Box art - Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Emergency Maintenance: FFXIV Server Status Update

If you were thinking of hopping onto Final Fantasy XIV to cram out the last of The Rising’s event quests then think again – the game is currently down for maintenance as per the Lodestone. The reason for this FFXIV emergency maintenance appears to be PS4 support desk issues. The maintenance is affecting all worlds, and not just particular regional servers. At this stage, it looks like the maintenance is expected to last until 3:00 a.m. PDT.

In addition to all worlds and servers for FFXIV being unavailable to players as a part of this maintenance, it looks like we will be barred from accessing other game-related services as well until all the server issues are ironed out. According to the Lodestone, world transfer features were suspended half an hour before the servers went down for emergency maintenance, and those features won’t be reinstated until said maintenance is over.

The new FFXIV Companion App for mobile phones is also being affected by this. Currently, users of the app are able to log in to their accounts, but they are unable to buy or sell items, unable to manage their inventories, and they are also unable to use the chat functions of the app. Trying to do any of the above will result in the aptly named Server Maintenance error, so functionality is restricted to logging on and looking at your character’s sweet glamors to pass the time.

While the Lodestone isn’t clear as to exactly what the support desk issues are that would warrant a total shutdown of all the servers in the game, the estimated time for maintenance isn’t too long. We’ve got our fingers crossed that the game comes back up soon; the sooner we can all log in again, the sooner we can get back to celebrating FFXIV ‘s fifth anniversary!