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Fortnite Grappler Gameplay: First Look at Fortnite’s Grappling Hook in Action

This past weekend at PAX West, Fortnite‘s newest game item – the Fortnite Grappler – was debuted by Epic Games. Fortnite‘s version of a grappling hook will allow players extra mobility in all game modes, and provide a new way to maneuver around opponents to get the drop on them. Only Fortnite‘s play testers have been able to take the Fortnite grappler out for a spin, but we’re now seeing first gameplay footage of it in action.

Fortnite Grappler Gameplay: What Did the First Look Show Us?

Posted online over the weekend, a clip of the Fortnite grappler in action shows players how to use it to gain an advantage in Fortnite. The clip, taken by Twitch user KairuCS, shows the in-game character overlooking an opponent’s build from a cliff high above. Jumping down to get in among the action, Kairu immediately deploys the Fortnite grappler to haul themselves onto the roof of the structure.

Getting the drop on the unaware player, Kairu lands to the left of the opponent and downs them with a simple shotgun blow to the body. That move wouldn’t have been possible just a few days ago, but it gives a great idea of the potential of Fortnite‘s grappling hook. Players will no doubt become much more sneaky in how they utilise it, and the first week or so of its presence in Fortnite will lead to a wealth of smug gameplay videos.

Fortnite Grappler: When is the Fortnite Grappling Hook’s Release Date?

As we mentioned in our guide on Sunday September 2, the Fortnite grappler is expected to be available in the game sometime this week with the Fortnite 5.40 update. If it drops on Tuesday, players will get their hands on it sometime in the next 24 hours. Epic is yet to confirm when the Fortnite 5.40 update will drop though, so keep your eyes peeled to Game Revolution for more.