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Monster Hunter World Capture Net: What Does The Capture Net Do?

The Monster Hunter World Capture Net is an item that sits in most hunter’s inventories for potentially hundreds of hours without ever getting used. We’ve taught you how to capture Large Monsters in this guide, and you don’t use the capture net for it at all. So what is the Monster Hunter World capture net for, then? It’s for capturing cuter critters, mostly, but it does have a few other notable uses.

Monster Hunter World Capture Net: What Does The Capture Net Do?

You’ve likely noticed the Capture Net in your inventory and item list by know and might also have noticed how you can’t put it back into your box to save on inventory space. The Monster Hunter World Capture Net doesn’t take up an inventory slot like it did in past games, and it doesn’t break, either. Rather than being a classic handheld bug net, it’s not fired over a short distance from your Slinger. But why is it even there in the first place? Most bugs are just picked up straight off the ground, after all.

The Monster Hunter World Capture Net can be used to capture a bunch of critter from hares and birds to other more traditional wildlife. Official “Small Monsters” – the kind that show up on the Small Monsters map filter – can’t be captured this way, and this includes bugs like Vespoids and Hornetaur. You’ll want to carve most of them, but carving bigger bugs like those will require a more delicate approach that we’ve detailed in a guide you can read here.

Monster Hunter World Capture Net: Research Points

Using the Monster Hunter World Capture Net is still great for grinding Research Points, though. Each critter you capture will award a set amount. Get your aim right and you’ll even capture multiple in one go to speed things along. But there’s more to it than that. Delivery Requests will sometimes ask for things like Carrier Ants. Look for dozens of these scuttling across the ground in a line out in the field and you’ll be able to fire your Capture Net to gather up a bunch in one go.

Plenty of the critters you capture for the first time will even be added as pets you can let loose in your house back at HQ, so be sure to catch a few of everything if you want to turn your house into a scene from Sleeping Beauty. Just know that quests asking for Vespoid, Hornetaur, or the pieces of other big bugs can’t be bagged with the Capture Net. Not in the way you’re thinking, anyway.