Box art - Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo The Master Chief Collection Xbox Game Pass Release Date: When is it Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

There’s a Halo The Master Chief Collection Xbox Game Pass debut in the offing. If Microsoft’s games-on-demand service wasn’t appealing enough already, having nearly every (but not quite all, we’ll get to that in a moment) of Master Chief’s adventures available at the touch of a button may just be enough to have you firing up your Xbox One yet again. Below, we’ve got the Halo The Master Chief Collection Xbox Game Pass release date, plus a look at what’s included with the whole shebang.

Halo The Master Chief Collection: When is the Xbox Game Pass Release Date?

Not long to wait for this one. Friday, September 1 sees the greatest hits of John-117 go live on Xbox Game Pass. It’ll be available from the game library for you to download at will, as long as you’ve got an active Xbox Game Pass subscription.

What’s Included in the Halo The Master Chief Collection Xbox Game Pass Edition?

You may be fooled into thinking that you get the complete Halo The Master Chief Collection experience on Xbox Game Pass but that’s not quite the case. While Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 are all included, there’s a new notable omissions.

The spinoff title Halo ODST, once a apology-laden thank you to fans who persisted with the game’s tumultuous teething years, will not be available on Xbox Game Pass. You can, however, buy it through the Microsoft Store for a paltry $4.99.

Additionally, the Halo Nightfall content, a series of five pre-Halo 5 tales will not be included, though that’s probably with an eye towards future licensing issues rather than anything else. You can also purchase the Halo TV show for $14.99/£13.99.

Other than that, you’ll have the new and improved Halo The Master Chief Collection recent far-reaching updatecomplete with all the bells and whistles 343 has recently bestowed upon the package in their .