Box art - PES 2019

PES 2019 1.02 Update: What’s Changed in the PES 2019 Hotfix?

The beautiful game doesn’t always quite so beautiful, especially if there’s a few bugs to iron out within the first week of release. Case in point: a new PES 2019 hotfix has addressed a couple of graphical errors, as well as a matchmaking fault that could make online play a far smoother experience. Here’s everything included in the PES 2019 1.02 update.

PES 2019 1.02 Update: What’s Changed in the PES 2019 Hotfix?

Firing up the game and being met with the PES 2019 hotfix is a real blink-and-you’ll-miss it moment. The download is extremely tiny and, as per the official Konami site, only directly fixes one small, if particularly glaring error.

While the teams affected have not been revealed, PES 2019 shipped with incorrect logos for certain teams, meaning that things were especially muddled-up, even when you take into account the lack of real names and kits for some clubs.

However, as of PES 2019 1.02, that’s all been resolved and any cosmetic mishaps have gone the way of the dodo. Away from that, there’s been no changes to gameplay, nor any additional face packs included in the game. Expect those to come, if it all, from October 2018 onwards.

PES 2019 1.02 Update: Online Matchmaking

No, it’s not a case of swiping left. The PES 2019 online matchmaking filters actually left a lot to be desired, except we didn’t quite notice it at the time.  The parameters to ensure you’d only be matched with those of suitably quick internet connection were effectively broken, meaning you could go face-to-face with terrible connections both in and outside your regions. Konami has confirmed, though, that everything has now been fixed, meaning that the buttery-smooth online play of recent years should be restored to normal once you’ve installed the hotfix.

All in all, a pair of minor, if meaningful changes means that PES 2019 will keep you occupied for some time to come.