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Fortnite Grappler: What is the New Fortnite Grappling Hook?

Need a new way to get around? The Fortnite Grappler promises to be one of the biggest changes to the game in quite some time. If its name is any indication, it looks as though we’ll be getting a Fortnite grappling hook to help you zip around the map everywhere from Tomato Temple to Lonely Lodge. As per the PAX West stream, here’s the expected Fortnite grappling hook release date. It’s sooner than you might think.

Fortnite Grappler: What is the New Fortnite Grappling Hook?

During the PAX West stream, a “brand new item” is coming to the game in Fortnite. The Fortnite Grappler evoked some pretty OTT responses from shoutcaster/streamer OpTic Courage during the video, which you can see for yourself below. That can only mean one thing and one thing only: a Fortnite grappling hook is on the way and may just transform the way you get around, in much the same way the jetpack had a short-lived renaissance in the game.

The Fortnite Grappler is a mobility “weapon”, which may hint at it being part of a LTM and Playground Mode-only, but could still play a major role in the game itself. A first glimpse of it has shown the weapon to have a suction cup effect, allowing you to stick to any building and launch yourself into the air. Expect it to have a cooldown, lest it become too overpowered.

Fortnite Grappler: Fortnite Grappling Hook Announcement (PAX West)

With PAX West still continuing, it stands to reason that a new Fortnite stream will elaborate on the Fortnite grappling hook a little further. After all, you can’t leave us hanging like that. The Fortnite Twitch stream went live at 6:00 p.m. Pacific/9:00 p.m. Eastern on the Saturday and, while there hasn’t been an official announcement, Epic still has a presence at the show on Sunday, September 2. If another stream goes live, it may well be at the very same time, 24 hours later.

Fortnite Grappler: When is the Fortnite Grappling Hook Release Date?

According to renowned dataminers FNBRLeaks on Twitter, the Fortnite grappling hook release date may be as soon as next week with the Fortnite 5.40 update. If that’s the case, expect the Fortnite Grappler to be in our hands come September 4.

However, it is worth noting that Epic has not announced an official release date, nor did the stream shed any light on a release window. This being Fortnite, though, new items are often announced and brought to the game with a quick turnaround. Epic doesn’t mess about.