Best Xbox Games of September 2018

The Switch and the PlayStation aren’t the only consoles with cool games set to release this month. September is packed with notable Xbox releases for all of the Microsoft fans out there who are absolutely frothing for more. Whether it’s melancholy, coming-of-age fare that you’re after or something to do with sports and lads, you’ll feel right at home this month. We round up the titles that we think are worth having on your radar in our guide to the best of the September 2018 Xbox games.

September 2018 Xbox Games – NBA 2K19

September 2018 Xbox Games NBA 2k19

For those who consider themselves aficionados of basketball, this game has probably long been on your radar. NBA 2K19 is due to drop on September 7, which means that you’ll have it on your hot little hands very soon. It features a host of improvements on the last instalment in the franchise, including a rework of the Neighborhood and the introduction of the Way Back narrative mode. You’ll be charting the course of a down and out aspiring champion who fights their way to the top of the NBA pyramid, and the usual cast of who’s who in basketball will be there to watch your ascent. This is one underdog tale that you don’t want to miss.

September 2018 Xbox Games – Shadow of the Tomb Raider

September 2018 Xbox Games Shadow of the Tomb Raider

This is perhaps the most anticipated game of September for Xbox fans, and it drops on September 12. After the smash hit that was the Tomb Raider reboot of recent years, the world has been crying out for something fill the Lara Croft-shaped void in its heart. Luckily, Square Enix has answered. Shadow of the Tomb Raider purports to be another continuation of the current arc of Lara’s personal history that we’re exploring – the origin story. We recommend that you don’t think too hard about why haven’t moved on from that part of her life yet; focus on how beautiful the game looks instead. From what we know so far about this latest instalment in the Tomb Raider franchise, it’s going to have less combat and it’s going to feature flashbacks to Lara’s childhood. We’re already sold.

September 2018 Xbox Games – Revenant Dogma

September 2018 Xbox games Revenant Dogma

For those who consider themselves RPG fanatics, you’ll be well-served by Revenant Dogma. While this is a bit of an older title than the others that are technically being released for the first time this year, it hasn’t quite lost its shine. First available on the PC and then on mobile devices, Kemco’s hit is making a home on the Xbox on September 12. Kemco has long been someone that delivers consistent RPG across all platforms, and while the narratives at play may not require you to think too hard, they’re more than enjoyable enough to plug away at when you’ve got a spot of downtime. Revenant Dogma tells an age-old tale of religious conflict with all the requisite magical moving parts to keep things interesting. If you need a break from three-pointers and court rules, then this is a prime candidate that will keep you as distracted as is necessary.

September 2018 Xbox Games – Valkyria Chronicles 4

September 2018 Xbox Games Valkyria Chronicles 4

The Valkyria Chronicles series has seen some ups and downs in recent years, straying from its roots in military strategy and tactical RPG tropes. However, it looks like the team at Sega have decided that going back to what made the series popular to begin with is the true key to success. As such, Valkyria Chronicles 4 has been heralded as a return to the series’ true strategy RPG focus and it’ll be available for those on Xbox on September 25. Wartime stories are what the franchise’s previous niché has been, and we’re beyond excited to see what its latest and greatest will come up with. We already know that we’re going to see our fair share of heartache, but the masochist in us is demanding that we don’t let this tale of woe slip through our fingers.

September 2018 Xbox Games – Forza Horizon 4

September 2018 Xbox Games Forza Horizon 4

It’s time to take to the track! Forza Horizon 4 will call out to all aspiring drivers on September 28 when it hits the Xbox with its gorgeous graphics, top of the line cars, and idyllic landscapes from the UK. We reckon the world needs more games that make use of the winding country roads of Scotland and England; let’s step away from the grit and the dirt of American race tracks for a bit. While the final maps haven’t quite been confirmed yet, we’re sure there’s going to be tons of variety available to even the most discerning drivers. With the series being as popular as it is, and putting on such an impressive presentation at the latest E3, we’ve got extremely high hopes for the latest in the Forza franchise. It’s going to have crisp visuals, incredible weather effects, and sweet, customizable rides – what else could possibly we ask for?

As you can see from the veritable spread above, September is a grab bag of all sorts of different goodies for those who are the proud owners of an Xbox. Whether it’s racing that you’re making time for, or grinding away at a classic RPG, you’re going to have something hold your attention. It’s going to be a month of big ticket releases considering that we have Shadow of the Tomb RaiderForza Horizon 4 and NBA 2K19 all slated to drop within approximately a fortnight of each other. Our suggestion is to start making some room in your backlog for any other titles that you may not have gotten around to yet. This is a month that will keep you busy whether you’re prepared or not.