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Longest PUBG Kill: Current Record and Tips

While most players spend their time in Player Unknown Battlegrounds trying to get that illustrious chicken dinner there are still plenty of other achievements to be had. Such as the longest PUBG kill you can accomplish.

Longest PUBG Kill: Current Record

According to Tracker Network’s PUBG page the longest kill currently documented on their leaderboard is 926.07 meters, achieved by a gamer under the username cplaby. A big question in the community is whether or not anyone can achieve a 1,000 meter kill. There’s a weapon that has that range but the chances of actually achieving a kill at that max distance seem slim to none.

It’s important to note that 926.07 meters appears to be the highest documented kill. Scouring the internet will lead you to find some contrary statistics. The most common misconception is that a player once achieved a kill of 6,766 meters. This was in fact due to a bug in the game and has been redacted from the record books.

Longest PUBG Kill: Tips

The sniper rifle with the greatest range in PUBG is the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM). According to Ranked Boost the statistics are as follows:

  • AMMO .300
  • Damage 132
  • Magazine Capacity 5
  • Range 100-1000 meters
  • Bullet Speed 910
  • Fire Rate 1.850s
  • Locations: Supply Crate Only

If you’re going for a long range kill you’ll need the AWM in hand. While there are plenty of hills and areas of various elevation that can make for good scouting locations, proceed with caution. Firing bullets is the equivalent of shouting your location to other players. And it’s easy to forget your surrounding when you have tunnel vision regarding a target. Accomplishing this feat will take patience and practice but even if you can top 926.07 meters perhaps you can manage a personal best. That’s worthwhile as well. Because even though PUBG pits you against other players, anyone who has played a battle royale game knows you just want to get better than you were before.