Saints Row 2 PC Cheats

Phone Codes

#921.44 Cal
#92012 Gauge
#35Add Gang Notoriety
#4Add Police Notoriety
#947Annihilator RPG
#924AR-50 with Grenade launcher
#925AS14 Hammer
#926Baseball Bat
#2Car Mass Increased
#78669Clear Skies
#sunnyClear Sky
#15Drunk Pedestrians
#202Everybody is Shrunk
#16Evil Cars
#928Fire Extinguisher
#929Flame Thrower
#1Full Health
#931GAL 43
#711Get Horizon
#712Get Snipes 57
#713Get Tornado
#714Get Wolverine
#1042Gives a Atlasbreaker
#801Gives Kaneda (custom racing bike)
#829Gives Skipper (Personal Yacht)
#4976Gyro Daddy added to Garage
#12Heaven Bound
#201Itty Bitty
#666Lighting Strikes
#18Low Gravity
#938McManus 2010
#3Milk Bones
#36Never Die
#50No Cop Notoriety
#51No Gang Notoriety
#19Pedestrian Wars
#943Pepper Spray
#969Pimp Slap
#945Pipe Bomb
#5Player Pratfalls
#20Raining Pedestrians
#1056Repair Vehicle
#948Samurai Sword
#949Satchel Charge
#950Shock Paddles
#952Sledge Hammer
#953Stun Gun
#7Super Explosions
#8Super Saints
#11Unlimited Ammo
#9Unlimited Clip
#6Unlimited Sprint
#728237Unlock D-STROY UFO
#7266837Unlock Peewee Mini Bike
#957Vice 9
#958XS-2 Ultimax

Game Unlockables

UnlockableHow to Unlock
-15% explosion damage reducedLevel 6, Trail Blazing (Downtown)
100% music store discountCollect all 50 CD's
15% Food and Liquor Store DiscountBeat 'Red Light Septic Avenger Level 6'
5% Food and Liquor Store DiscountBeat 'Red Light Septic Avenger Level 3'
75% Mechanic DiscountComplete all 5 Chop Shop lists
Akuji's Prototype BikeRonin Mission 11
AmbulanceAll Ambulance Levels
Annihilator RPGmayhem level 6, nuclear plant
AR-50 XMAC SpecialAll Combat Tricks Completed
Attack HelicopterEpilogue mission 4
Avenger Jacket3 Gold Stars in Gang Kills
BanditDo multiple car stunts to unlock
Bodyguards and NinjasGame Progression
Brotherhood Gang CarsComplete Last Mission for the Brotherhood
Brotherhood MeleeComplete Brotherhood Mission 6
BuggyComplete Truckyard Chop Shop list
Chainsaw in Weapon CacheComplete Crowd Control (Marina) lvl 6
Clothing Store DiscountCrowd Control level 3 (Suburbs)
Cowboy HatComplete all races in Stilwater.
Crib Customization DiscountMayhem level 3 (Red Light)
Custom Phoenix3 Gold Stars in Near Miss
Demo Derby VehiclesComplete Demo Derby Level 6
Donnie's VehicleComplete Brotherhood mission 2
Explosion Damage -5%Level 3, Trail Blazing (Downtown)
Fire Fighter SuitComplete both set of Trailblazing activities
Flamethrowermayhem level 3, nuclear plant
Free Food and DrinksGet 20 Robbery Diversions
GAL 43snatch level 3, downtown
Gang Customization Cars45% hoods conquered
Gang Customization Cars15% hoods conquered
Hand Grenades1 Hitman list complete
Health Regeneration 2xSnatch level 3 (Chinatown)
Health Regeneration 3xSnatch level 6 (Chinatown)
Improved Weapon Accuracy 15%Finish Septic Avenger Level 6, Suburbs.
Increased Melee Damage 15%Arena Fight Club Level 3
Increased Melee Damage 30%Arena Fight Club Level 3
Infinite RespectDo activities to raise your respect past level 75. you will then have Infinite respect.
Infinite Rifle AmmoComplete All Hitman Lists
Infinite Shotgun AmmoComplete Drug Trafficking level 6 (Airport)
Infinite SMG AmmoSuccessfully complete "Snatch" Level 6 Downtown
Jane ValderamaMug 50 citizens
Johnny GatComplete final Ronin mission
Kobra (Pistol)Fuzz level 3 (Projects)
Legal LeeBeat 'Stilwater Prison Fight Club Level 3'
Maero's monster truckThe Brotherhood mission 11
Mechanic DiscountComplete Demo Derby Level 3
No damage from fallingGet a bull's eye in the base jumping diversion
One FollowerComplete Prologue Mission 4
Paintball MaskMugged 30 People
Pepper Spray in Weapon CacheComplete Crowd Control (Marina) lvl 3
PierceComplete Ronin Storyline
Pimp SuitComplete Ho-ing Diversion
PimpcanePyramid Scheme
Police Notoriety ReducedComplete FUZZ Level 3, Suburbs
Police Notoriety Reduced 2Complete FUZZ Level 6, Suburbs
Pumped UpFight Club level 3 (Arena)
Pumped UpFight Club level 6 (Arena)
Race BikeComplete all bike races in Stilwater.
Race BoatComplete all boat races in Stilwater
Race CarComplete all car races in Stilwater.
Race HelicopterComplete all helicopter races in Stilwater.
Race PlaneComplete all plane races in Stilwater.
Red Light Apartment CribComplete Prologue Mission 2
Reduced bullet damageHeli assault level 3 (Bario)
Reduced Vehicle DamageInsurance Fraud Level 3, Museum
Ronin Gang CarsComplete Last Mission for the Ronin
Ronin MeleeComplete Ronin Mission 6
Ronin Notoriety ReducedDrug Traffickingf Level 3 (Hotel and Marina)
Ronin Notority Reduced 2Beat 'Hotels & Marina Drug Trafficking Level 6'
Saints HideoutComplete Prologue Mission 3
Saints yachtSuccessfully complete all boat events.
Satchel Charges3 Hitman lists complete
Septic TruckBeat both of the Septic Avengers
ShaundiComplete Sons of Samedi Storyline
Shock Paddles (Melee Weapon)All Ambulance Levels
Sons Of Samedi Gang CarsComplete Last Mission for Sons Of Samedi
Sons Of Samedi MeleeComplete Mission "Bad Trip"
Sons of Samedi Notoriety ReducedComplete Escort Level 3, University
Special BezierWin all vehicle races.
Sprint IncreasedInsurance Fraud level 3 (Factories)
Sprint Increased (Unlimited)Insurance Fraud level 6 (Factories)
Super TaxiAll Taxi Levels
The General's Bulldogsons of samedi mission 11
The News HelicopterComplete Sons of Samedi Mission 3
Three Followers50% hoods conquered
Toad ATV (custom Saints variant)Complete 10 hostage diversions
TobiasComplete Sons of Samedi Mission 3
Traffic Cone Hat3 Gold Stars in Vehicle Surfing
TroyBeat 'Stilwater Prison Fight Club Level 6
Two Followers25% hoods conquered
Ultor APCepilogue mission 2
Unlimited Pistol AmmoFuzz level 6 (Projects)
Unlimited Rifle AmmoComplete all 5 Hitman lists
Vehicle DeliveryEscort level 3 (Red Light)
Vehicle Delivery (Free)Escort level 6 (Red Light)
X2 Ultimax (Shotgun)Drug Trafficking level 3 (Airport)
Zombie CarlosCall eye for an eye after you complete the brother hood story
Zombie MaskComplete Zombie Uprising