

Once the hatch is open you can stand on it but not actually enter. To get inside you’ll want to build a ramp that essentially leads into the hatch. Then grab a shopping cart and, using the ramp to get a running start, wheel yourself into the bunker. You won’t find anything inside (for now) but it’s a cool little accomplishment.

Fortnite Bunker: Predictions (Theories and Rumors)

The recent reappearance of the Tomato Town mascot head is raising suspicion among fans. It’s back at its rightful place, on top of the restaurant location, but now its made of stone and is facing the northeast.

As pointed out by Redditor u/OmegaTier100, the head is facing the bunker that sits in the middle of Wailing Woods. That combined with the mysterious purple cube that has mysteriously appeared leaves the community wondering what’s in store for Fortnite Season 6. Is the cube moving towards the bunker? Will this bunker play a pivotal role in the game? With Fortnite Season 5 ending September 25, 2018 its unlikely that this month will see any cube shattering, bunker filling changes but it leaves everyone wondering what Season 6 will have in store.