Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: How to Get Brute Bone

One of the materials that you will find yourself wanting to get early on is the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Brute Bone material. This material is key to doing a few different things like upgrading and leveling up various equipment that you have and makes them much more powerful.

As such, it is key that you figure out early on how to get Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Brute Bone. The game doesn’t explain how or where to find this material but that’s where we come in. Here is how you find this material in the game that just released on Nintendo Switch.

How to Get Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Brute Bone

There are actually a few different ways that you can go about finding Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Brute Bone. The most obvious and simplest way is to just hunt down certain monsters for this material that they occasionally drop. There are three creatures in total that drop this material so you have a bit of variation.

The three creatures that you are going to want to hunt down and farm are the Blango, Popo, and Bullfango. These monsters have different percentages of dropping the material, which you will want to keep in mind. The Bullfango has the lowest average drop rate with only a 10 percent chance while the Blango has a 22 percent chance and the Popo is in between the two.

Your best bet for getting the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Brute Bone is farming the Blango over and over. Of course, you mustn’t forget to carve your materials out when you’ve finished the beast off so you actually receive the Brute Bone. With this precious crafting material now in your possession, you’ll be able to upgrade some of your weapons and armor like the Bone Scythe weapon, which will make you even stronger.