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Pokemon Go Hitmontop: How to Get One in the Wild or via Evolution

The Pokemon Go Hitmontop is fighting type, generation 2 Pokemon. This generation of pocket monsters was added to the game back in February 2017. Below is all the information you need to add Hitmontop to your roster.

Pokemon Go Hitmontop: Catching One in the Wild

You can catch Hitmontop in the wild. The process is the same as you’d expect from any other Pokemon you encounter. One thing to keep in mind is the “defensive” movements Hitmontop uses to prevent from being captured. It will rhythmically step side-to-side, swinging its arms in the process. It will also spin on its head like a top.

Lastly, it can jump up and punch the ground on its way down, kicking up dust. This variety of movement may challenge some players so feel free to use fruit or a ball with a higher capture rate if you want to increase your odds. Keep in mind that the capture rate is 10 percent with a five percent flee rate. It is not possible to hatch a Hitmontop in an egg so if you can’t find one in the wild you can always evolve into Hitmontop.

Pokemon Go Hitmontop: Evolving into Hitmontop

In order to explain the role evolution, let’s go back to the base form: Tyrogue. This Pokemon evolves into Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, or Hitmonchan. It will take 25 candies to evolve Tyrogue and its evolution is dependent on its stats:

  • Hitmontop: HP is Tyrogue’s highest stat.
  • Hitmonlee: Attack is Tyrogue’s highest stat.
  • Hitmonchan: Defense is Tyrogue’s highest stat.

In order to determine your Pokemon’s stats open the application select the Pokeball > Pokemon > the Pokemon you want to appraise > the three lined icon on the bottom right > appraise. Depending on your team, your leader will say different canned phrases. These (somewhat coded) phrases that indicate how far along your Pokemon is at maxing out at least one attribute. At the end of the dialogue your Leader will state your Pokemon’s best quality. If one or more of these statistics is even the evolution will be determined at random.