Overwatch League Schedule 2019: When Will Overwatch League Start Again?

The inaugural Overwatch League closed out its 2018 season last weekend, August 25-26, with the annual All-Star Weekend event. The grand finals were held on July 27-28, where the London Spitfire went against the Philadelphia Fusion, with London proving triumphant and winning the series in two sets. But what is the Overwatch League Schedule for 2019? When will it be announced, and when will the League return? Here are the best answers we could get for those questions.

When will the Overwatch League Schedule be announced?

As this year’s Overwatch League was the first esports league run by Blizzard for the game, we have only this year’s League to go from, which might not be accurate as Blizzard has a habit of changing plans and making new ideas. Nevertheless, if the developer does follow the same pattern, then the format and schedule of the Overwatch League 2019 will be announced around November 2018.

What could the Overwatch League Schedule for 2019 be?

Again, we have only speculation here based on this year’s League, but if Blizzard are planning on holding it the same times every year, then the Overwatch League 2019 will kick off in January. There may still be Pre-Season matches in December this year, which don’t count towards season standings and are mostly for both practice and to determine power rankings.

After starting properly in January, the League may commence in four Stages between then and June, with each Stage lasting five weeks (with a one-week gap in-between). If all this remains correct, the Playoffs and Semifinals will probably take place in July, followed immediately by the Grand Finals, where the top two teams of the Semifinals will go against each other for glory and the US$100,000 prize.

It will then most likely finish off with the All-Stars Weekend event, that like the Pre-Season is mostly for fun. Absolutely none of this is for sure and is merely our best guesstimate, but right now this is all we have to go on.