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LoL Nunu and Willump Guide: How to Play Nunu and Willump in League of Legends

League of Legends has welcomed its newest reworked champion onto the rift – Nunu and Willump. Previously known simply as Nunu, this yeti and boy duo is fresh to death and, dare we say it, ice cold. Nunu was one of the first champions to ever make an appearance in LoL, so the rework of this stalwart favorite wasn’t undertaken lightly. Luckily, it looks like the two absolute units have been a smash hit with fans so far. It probably also helps that they’re super cute. Wanting to make yetis everywhere proud? Our LoL Nunu and Willump guide will show you the (snowball) way.

LoL Nunu and Willump Guide: New Passive

Haven’t played Nunu in a while? Don’t worry, we’ll go through all the changes to his kit. First of all, let’s talk about the new passive available to Nunu and Willump.

Gone are the days of the auto attack chain into a no-cost spell. Now, the boys have the passive Call of the Freljord. If they’re in the heat of the fray beating on enemies, jungle creeps and towers, then they gain Call of the Freljord, which turns their auto-attacks into cleaves for 4 seconds. This should turn Nunu and Willump into fluffy, mean, lane-pushing machines once they’re done cavorting around the jungle.

LoL Nunu and Willump Guide: Skill Changes

Nunu and Willump are probably the best boys to roam the Rift. However, on account of Nunu being a literal child, it’s easy to see how safely traversing the dangers of the jungle would require a little more firepower. Here’s where Willump comes in, though we’d probably say he’s got more of a frosty than a fiery side to him.

Q – Consume

This skill hasn’t changed much at all. It always did true damage to its targets, but it was previously only something that you could cast on creeps and monsters. However, Willump can now chow down on the most delicious of enemy opponents, all whilst getting some sweet health back for it.

W – Biggest Snowball Ever

The bigger the snowballs, the better. At least, that appears to be the philosophy that Nunu and Willump are subscribing to. The aptly named Biggest Snowball Ever is, well, a skill about getting a snowball to truly obscene proportions. Willump picks up his old, trusty yeti hands and basically packs snow into a health and safety hazard. Once that’s been accomplished, you’re free to roll this snowball wherever you want to go. The bigger Willump’s ball, then more it’s going to hurt the things that you’re running it over with.

For those who aren’t convinced of the combat prowess of snow, we’ll leave it up to the hard CC of the snowball to convince you. That’s right; Nunu and Willump’s W knocks up enemy champions, and it also has a bloody huge range. Feel like chucking some love to your mates up top when you’re hanging mid? You can do that with a hop, a skip, and a push.

E – Snowball Barrage

In keeping with the whimsical, child-like theme of Nunu and Willump, their new E is the perfect way to start off a snowball fight. While their W relies on Willump being the expert snowplow, Snowball Barrage is all about Nunu.

From astride his faithful yeti, Nunu chucks an avalanche of snowballs at enemies in order to slow them and to apply a debuff called Snowbound that affects jungle creeps and enemy champions. After Nunu’s exhausted his wintery arsenal, all targets marked with the debuff and are rooted for half a second. This sounds like a great way to keep priority targets locked down during a prolonged team fight and to buy your team’s carries time to pump out the real damage. The beauty of this skill is that you can choose to target just one opponent or you can pepper them all with snow and run past their petrified selves whilst cackling maniacally.

R – Absolute Zero

This is the one. The piece de resistance. The ult. You know what they say, though – don’t fix what ain’t broke. For most players, Nunu’s ult was working pretty well, so Riot has done the smart thing and kept any changes to the concept of Absolute Zero to a minimum. The good thing is, you’ve now got an extra shield to enable you to channel your icy powers of doom for longer. With the combo potential from the boys’ W and E being incredibly strong, smart Nunu and Willump players will line up the perfect CC before going hard on their ult once their foes can’t escape.

Now that you’ve done your job and read up on how to make the most of the best boys in League of Legends, we recommend taking your skills to the Rift and testing your mettle against some real enemies. Sure, Nunu and Willump aren’t as much about burst damage as they may have been before, but they’ve got a lot more lockdown opportunities that speak to their attitudes as true team players. Don’t just take our word for it; let your snowballs do the talking!