Box art - Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Switch: Will Two Point Hospital Come to Switch?

In this day and age, there is only one thing to say after seeing a game you really like on Steam and that’s ‘I hope it’s coming to Switch, that’d be great.’ So of course when Two Point Hospital got its release date, the one question was ‘Two Point Hospital Switch, yes or no?’ It’s understandable, especially with the game looking as good as it does and being rated so highly, who wouldn’t want to play this game on the go?

Two Point Hospital Switch: Is Two Point Hospital Coming to Switch?

As is the answer to many questions that talk about the game you want being on the Switch, there’s not much information to go on and ultimately the answer is a resounding no. At least, not right now. The only information that talks about Two Point Hospital on the Nintendo Switch lead to the Steam forums, which sadly is just full of wishes that may not come true.

So as of now? Two Point Hospital is not coming to the Nintendo Switch and we’ll just have to stick to putting people in the hospital with video games instead.

Two Point Hospital Switch: Will Two Point Hospital Come to the Switch?

This is the second question a Switch fan usually asks, and it’s hard to tell whether it’s denial, hope or both mixed together that makes a person ask it. Either way, we’re not ones to judge. As mentioned above there has been no indication from developer Two Point Studios that the game will be coming to the Switch in the future.

However, with the game’s general success, as displayed on Metacritic, we’d like to speculate that Two Point Hospital making its way to another platform could be likely, but we’re not 100% certain.

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