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Fortnite Cube Symbols: What Do the Fortnite Cube Symbols Mean?

The Fortnite Cube has had players both mystified and terrified since it dropped on August 24. Thought to be a tease for what’s to come in Fortnite Season 6, the Fortnite Cube has an air of intrigue about it. The inquisitiveness of Fortnite players has led some to try and tackle the purple block with their weapons and that, as you’d expect, hasn’t gone well. Plenty have been killed by it, and those that have claim that their death message states they were killed by Fortnite Cube Symbols.  Here’s what that could mean:

Fortnite Cube Symbols – What are They?

The obvious answer right now is ‘Who knows?’. Fortnite players don’t know what the Fortnite Cube itself represents, let alone what the symbols on its surface mean. Data miners have dug into the game’s files since the 5.30 update launched last Tuesday, and uncovered some intriguing looking images that may offer some clues.

The replies to the above tweet suggest that the Fortnite Cube’s symbols are eerily similar to those that have been carved into the ground by the cube. Some players believe that, as the Fortnite Cube moves around the map, it leaves a permanent symbol in its wake but nobody is sure what they mean exactly. Some have claimed that the symbols – or runes – are of Viking origin, but those suggestions have been quashed by others on social media.

Fortnite Cube – What is it and Where Did it Come from?

The Fortnite Cube appeared on Fortnite‘s map as a temporal rift in the sky was about to seal shut. Moving around the map every two hours ever since, it shoots out purple lightning bolts at anyone who tries to attack it and kills them. Data miners appear to have discovered that its eventual resting place will be at Loot Lake, but we cannot confirm that with any certainty. Fortnite fans will just have to wait and see to find out what mysteries await inside the Fortnite Cube.