Best Nintendo Switch Games of September 2018

Another month, another series of excellent releases making their way to everyone’s favorite console – the Nintendo Switch. While August was packed full of large releases, September plays host to a large variety of indies, as well as some big ticket hits. We round up a couple of titles that are worth keeping an eye out for this coming month in our guide to the best of the September 2018 Nintendo Switch games. Plus, we run through some games which may have slipped through the cracks earlier in the year that could do with some attention.

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games – Hyper Light Drifter

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is set to make its Nintendo debut on September 6. Already a hit on the PC and other consoles, Heart Machine’s top-down action adventure game blends esoteric visuals with eclectic music and excellent environmental storytelling all into one, neat package. Those who haven’t had the chance to sample its charms will be well served by picking up the Switch port which arrives in a matter of days. It has the same sort of 16-bit visuals as Dungeon of the Endless, and is just as full of deadly obstacles and characters with hidden motivations.

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games – Towerfall

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games Towerfall

Towerfall is something of a multiplayer hit on the PlayStation 4, and its good to see more party hits making their way onto the Switch. This one specifically will land on the 27th of September. While we have no shortage of games on the console that are more fun when you’re a bit sloshed with your mates, Matt Makes Games’ title is both absurd in its premise and surprisingly easy to pick up: you shoot the crap out of your friends whilst trying to avoid getting dinged by all manner of hazardous level elements. The last one standing is the winner! The simple controls lend themselves well to the Switch, so we’re expecting this to be a bullseye.

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games – Bastion

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games Bastion

There’s more than one Supergiant Games title making its way to the Switch this year, but Bastion is the first in the pack that we’ve got our eyes on. The game is set to land on the Switch on the September 13. This critically-acclaimed RPG boasts not only an awesome narrator; it also has some of the most beautiful watercolor environments and a phenomenal soundtrack to boot. It’s already cemented its status as a cult game on other platforms, so it’ll be interesting to see how Bastion is received on Nintendo’s latest.

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games – Undertale

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games Undertale

Yet another indie darling which captured the hearts and minds of players upon release, Tobyfox’s Undertale is finally gallivanting onto the Nintendo Switch. This title is slated for release on the September 18. With a host of memorable characters and a unique morality system, Undertale gained a huge following for its approach to violence in video games and the fact that it was all the work of one person makes it even more impressive. While the Switch has rolled out the mat for indie games almost since its conception, Undertale will still be one of a kind when it arrives on the eShop this month.

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games – Valkyria Chronicles 4

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games Valkyria Chronicles 4

If you’re looking for a sobering tale about war, friendship, and loss, then look no further than the Valkyria Chronicles series. The latest in the franchise, Valkyria Chronicles 4, is slated for release in the middle of September for the Switch. It looks like the first game in the series will also be available at a discounted price for owners of a digital copy of the Valkyria Chronicles 4, but those details still have to be confirmed. One thing’s for sure, though: this blend of strategy and action comes highly recommend not only for its narrative prowess but also for its unique way of mixing military realism into its art style and mechanics.

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games – Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

Trinket Studios has recently re-released Battle Chef Brigade on the Nintendo eShop and on other platforms at an astonishingly low sale price. Now called Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe, the game has added a host of new features since its initial release late last year. There’s a new survival mode, a new playable character, and the ability to create custom matches against AI chefs to hone your skills. The game’s blend of match-3 and platforming may take some getting used to, but the results pay off in delicious dividends. We definitely recommend taking the time to revisit the game this month in light of the tantalizing new changes.

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

September 2018 Nintendo Switch Games Xenoblade Chronicles 2

There’s been a lot of hype around the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC: Torna – the Golden Country. The expansion reportedly drops on the Switch’s eShop on September 14, which doesn’t give you all that much time to get up to speed in the main game if you’re wanting to crack into all that this latest installment has to offer. It looks like we’ll be going up against some pretty tough blades and uncovering the anime cliché shenanigans that plagued the villains of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. We’re expecting a lot of tough fights, heart-wrenching moments, and plenty of suggestive camera angles to boot. Now is as good a time as any to knuckle down and make sure that you’ve got your team well-oiled and ready to dive into the fray once Torna – the Golden Country arrives.

There are plenty of games on the Switch to keep you occupied this month, whether it’s the latest ports making strides in the Nintendo game, or if you’re going to spend some time with older games that have matured since release. Whatever your fancy, we’re sure that you’ll find something for you on your region’s eShop, wherever you are in the world. Let us know what games you’ll be playing this month, and if we’ve missed out on any of your favorites.