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Fortnite Wild Card Mask: How to Customize Fortnite Masks

[UPDATE by Janet Garcia: New information has surface from Epic’s games most recent blog]

The Fortnite Wild Card Mask provides a look that seems to be garnering attention from the community. Promotional material shows off four different masks, leaving fans to wonder: how can I get each mask or customize my mask? It all starts with acquiring the Fortnite Wild Card outfit. Below are the details:

Fortnite Wild Card Mask: High Stakes Event

Originally announced at PAX West 2018, the Fortnite High Stakes Event means a new limited-time mode, called Getaway. It involves teams of four going after a jewel llama. These llamas are located inside four safes spread across the map. Your job is to get the llama out of the safe and head to the getaway van floating in the air. The first four teams to make it, win. The heist theme of this event matches the Wild Card outfit.

Like every event, there are free cosmetics available if you accomplish the High Stakes Challenges. But the Wild Card outfit isn’t included. Here’s how you can get it.

Fortnite Wild Card Mask: Wild Card Outfit and Mask Details

The Wild Card Outfit will be featured in the Item Store periodically. As far as the mask itself, once bought, the outfit comes with four swappable cosmetic masks.

The means that getting the outfit will allow you to wear any of the masks: no need for additional purchases or customization. The outfit also comes with the Cuff Case back bling. In order to complete the Getaway gear set, you’ll need the Safecracker glider.

If everyone in your squad has the Wild Card outfit you can make that promotional trailer become a reality with each of you wearing a different mask.

The Fortnite High Stakes event is finally upon us, and with it comes new skins, items and even a whole slew of challenges. Epic Games announced the new event last week, which was when we received our first look at the Fortnite Wild Card skin. This skin looks awesome and will also be customizable to boot, specifically the masks for the outfit. Read on below to find to check out all the variations of the Fortnite Wild Card Mask, as well as how to customize Fortnite Masks.

Fortnite Wild Card Mask: What are the Fortnite Wild Card Masks?

Epic Games revealed the four different variations of the Fortnite Wild Card Mask during the Pax West live stream last weekend. These four variations look to be based on the four different suits of standard 52-deck playing cards: namely hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. All of the four designs cover only one eye, except for the one with spades, which covers both eyes. They’re definitely in line with the whole crime heist theme going on in the Fortnite Hight Stakes event. Check out the designs of each Fortnite Wild Card Mask variation below, courtesy of the official Fortnite Twitter account.

Fortnite Wild Card Mask: How to Customize Fortnite Masks

At the time of writing, we don’t even know how to get the Fortnite Wild Card skin, let alone each of the Fortnite Wild Card Masks. If all players need to do is complete the Fortnite High Stakes challenges to unlock the outfit in question and all the different mask variations, the Fortnite Masks could be free. However, there’s also the possibility of players having to dish out their hard-earned V-Bucks to get the outfit along with all the masks. If the four masks are sold separately in the Fortnite Item Shop, it will probably cost quite a hefty sum to unlock all of them.