Box art - Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital 1.02 Update Patch Notes: Hotfix removes Denuvo DRM and fixes saves

Two Point Hospital is out now, and while it’s a lot of fun players are having some technical issues with the game. Fortunately developer Two Point Studios has heard the feedback and will release Two Point Hospital hotfix 1.02 this week. What are the Two Point Hospital 1.02 Update Patch Notes? We’ve got you covered.

Two Point Hospital 1.02 Update Patch Notes: Denuvo DRM Removed

Probably the biggest change in the update is the removal of the controversial Denuvo anti-tamper DRM system. Many gamers are against this particular brand of DRM, and it supposedly got cracked before Two Point Hospital was even released. Now that it’s useless, and many potential customers were put off by it, it will get patched out and replaced by regular Steam DRM. Hopefully everyone who was put off by Denuvo will now give this excellent game a chance.

Two Point Hospital 1.02 Update Patch Notes: Save Game Load Fails Fixed

A number of Two Point Hospital owners encountered a terrifying bug where their save games just would not load, essentially resetting their progress on certain levels. These load fails mostly appeared on the Mitton University level, and were often to do with saving while guest trainers were in use or rooms were being built. These are now fixed, along with cases of “bad data” going into save files, so hopefully all save game issues have now been sorted.

Two Point Hospital 1.02 Update Patch Notes: Other Handy Fixes

Some boot crashes were reported by players and are being sorted, including crashes caused by resolution or timezone changes. General character fixes are being implemented, including one that we’ve encountered where characters will just get stuck for no apparent reason, despite not having anything blocking their path. Some localisation issues are being addressed for German, Chinese and Polish players. Oh, and you no longer have to worry about not being able to place a clock over a fire extinguisher, that’s been fixed too. Hooray.