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PUBG G-Coin: What is the New PUBG Currency?

The new PUBG Xbox One PTS update has come with a transformative change bolted on to it. Say hello to the PUBG G-Coin, essentially the game’s version of V-Bucks, which you will soon be able to use to purchase a whole host of things. The PUBG premium currency, though, is currently filling up PTS users’ virtual wallets, so read on how you can get your hands on free money (for now), as well as the PUBG G-Coin release date.

PUBG G-Coin: What is the New PUBG Currency?

The PUBG G-Coin will be, as PUBG Corp terms it, a “hard currency” that can be bought using real money. Once you have purchased it, you can use it to buy skins, parachute sets, skins previously only obtained through crates, exclusive G-Coin skins, and even the Sanhok Event Pass. It’s pretty much a catch-all currency for you to buy more cosmetics in-game.

PUBG G-Coin Release Date

The PUBG G-Coin release date is surprisingly soon. It’ll drop alongside the PUBG Xbox 1.0 update on September 4. From that date, you will be able to purchase the virtual currency both through the PUBG Store as well as the Microsoft Store. However, the BP currency system will still be in place after that date.

How to Get Free PUBG G-Coin on Xbox One PTS

If you want to get 13,000 PUBG G-Coin and buy every single item in the game (yes, really) then you can do so… but there’s a slight catch. From now until September 4 you can boot up the Xbox One Public Test Server (PTS) through the Microsoft Store free of charge – as long as you own PUBG – and you’ll immediately be drowning in virtual riches beyond your wildest dreams. Sure, it’s just put on a silver platter for you just so the developers can stress test the shop and get pricing feedback but, hey, you can feel like a god for a few days at least. What’s not to like?