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Fallout 76 Single Player: Will Fallout 76 Have Single Player?

With the release of Bethesda’s new game rapidly approaching, one question is on the minds of many fans: Will Fallout 76 single player form part of the game? Since the game is multiplayer focused, many people are wondering if the classically single-player Fallout franchise’s latest installment will allow for solo play. Let’s dig in and find out.

Fallout 76 Single Player: Will Fallout 76 Have Single Player ?

The short answer is: not at launch. Since Fallout 76 is so heavily multiplayer-focused, the game will not have options for players to ride completely solo in the wasteland. The game will not even have NPCs, thus encouraging players to interact with each other, even if they choose not to fight or join up with others.

However, in an interview with Italian outlet Multiplayer IT – with a translation courtesy of Reddit User fatdan1 – Todd Howard mentioned that single-player support will be coming at a later date. He specifically noted that

“one of our [sic] long-term plans is to have servers where you can live your lonely world. You alone. Or at the limit where you can invite only your friends; or you can apply mods and change the rules at your discretion. All of this is in our projects but there will not be at the launch of the game.”

However, there are ways to play solo in the game at launch. Firstly, there are the heavy restrictions on griefing and PVP that may help ease the concerns of solo players. However, within the interview with Multiplayer IT, Howard did also mention some other features that could aid lone wolf players. For example, quest givers may not necessarily have to be human since “There are robots, terminals, [sic] holotape… There are radio stations.” This all suggests that the quest-giving will never have to involve other players, so you could play solo and hopefully avoid other players.

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