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Fortnite High Stakes Challenges and Rewards: Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite High Stakes Challenges and Rewards have already been unveiled and at the Fortnite Summer Skirmish grand finals. They’ll be formally announced in Epic Games’ next patch note, most likely dropping this coming Tuesday. Here’s everything there is to know thusfar:

Fortnite High Stakes Challenges and Rewards: The Getaway

The Getaway LTM is Fortnite’s upcoming limited-time mode. It involves players teaming up and taking on a sort of heist, battle royale style. Four safes will be dropped onto the map, filled with some loot as well as and a purple jewel llama. Your job is to open the safe, grab the loot and llama, and head to the getaway van which is floating in the sky and visible by markers. The first four teams to make it to their van earn that sweet Victory Royale.

Fortnite High Stakes Challenges and Rewards: Listed

[UPDATED: Rewards have now been specified based on Epic Games’ recent blog post]

  • Play 10 matches of the Getaway LTM: Get 5,000 XP
  • Deal 500 Damage to jewel-carrying opponents: Unlock the Suited Up Spray
  • Pick up a jewel in 5 different matches of the Getaway: Unlock the Cash Flow Contrail
  • Complete all three challenges: Unlock the Crowbar Pickaxe

Like most Fortnite challenges, there’s a layer of difficulty but it doesn’t feel completely out of reach. All of these can easily be acquired without winning a match and accomplishing these tasks will surely make you a better player, getting you one step closer to that getaway van.

Fortnite High Stakes Challenges and Rewards: What Else to Expect

The other big piece of news that is set to come with Fortnite‘s 5.40 update is the Grappler Gun, allowing players to quickly traverse an area. We already saw it in action and it’s clear that it’ll be the perfect marriage between stealth and close-range combat: you’ll reach your opponent so quickly it’ll be too late for them to react. That’s the goal at least.

The update will also come with new skins including the Fortnite Wild Card skin which many are already eager to customize.

[UPDATEd: Here’s more information on cosmetics based on Epic Games’ recent blog post]

The Wild Card skin will be featured in the store periodically throughout the High Stakes event. “The Wildcard outfit comes with 4 four swappable cosmetic masks, one for each of your crew and the “Cuff Case” back bling. Complete your getaway gear with the Safecracker glider.” Additionally, players can “get the Ace Outfit, Swag Bag Back Bling and 600 V-Bucks when [they] purchase the Ace Pack, now available in the in-game store.”