NBA 2K19 Archetypes: The Best Archetypes for MyCareer Mode

NBA 2K19 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, and it coincides the 20th anniversary of the series. The game’s MyCareer mode is the highlight of the single-player side, where you can create your own player and guide them to basketball glory. But what type of character should you make? What are the best NBA 2K19 archetypes to create? We’ve got the answers.

What Are the Best NBA 2K19 Archetypes?

First off, we have to credit thenenegreen on Twitter and Remarcs_ on Reddit for creating a wonderful NBA 2K19 archetypes spreadsheet, which breaks down every single attribute the game has and how it all relates to several types of player. Here are all the player archetypes available, so just create a character based on which one of these you think you would make use of most.

Passing & Ball Handling

Use this archetype if you’re used to playing from the sides, then dribbling, passing, and running in.

  • Primary Attributes: Ball Handling, Passing
  • Secondary Attributes: Speed, Acceleration, Stamina

Shot Creating

Similar to the previous archetype, except this one is useful against an opponent with some serious defense. Weave in to look for openings for a mid-range shot.

  • Primary Attributes: Mid Range Shooting, Stamina
  • Secondary Attributes: Ball Handling, Acceleration

3 Point Shooting

Specialist in three-point skills, and available to all positions.

  • Primary Attributes: 3 PT Shooting
  • Secondary Attributes: Mid Range Shooting, Stamina

Driving & Finishing

Jumping and dunking is the highlight of a basketball match, and this archetype will specialize in that. Available to all positions.

  • Primary Attributes: Layups, Dunks, Vertical
  • Secondary Attributes: Speed, Acceleration, Stamina


Heavily specializing in defense, which is a lot more possible in 2K19. Computer opponents are more clever, so a defensive expert will be incredibly useful.

  • Primary Attributes: Steals, Blocks, Lateral Quickness
  • Secondary Attributes: Vertical, Speed, Acceleration, Stamina


Better even than 3 point scoring, this archetype could be the most useful, if difficult to pull off.

  • Primary Attributes: Post Offense, Strength
  • Secondary Attributes: Layups, Stamina


If you miss a shot, which, let’s be honest, is probably going to happen, then you’ll be glad to have some rebound specialists on your team. Select a power forward or center to make good use of this archetype.

  • Primary Attributes: Rebounding, Vertical
  • Secondary Attributes: Strength, Stamina