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FFXIV Mog Station: How to Add Crysta on Mog Station

When you’ve only just started FFXIV for the very first time, you’re more than likely going to be confused as hell when someone mentions the FFXIV Mog Station. You may be thinking ‘what the heck is that?’ as well as ‘why is it so important?’ Well, frankly knowing about FFXIV’s Mog Station can really help you enhance your FFXIV experience by helping you unlock new content, as well as top up your subscription.

Mog Station could be described as your own personal hub of Final Fantasy products, allowing you to track your purchases as well as give you access to additional services. These services are varied but can be blocked off if you’re only using trial versions of the Final Fantasy you’re playing, which leads us to this: how to add Crysta on the Mog Station.

FFXIV Mog Station: How to Add Crysta on Mog Station

Some of you may, understandably, be somewhat confused on what Crysta is. To put it simply enough, Crysta is a digital currency that is used specifically by Square Enix and can help with purchasing monthly subscriptions for FFXIV. But that’s not all, Crysta is also very useful for purchasing items in the shop that can later be added to the game.

So, how can you add Crysta from your PayPal to your account on Mog Station? Firs,t you’ll need to log into Mog Station and enter in your Square Enix username and password. Done that? So far so good. Once you’ve logged in you’ll see there is an array of navigation buttons that are desperately waiting to be clicked but don’t get ahead of yourself just yet. All you need to do is hover over Square Enix Account Settings, which will show an ‘Add Crysta’ button. Click that and you’ll be directed to another page.

There you’ll have the option of selecting a certain amount of Crysta’s, such as 500 Crysta’s for 5 dollars. Once you select which option suits you best then the rest is easy. Enjoy your Crysta’s, folks.