Box art - Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Monobeasts: How to Stop Them

As much as hospitals try their best to keep everything nice and clean, there are just some nasty creatures that seem to worm their way in no matter what. The creatures we’re talking about are Two Point Hospital Monobeasts, and they are here to make you itch, run your hand through your hair. and keep checking yourself pointedly to make sure there’s nothing actually crawling on you.

That’s just the Monobeasts power, folks. Kudos to Two Point Hospital and Two Point Studios for making them so horrifyingly itchy looking. So, we know they’re terrible but what are they exactly

Two Point Hospital Monobeasts: What Are Monobeasts?

It’s hard to really describe what Monobeasts are. As you can see from above, they look a lot like mini worms and seem to move around with the startling speed of Sonic the Hedgehog. For some reason, patients also seem to fall over when they see them, which we suppose we can understand as a normal reaction to have when a worm is coming at you. Besides that, their dramatics do let you know round about where these pests can be, so these patients have some uses at least.

Two Point Hospital Monobeasts: How Do You Stop The Monobeasts?

If you’re a competent manager for your hospital, you hopefully won’t even have to stop them in the first place. You see, Monobeasts only seem to make their homes in dirty hospitals and so if you have quite a number of janitors you shouldn’t have much of a problem with them.

But for those who do, don’t be ashamed. These beasts can hide in the smallest of places, such as under SEGA arcade machines, furniture, and whatever else to avoid detection. So it’s up to you to shoot the hell out of them. That’s right, as a manager you somehow have the magic finger that has the ability to shoot these things so hard that their ancestors can feel it. You do so by simply clicking on them with your mouse, and then voila, the Monobeasts are gone.

For now.