Dragon Quest 11 Multiplayer: Can You Play Multiplayer or Co-op?

Whether you’ve played a Dragon Quest game or not, you may be left wondering whether Dragon Quest 11 multiplayer is a thing. The last traditional title, Dragon Quest 9, introduced local co-op. It wasn’t the greatest implementation, but co-op play in a turn-based JRPG isn’t a common sight.

Dragon Quest 11 hits shores across the world starting today, and if you’re not sure what time the game unlocks in your region, we’ve pieced together this handy unlock time guide. While the Dragon Quest franchise has been around just as long as Final Fantasy, it hasn’t enjoyed anywhere near the same amount of releases outside of Japan. This began to change with Dragon Quest 8 and Dragon Quest 9 releasing on the Nintendo DS a year after their Japanese launch. Dragon Quest 10 is an MMORPG that has yet to release outside of Japan yet again, but Dragon Quest 11, a return to the traditional story format, is now available.

Dragon Quest 11 Multiplayer: Can You Play Multiplayer or Co-op?

Dragon Quest 11 multiplayer sadly doesn’t follow in the footsteps of Dragon Quest 9 multiplayer. Co-op doesn’t exist. Given it’s not an MMO like Dragon Quest 10, there’s no open world multiplayer to speak of, either. Dragon Quest 11 multiplayer doesn’t exist at all in its current state – but that’s not to say it can never be a thing.

Dragon Quest 11 is the first numbered game in the series to make it Steam. Anyone even remotely familiar with PC gaming will know that we love to mod anything and everything we can. It depends entirely on the game itself, but it isn’t unheard for modders to make completely new games within a popular title, so splicing some kind of multiplayer aspect into Dragon Quest 11 could happen. We doubt Level-5 and Square Enix have plans to do this in an official capacity given the Japanese version released over a year ago now, but modders have been known to do crazier things for no real reason.

Multiplayer in a traditional JRPG is an uncommon sight, but not completely unheard of. Wondering whether Dragon Quest 11 multiplayer is a thing isn’t a bad question. We’ve seen other JRPGs like Eternal Sonata turn combat into a 2-player activity before, but, sadly, Dragon Quest 11 multiplayer isn’t a thing just yet. It’s still a spectacular game without multiplayer, but if you’re on the fence after this realization, take a look at our Dragon Quest 11 review.