Nintendo Switch SNES Controller Support: Will SNES Controllers Work On Switch?

Some kind of Nintendo Switch SNES Controller Support might be coming soon. In a recent leak of the next firmware update for the portable-hybrid console, there were some hints that the classic controller may be making a comeback. Will this mean there will be new hardware for the console? Let’s find out.

Nintendo Switch SNES Controller: Will SNES Controllers Work On My Nintendo Switch?

As mentioned before, a reccent leak hinted at Nintendo Switch SNES controller support. In the data for firmware update 6.0.0, dataminers had found icons of the SNES controller similar to other supported controllers for the console.

Since this firmware seems to skew towards supporting the release of the Nintendo Switch Online service, it is safe to assume that this update will be arriving towards the end of September. Since the Nintendo Switch has no current way of supporting the original SNES controller, it would appear that these icons suggest a new piece of hardware. This could mean that the Kyoto-based company is either going to release some kind of USB dongle that allows players to connect their SNES controller to the Switch dock or a brand new wireless SNES controller.

This leak also suggests that SNES games could also be coming to the console. Previously, it has only been confirmed that NES games will be available on the Nintendo Switch, but since the SNES controller is getting an icon in its firmware, surely this could mean the classic system’s games could be following suit.

Nintendo Switch SNES Controller: Will NES Controllers Work On My Nintendo Switch?

Similarly, various NES controller symbols were also found in the leak. This would also suggest that NES controllers will be also getting whatever support the SNES controller is getting as well. Therefore, we may also be getting some kind of dongle or a wireless NES controller.

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