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Two Point Hospital Hotfix 1.01: What Does Hotfix 1.01 Do?

With new games come new bugs, new crashes, and some hot new glitches for us all to discover. Two Point Hospital is no exception to this, hence why the Two Point Hospital hotfix 1.01 was announced via the game’s community forum on Steam. As far as we’re able to tell, there hasn’t been too many issues apart from a few patients getting stuck in rooms, but hey, if that isn’t realistic then we don’t know what is.

Regardless, the team at Two Point Studios have got their heads together and formed a plan with this new hotfix, one that’ll hopefully help some of you out there who are struggling with bugs and crashes.

Two Point Hospital Hotfix 1.01: How To Install Hotfix 1.01

Because the game has only been released on the PC, it’s fairly easy to bring up the patch in the space of a minute. As described on Two Point Studio’s Steam post, you’ll have to follow these simple instructions:

  • Right-click Two Point Hospital in your game library and select Properties.
  • Select the BETAS tab.
  • Choose twopointhospital_patch_beta from the drop-down menu.
  • The new patch will start downloading.

Easy peasy, right? Now, while you’re waiting for the patch to download, you can read below to find out what the hotfix actually fixes.

Two Point Hospital Hotfix 1.01: What Does Hotfix 1.01 Do?

So, what does this hotfix actually do? As mentioned above, there were some disarray on the Steam forums about crashes and a number of bugs. The list below is from the official forum post, which you’ll be able to access through the link above.

  • Fix for crash on startup caused by unrecognized timezone.
  • Fix for not being able to exit the end credits screen.
  • Fix for save failure caused by ResearchProjectComponent saving invalid data.
  • Fix for crash caused by room visuals

As you can see, not every bug mentioned in the forums has been fixed but it seems as though Two Point Studios seems to be focusing more on getting the game to stop crashing at the moment, rather than fix characters becoming stuck.

This is just one patch of many however, and it is likely there will be more fixes in the future.