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Fortnite 5.30 Content Update Patch Notes: Shockwave Grenade, 50v50 Solid Gold Mode, and More

Epic Games has unleashed the Fortnite 5.30 Content Update, which lands immediately on consoles and PC with no downtime required. Simply reboot the game and all changes will have taken effect! The biggest changes include the introduction of a shockwave grenade to the Battle Royale mode, as well as the return of the 50v50 Solid Gold limited time mode. What’s more, Save the World players can enjoy the Horde Challenge Week 4.

Fortnite 5.30 Content Update Patch Notes

As mentioned above, the main highlight of the Fortnite 5.30 Content Update patch notes is the shockwave grenade, which acts as a sort of souped-up impulse grenade. Players hit by the shockwave will be knocked back. As they move backwards, they will destroy any objects in their path. This is going to be devastating against those camping in taller spots! However, to help keep it balanced, the shockwave grenade will not actually result in any fall damage. This applies to allies, enemies, and vehicles. Pretty interesting stuff!

The Fortnite 50v50 Solid Gold limited time mode makes its return, and it’s exactly the same as we’ve seen before. No improvements have been made, so if you loved it before, you’ll love it again (and vice versa). If you haven’t yet experienced 50v50 Solid Gold, all you need to know is that all available weapons will consist of legendaries, making you incredibly powerful, but also giving your enemies that same boost. Cause havoc, but be wary!

Save the World players can enjoy Weekly Horde Challenge 4, which tasks users with surviving without traps. Husks will not trigger traps when walking over or near to them. Upon first completion of this challenge, players will earn Legendary Redline Ramirez. This challenge quest is indeed repeatable for Event Tickets, so get to grinding!

Also available to Save the World players is the Mythic Bladestorm Enforcer Ninja. Find the new hero in the event store on August 29 at 8 p.m. ET.

[via Epic Games]