Destiny 2 PS Plus Release Date and Download Size: Can I Play Destiny 2 Free on PS4?

With the shock news that the PS Plus Free Games for September 2018 would include Destiny 2, there’s a good-to-great chance that you’ve already made a mad dash to your console in preparation to play Destiny 2 free on PS4. There’s every reason for that, too. The Destiny 2 PS Plus release date is a little different to the one you might have been traditionally expecting. On top of that, the Destiny 2 PS Plus download size is well worth checking out too as it’s a little eye-watering. Finally, we’ll take a look at whether anyone can play Destiny 2 free on PS4, and if there’s a potential end date on the horizon.

Destiny 2 PS Plus Release Date

Destiny 2 on PS Plus is out… right now! There’s no need to wait for September 1, as you can jump in and join your fellow Guardians whenever by simply going to the PlayStation Store, finding the PS Plus tab, and downloading Destiny 2. It really is as simple as that, praise be to the Traveller.

Destiny 2 PS Plus Download Size

While it’s only the base game, the Destiny 2 download size comes in at a hefty 62 GB. Make sure to clear out some space if needs be via the Storage section on the Settings tab.

Can I Play Destiny 2 Free on PS4?

Here’s where things get a little more convoluted. While you can play Destiny 2 free on PS4, you need an active PS Plus subscription to do so. That means any Joe Schmoe can’t turn on their console and fire up Destiny 2 straight away, unfortunately. Additionally, you have a (fairly) limited window to download Destiny 2 in. It’s expected that it will no longer be part of the PS Plus scheme from September 30. You’ve been warned. Don’t forget, too, that you must have an active PS Plus subscription to continue playing Destiny 2 once it’s downloaded.