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Fortnite Sphere: What Is the Fortnite Ball?

More strange occurrences are apparently going to happen within Epic Games’ blockbuster title, with a Fortnite sphere reportedly going to appear on the map. What is the Fortnite ball? How does it differ to the land-traversing cube? Allow us to break down what we know so far!

Fortnite Sphere: What Is the Fortnite Ball?

Fortnite Sphere

The Fortnite sphere is a very curious object, having been discovered in the game files following the most recent update. According to @FNBRLeaks, who has proven very dependable in the past when predicting events, there will be a big ball appearing on the map. While this is very unusual, it isn’t the first time something this bizarre has happened. The Fortnite island has been home to a giant purple cube for a couple of weeks now, and it has been slowly making its way around the map. Will this sphere do the same thing? It’s still too early to tell. One thing is certain, however, Epic Games clearly has something big planned for the Season 5 finale and beyond, and these giant shapes are surely part of that plan.

The game’s community has been obsessed with the cube, experimenting and finding some unique properties. The cube can absorb damage and then fire it back towards the player. It is also incredibly bouncy, and can affect an area with an anti-gravity field. It also sometimes settles in a spot and leaves a rune in its place. It’s all very mysterious.

Now the community is dividing its attention between both the cube and the sphere. More experimentation will be needed to see if the two are linked. I’m sure players will be diving into the Playground mode to have a play with the sphere and see how various interactions affect it. Of course, there is also the datamining community working hard to extract new information from the 5.40 update files. Maybe there will be more information hidden within the code!

What’s certain is that the Fortnite sphere is all part of a bigger plan. With the end of Season 5 closing in, we won’t have to wait long to see what exactly Epic Games is up to!